10 Things you probably didn’t know about makeup primer

Some girls shun primer thinking that it would make the overall makeup too heavy and prevent their skin from breathing but that’s not actually true, not these days with all the primers you can choose from. Professional makeup artists swear by primer and believe that missing it when applying makeup is a punishable offence. Here’s why.

1. It regulates oil production

Putting primer before the foundation and everything else helps control the production of sebum, the oily substance that the skin glands secrete. This, in turn, helps the makeup remain unchanged for a longer period of time and, simply put, makes you look better.

2. It makes your skin smoother

Imagine an empty canvas on which an artist will paint his masterpiece. The canvas needs to be smooth and easy to work on, so the artist would be able to bring his vision to life as best as possible. The same thing applies for primer – it makes your skin smoother by filling up fine lines and wrinkles, which then makes it easier to put the actual makeup on.

3. It hydrates the skin

Yes, that’s right. Not only it doesn’t harm the normal hydration of your skin, it actually helps maintain it. Primers contain silicon, which literally traps the moisture in the skin by tightening your pores, and doesn’t allow it to escape. Plus, this helps protect your skin from some potentially harmful ingredients of the makeup you put over the primer.

4. It helps with acne 

Given that the purpose of primers is to effectively build a barrier between your skin and your makeup, it’s no surprise that this barrier helps deal with acne and other skin irritations. If your skin is very sensitive, even the most hypoallergenic makeup could irritate it. With primer this problem disappears.

5. It makes your eyeshadow brighter

There are special primers for your eyes, which, on the one hand, do the same job as facial primers, of making the makeup last longer, but they also help the colour stand out better. Bear in mind, though, that these two types of primer are not interchangeable – one is for the face and the other for the eyes.

6. It makes your skin softer

Primers soften the skin, in addition to making it look younger. Silicon, remember? And that’s not all – using primer will also help you with any redness resulting from a skin irritation, because of the pore tightening. In other words, you can use it as treatment, not just as makeup base.

7. It comes in tinted versions

Though most primers are colour-neutral and therefore usable on any skin colour, there are also tinted versions that help with a particular skin problem, such as sallow cheeks, a dull colour or redness. Pink is for dulness, lilac is for sallowness, and green, yes green, is for that redness.

8. It works under the mascara too

There are primers for every part of your face on which you put makeup, eyelashes included. They work in the same way as the other types – making the mascara more durable and looking better. Apply before you put the mascara on.

9. You don’t need heaps

One major benefit of primers is that they are economical. You don’t need to rub them in by the palmful, just a few drops are totally enough for your whole face. Make sure you rub the primer in well, to get that even-canvas look.

10. It reduces the amount of makeup you need

Given all the benefits of primers listed so far this was only the logical conclusion. With everything that a primer does for your skin, you can comfortably cut the amount of foundation and whatever else you use in your makeup regimen. You simply don’t need too much with a primer.

Stay beautiful!

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