20 Must-know makeup application tips and hacks 

You don’t need to be makeup professional, or spend hours in front of the mirror, to achieve the perfect look for you because, thankfully, there are loads of makeup application tips and tricks that will make things easier for you. Here’s a list of some of those tricks that could speed up your morning makeup routine and save you money too. Read our twenty must-know makeup application hacks and you might even learn something new!

1. Draw a hashtag for an instant smoky eye

For a quick and easy way to get a smoky eye, draw a hashtag, slightly slanted, on the outer corner of your eyelid. Then, blend the makeup in, from the outer corner toward the middle of the eye, and you will have an instant smoky eye effect.

2. Heat up your eyelash curler for long lasting curl

If you warm up your eyelash curler, it will make it easier to curl your lashes and the curl will last for much longer. It works in exactly the same way as heated tools for your hair do. A word of warning though, don’t have the curlers too hot or you could burn your eyelids. Be careful.

3. Make nail polish colour stand out more

To make the colour of nail polish more vivid and, to make it look more like the colour that is shown on the packaging, give your nails a coat of white nail polish first, let it dry and then apply the coloured polish on top. The white polish creates the perfect base for the coloured and you will be able to see the full effect of the colour.

4. Save money on liquid makeup

Don’t waste money buying a new tube of liquid makeup when there is still plenty left in the tube. If you cut open the tube at the bottom, you will find that there is plenty of perfectly useable makeup left. You can then scoop it out and store it in some plastic pots and use it later.

5. Make lip gloss from eyeshadow

When you have an eyeshadow that has broken, or has nearly run out, you can give it a new lease of life and use it as a lip-gloss instead. Simply crush the eyeshadow into a powder and then mix it with some shea butter or petroleum jelly to create your homemade lip-gloss.

6. Use concealer the right way to hide dark circles under the eyes

The best way to hide puffy eyes, or dark circles, is to apply concealer in a triangle shape with the base of the triangles just under the lash line. This will hide any blemishes effectively and it will lift your whole face and make your eyes look brighter.

7. Keep mascara off your skin

The easiest way to keep mascara on your lashes and off your skin is to use a teaspoon. Hold the teaspoon to your eyes, underneath your lashes and any excess mascara will fall on the teaspoon and not on your skin.

8. Get thicker lashes the easy way

There is a cheap and easy way to get thicker lashes, without having to spend a load of money on expansive thickening mascara. Just dust some translucent powder on your lashes between coats of mascara and that will thicken them up beautifully.

9. Brighten up your eyes

To create the appearance of brighter, wide-open eyes, you need to use the lighter colours in just the right places. Apply the light shades, such as white or light beige, to the inner corner of your eye, the centre of the upper eyelid and right under your brow. Then you can apply the darker shades into the crease and blend well.

10. Save dried up mascara

When you get toward the end of a bottle of mascara it can start to dry out. Don’t throw it away, though, because you can put the moisture back into it with a few drops of saline solution and that will bring it back to its original consistency and it will work just as well as it did before.

11. Stop lipstick getting on your teeth

To stop those annoying little bits of lipstick getting on your teeth, pop your finger in your mouth, after you have applied your lipstick, close your lips around it and pull your finger out again. Any lipstick that might have found its way onto your teeth will now be on your finger.

12. How to create the perfect cupids bow?

Here’s an easy way to get the prefect cupids bow. Using a lip liner of the same colour as your lipstick, draw an “X” in the centre of your upper lip and then apply your lipstick, using the “X” to guide you. You’ll get the perfect shape to your lipstick and it will give you a flawless pout.

13. Make lipstick last longer

The old beauty tricks are often the best tricks and this one definitely works. After you have applied your lipstick, place a piece of tissue across your lips and then give it a light dusting of translucent powder. The powder will set the lipstick and it will stay in place for a lot longer.

14. How to get perfect winged eyeliner?

Winged eyeliner can be tricky and you need a steady hand to draw them in freehand. You can make the job a lot easier if you use a teaspoon to guide you. Use the outside rounded edge of the spoon, placed against your eyelid and then it’s easy to follow the spoon and get nice, neat lines.

15. A different way to apply mascara

Most of us have got used to apply mascara in an upwards motion. But, if you apply it in a sweeping motion towards the inner corners of your eyes, it opens up the lashes more and will make the lashes look much thicker.

16. Always check your makeup in natural light

You really can’t tell what your makeup will look like until you get outside into some natural light. It is always a good idea to give your makeup a quick check, and touch it up if you need to in the car before you go out.  The bright light outdoors will make it much easier to spot any mistakes.

17. Turn an eyeliner pencil into a gel

You can make eyeliner pencils, much easier to apply by heating them first in the flame from a cigarette lighter. Warm the tip of the pencil on the flame for just a second or two, and then give it about ten seconds to cool down again before you use it.

18. Dry makeup quickly with a blow dryer

When you are in a rush and you can’t wait for makeup to dry, you can speed up the process by giving it a blast with your blow dryer set to a cool setting. Some products, like toner or moisturiser, need to dry completely before you can apply any more makeup and this little trick will make it dry a lot faster.

19. Make removing glitter nail polish easy

You can make the removal of glitter nail polish really easy by applying a coat of white glue first as a base. Then, when you are ready to take the polish off, it will just peel right off with the glue.

20. Make eyes bigger with white eyeliner

To create the illusion of bigger eyes, apply white eyeliner to your waterline, instead of a dark one. It really makes a huge difference to how your eyes look. If you don’t want to use it over the full length if your eyelids, just use white eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes, because that works well too.

What are your favorite makeup application tips and hacks?

Stay beautiful!

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