11 Makeup hacks that will make any girl look even more gorgeous in no time

When you are in a rush to get out, no one wants to be wasting precious time on their makeup, so every single makeup hack, tip and trick that you can find is worth making a note of for future reference. Makeup hacks aren’t just for the people that are pressed for time, or for those that are trying to save a bit of money, they are also great fun to learn about and to try. You might not need all these fabulous make up hacks today, but keep them in mind, because they may come in handy another day. Here are 11 great makeup hacks that will make you look gorgeous, even when you have no time at all.

1. Warm up eyeliner pencils before you use them

You can make eyeliner pencils a lot easier to use if you warm them up a bit first. Warming them up will soften them and it will stop the pencil dragging when you use it. That way, you will get your eyeliner just right on your very first attempt. The quickest way to warm an eyeliner pencil is to give it a blast of warm air for a few seconds with your hair dryer.

2. Combine mascara types for the best effect

To help prevent mascara smudging and to get the best results, you can combine a lengthening mascara with a waterproof one. Apply the lengthening mascara first, leave it to dry for a while, and then apply waterproof mascara on top. You will get the benefits of both types of mascara and it will be much easier to remove it at the end of the day.

3. Don’t fuss over your brows

Your eyebrows do not need plucking every day. If you are fussing over them and tweezing every day, then you are going to end up with no eyebrows at all! Brows need to be neat and tidy, but if you keep on making that one last final touch, you will over pluck them, waste a lot of time, and you will have to wait for them to grow back before they look right again.

4. Apply mascara to the lower lashes first

Always apply mascara to your lower lashes first and then your upper lashes, and it will help you to avoid getting mascara on your eyelids. When you apply mascara to your lower lids, you probably tend to open your eyes wide and look up and that is when the mascara will get onto your lids. This will save all that time cleaning off the mascara transfer when you’re in a hurry.

5. How to make lipstick more vibrant?

If you want the colour of your lipstick to really stand out, then apply a nude lip liner over your entire lip before you apply any lipstick. This will give you a smooth, single tone canvas, onto which to apply your lipstick and the colour will look exactly like it did on the packaging. It will also help to make your lipstick stay looking that way for longer.

6. How to apply flawless matte lipstick?

Nothing shows up flakes of skin on the lips more than matte lipstick does, so always exfoliate your lips before you apply matte lipstick. Gently run your lips with a mixture of olive oil and brown sugar, and that will take away any dead skin and leave your lips smooth and well hydrated. Your matte lipstick will then glide on easily and look perfect.

7. Apply foundation after you apply eye makeup

Always apply your foundation after you have applied your eye makeup. That way, you can easily correct any mistakes and you won’t have any fallout from your eye makeup left to worry about. This is even more important if you are into something a little more elaborate with your eyes, such as smokey eyes.

8. More precise lipstick application and longer lasting glamour

For more precision apply your lipstick with a concealer brush, and then, if you want your lipstick to last longer, hold a thin tissue over your lips and give it a light dust of translucent powder. This makeup trick will help you forget about lipstick smudges and constant reapplications.

9. Seal makeup with hairspray

We don’t recommend you to use this trick every day, but in case of extreme emergency and when you don’t have anything else at hand this trick might be somewhat helpful. A light spray of hairspray on your face will seal your makeup and stop it from smudging. When we say light, though, we mean really, really light! And, don’t forget to close your eyes and hold your breath. It’s a great trick to know if you run out of makeup sealer and it also helps to stop the shine appearing on your face later in the day.

10. How to apply bronzer properly?

Here’s a simple trick that you can use to make bronzer look more natural. When you apply bronzer, do so in the shape of the number “3” down the side of your face. Place the top of the “3” starting at your hairline, then go to the middle under your cheek bone and finish at the bottom on your jawline. This will place the bronzer in just the right place to contour your face.

11. Apply your makeup under natural light

Sit near a window with a mirror when you apply your makeup, and you will know exactly what it will look like when you leave the house. It’s much better than finding out you need to make some changes when you look in a mirror after you get to work!

What are your favorite makeup hacks?

Stay beautiful!

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