10 Reasons why you should use a makeup primer

If you are one of those people who have seen primer at the makeup counter, but never really thought it necessary, then take another look. Many people thought they didn’t need the extra expense of a primer, until they had tried it, and here are ten reasons why you might want to think again about using a makeup primer:

1. It helps makeup go on smoother

Primer makes all your makeup look much smoother. Try it and you will see that you get an almost velvety smoothness to your makeup that you won’t want to be without again.

2. It makes your pores invisible

One of the biggest benefits of primer is that it can completely conceal your pores. No matter how small your pores are, liquid foundation alone can actually make them more visible, but primer seals them completely. Try it.

3. It makes makeup last longer

Primer helps to stop the sweating from your pores and so will help to make your makeup last for longer. This alone is a good enough reason to use a primer!

4. It reduces shine

Using a primer will also help to reduce shine. Primer absorbs oil, so if your skin becomes greasy during the day, it won’t be as visible as it would if you hadn’t used a primer.

5. It evens skin tone

You can buy primers that are specially made to even skin tones, before you’ve even put on any other makeup. There are primers available that are purple tinted, to cancel out yellow tones and others that are green tinted, to cancel out redness, for example.

6. It makes you look younger

Primers make your skin look much more youthful. They give your skin a smooth look and they reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

7. It reduces the appearance of acne

Although primers do not fight acne itself, they do help to lessen the appearance. They are far better at concealing the appearance of acne than a concealer alone, and a lot more subtle too.

8. It brightens up your skin

Depending on the type you choose, primers can also brighten up your face, before you’ve used any highlighter. You can buy primers that have light reflecting pigments that brighten up any complexion.

9. It makes your skin look more hydrated

You should still use a moisturiser, but primers will make your skin look and feel more hydrated. Many primers also do contain hydrating ingredients that will help stop your face drying out, during the day.

10. They are easy to apply

Yes, it is another step in your makeup regimes, but it is a dead easy one. You apply primer mush in the same way as you would a lotion, so it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it can make a big difference.

What are your favorite makeup tips?

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