10 Things you didn’t know about your mascara

Most girls couldn’t live without their mascara and, although you might have thought it’s a relatively recent invention, it has actually been around since 4000 BC, when both men and women used a type of mascara on their eyes in ancient Egypt. So, what else don’t you know about mascara? Read on and learn ten more things about your mascara that you never knew:

1. Modern mascara was invented by Eugéne Rimmel

Although mascara has been around a long time, the mascara that we are now familiar with was invented by the French perfumer, Eugéne Rimmel, in the 1830’s. His brand of mascara has become so linked to the product, that ‘Rimmel’, is the word that translates into mascara in a number of different languages including French and Portuguese.

2. Mascara is no good, after three months

Mascara is one of the few makeup products that actually goes out of date. You shouldn’t be using mascara that is more than three months old.

3. Sleeping with mascara on can break your eyelashes

Leaving your makeup on overnight is never a good idea and one of the reasons why not is because mascara stiffens your lashes, a little like hair spray stiffens your hair. If you sleep with your mascara on, there is every chance that you will snap a few of your lashes.

4. Mascara contains mercury.

Don’t worry, it’s not enough to harm you, but it is an interesting fact that, while mercury is banned from all other makeup products, it is still allowed in mascara, because there is no other alternative ingredient.

5. It contains fish scales

Most mascaras contain a substance called guanine, which is ground up fish scales. This is used to put the shimmer in mascara and some other makeup products too.

6. Be careful when you apply mascara!

Make sure you have a steady hand when you apply mascara, because the American Food and Drug Administration reports that the most common injury caused by makeup is a scratched eye from a mascara wand.

7. There was permanent mascara that caused blindness

In the 1930’s, there was a product market in the US, called ‘Lash Lure’. This product was hailed as a permanent lash dye, but was banned after more than a dozen women were blinded by it. This was one of the incidents that lead to the cosmetics industry being regulated.

8. You spend a lot of money on mascara

The average woman is estimated to spend nearly $4,000 on mascara alone, in the course of her life.

9. Why you open your mouth to apply mascara

Most women open their mouths instinctively when they apply mascara and there is a good reason for this. When your mouth is open, it makes it harder to blink.

10. Revlon led the way with mascara

Revlon was the first cosmetics company to produce mascara in a tube, with a spiral wand, and they were the first to introduce brush-on mascara, and the first type of coloured mascara too.

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