10 Must-know party makeup tips

Party makeup isn’t a straightforward business, is it? You want to look glam and chic, you want it to be fun and, most importantly, you want it to last all night too. Too much sparkle and you’ll look like a 1970’s disco ball and, if you choose the wrong type of makeup, you’ll have smudges and smears all over your face before the night has hardly begun.  Here are some simple tips on how to get the party look that you want and make it last right through to the last dance.

1. Plan ahead

Before we even get to any real party makeup tips, here’s one for anyone who has ever found themselves standing in front of their mirror, holding an empty mascara bottle in hand, wondering why on earth they didn’t think to plan ahead! Have your outfit, shoes and all your make-up all ready to go, well before the night of the big party.

2. Prepare your face for makeup

To get your face ready for makeup, wash it first in lukewarm water and then pat dry. If your skin is prone to dryness, apply a light moisturiser and rub it well in, about twenty minutes before you apply your makeup, so that it has plenty of time to be absorbed.

3. Use primer

The best way to make your makeup last all night is to start with a good quality primer. Apply a primer with your fingers, so that covers all over your face and it will provide you with a smooth base on which to work and it will help makeup adhere to your skin and stay put.

4. Apply a matte, long-wearing foundation

Another one of great party makeup tips is to apply a matte, preferably long-wearing foundation with a brush or a sponge. Start at the centre of your face and, with smooth brush strokes, brush outwards. A good coverage of foundation will help keep your skin from looking shiny and it will smooth out any blemishes in your skin tone. Don’t overdo it with foundation though, because even in the evening caked up face doesn’t look very attractive.

5. Use concealer, if you need to

For a completely flawless finish you can use concealer to even out and neutralise any skin discoloration, such as dark circles under the eyes or redness in the cheeks. Remember, green tinted concealer will hide redness, pink or peach concealer is the best for dark circles under the eyes, and yellow toned concealer will even out skin tone.

6. Eyeliner and eyeshadow

Whatever shades you go for, anything that you use on your eyes for party makeup should be waterproof. Waterproof products will last longer and they won’t smudge so easily. If you are going to add a shimmer to your eyes, then use it sparingly. A hint of sparkle is far more effective than a dazzling glare!

7. Mascara

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler first, before applying mascara; and, if you warm the curler with a blow dryer first, then the curl will last for longer. Apply smudge resistant mascara, working from the roots to the tops and, don’t forget the second coat too, for extra thickness and staying power.

8. Eyebrow gel

Another one of important party makeup tips is to perfect your eyebrows. This is especially important if you have sparse eyebrows, as it will draw more attention to your eyes. Tweeze out any stray hairs and then, add definition to your brows with a brow gel or brow pencil, preferably waterproof. When you are choosing a shade for eyebrow gels, choose colours that go well with the colour of your hair. Don’t choose really dark colours, because that will make your brows look unnatural.

9. Lip colour

Long-lasting gloss-lipsticks or lip stains will last longer than conventional lipstick, so you won’t have to top it up quite so often. Choose a shade that goes with your outfit, or a strong red always looks good for a party. To make your lip colour last even longer, moisturise your lips first, then apply a lip primer and then your lip colour.

10. Make your party look a little bit different

Party makeup should look good and make you feel great, so add a bit more drama to your look than you would normally. You could try using a bold lip colour, for example, or try a different style with your eyes. The little changes that you make, from your usual makeup routine, will make it feel that little bit more special for you.

What are your favorite party makeup tips?

Stay beautiful!

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