10 Rarely used makeup tools

Everyone has their own collection of essential beauty tools. You no doubt have your eyelash curlers, your heated hair tools and your collection of makeup brushes, but there are tools that you can buy that we will bet you never even heard of. If you struggle with getting your brows symmetrical, or the perfectly shaped pout evades you, take a look at these ten great makeup tools that you may not have known existed.

1. Brush cleaning glove

Cleaning all your makeup brushes is essential for hygiene and to make them last longer, but doing the job can be a real bind. To make life just that little bit easier, someone invented an all-in-one brush cleaning glove. The glove has different patterned sections on it for each stage of the brush cleaning process, including washing rinsing and shaping.

2. Beauty spoon

The beauty spoon is a neat little idea that could save you some money. If you ever get frustrated trying to get the last drops of makeup out of bottles and containers, then the beauty spoon is designed to do just that. It’s a really inexpensive addition to your makeup kit that is just the right shape and size to scrape out the last few drops of makeup, when you get to the bottom of the bottle.

3. Brow buddy

The brow buddy is a simple idea that will give you perfectly lined up, symmetrical brows, every single time. Unlike eyebrow stencils, the Brow Buddy is a kind of measuring tool that guides you as to where your brows should be, based on the shape of your own face. Using this tool, you get perfectly shaped and positioned brows that are just right for you.

4. Spring facial hair remover

If you want to get rid of unwanted facial hair, but you don’t want to use creams, a spring facial hair remover could be the tool that you have been looking for. It’s a tool that looks like a slim slinky, and it works in very much in the same way as threading does, but without the thread. It’s easy to use and virtually painless, so it’s a great DIY tool for removing facial hair at home.

5. Mascara shield

You can use a teaspoon to stop the flecks of mascara getting in your face, but when you can buy a product that only costs a few dollars, it makes sense to buy the right tool for the job. A mascara shield shaped just right to fit snugly under each eye and is flexible to make it more comfortable to use too. It’s much better than using a teaspoon and it will definitely catch all the fallout from mascara.

6. Lip stamp

We are not about to suggest that this product is the best bit of beauty kit the world has ever known, but it’s worth giving it a go, if only for a bit of fun. As the name suggests, the lips stamp is a tool that will stamp the perfectly shaped pout into your lips and save you the trouble of creating an outline by hand. It does come in different sizes and shapes, so if the stamp fits, why not use it!

7. Bomb curl brush

A bomb curl brush is basically hair brush shaped like a ball. It may look a bit weird, but it’s great for curling hair and giving hair more volume. Lots of people say that a bomb curl brush is really easy to use, even if you are not that good at styling your own hair, and that it adds bounce and volume to any type of hair.

8. Electric lip exfoliator

There is a product on the market, called Pout-O-Matic, and it promises softer, fuller lips at the touch of a button. It looks like an electric toothbrush, but instead of the bristles, there is a soft, exfoliating pad. It exfoliates the lips to remove any dried skin and the massaging effect will plump up your lips too.

9. Nail polish stencils

Nail polish stencils can save you heaps of time and are especially good if you are one of those people with a less than steady hand who always gets polish in their fingers. You just slip them over your fingers and paint away. They stop all the mess and you can reuse them, so they work out as being good value for money too.

10. No-spill nail polish holder

Now that you have a way to keep nail polish off your skin, how about a product that will stop you spilling it on your furniture! A spill-proof nail polish is a small, ball shape tool, with a hole just the right size to slot a bottle of nail polish into. It makes it easy to tilt the bottle towards you, to get the polish out, and then it just rolls back into an upright position, and you don’t spill a drop.

What are your favourite makeup tools?

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