10 Must-know eye makeup tips and tricks

Even if you think you have your smokey eye technique perfected or your winged look just right, you can never learn enough tricks and tips about eye makeup. After all, your eyes are what people concentrate on when they talk to you, and, if you get your eye makeup wrong, it will be what everyone will remember about you! So, to help you get your eye makeup just right, here are ten must-know eye makeup tips, tricks and hacks, to add to those you already know.

1. Invest in the right tools

It is well worth spending out some money on the right brushes if you want to make your eye makeup as well, as the pros do. You can spend as much as you like on makeup and have the best quality that money can buy, but if you don’t have a good selection of good quality brushes to apply it with, you will make more mistakes and you won’t be able to apply your makeup with quite as much precision as you would like.

2. How to make eyeshadow more vibrant?

Have you ever wondered why eyeshadow never looks quite the same shade on you as it does on the packaging? Well, that’s because everyone has a slightly different shade skin. To make eyeshadow colour look more vibrant, and more like the colour that is on the packaging, here is one of very useful eye makeup tips and tricks: cover your eyelids with a white soft eye pencil (or white eyeshadow base) first, and that will cancel out the colour of your own skin.

3. Don’t try to apply eye makeup all in one go

Don’t try and apply eye makeup all at once or you will never quite get the look that you want. It is much easier to apply a light coat of eyeshadow first, and then add another layer of slightly darker shade, and then another, until you have exactly the look that you wanted. You will also find that you make fewer mistakes this way too.

4. Use a pencil liner to guide your hand

This is one of the greatest eye makeup tips and tricks for girls who struggle when applying eyeliner. If you find that your hand is not steady enough to apply liquid eyeliner, then try lining your eyes with a pencil liner first. That then makes it much easier to use a liquid liner, because you can just follow the line that you made with the pencil. It looks just as good, but with none of the mistakes!

5. Open up your eyes with mascara and liner

Even when you are in a rush, don’t forget to apply eyeliner and mascara, if you want to make your eyes look wide awake, because eyeshadow on its own just won’t do the trick. Don’t forget too, that a little white pencil (of flesh tone pencil), just in the inner corner of your eyes will make your eyes look much bigger and brighter.

6. Soften eye pencils with a hairdryer

Here is another one of must-know eye makeup tips and tricks: if your favourite eye pencil feels like you are poking your eye with sandpaper, then the easiest way to soften it up is to blast it with a blow dryer for a second or two. It will make it much easier to apply and it won’t scratch your eyelid. Not too much time with the hairdryer though, or it could make the pencil smudge when you use it.

7. Keep your brows well groomed

No matter how great your eye makeup looks, poorly groomed eyebrows will always let you down. Before you even apply any eye makeup, make sure that your brows are neat and tidy, and there are no stray hairs. Check your brows well, before you go out, or tweezing might make them look red and swollen, and it will make it more difficult to apply your makeup.

8. Get to know your palette

Not all shades of makeup will suit every girl, so get to know what palette suits you. The shades of makeup that will suit you will depend on your complexion, your hair colour and your eye colour; and, some people say that there are certain rules that you should follow. The truth is, though, that everyone is different, so experiment, until you find a palette that you are happy with yourself.

9. Take your time

Always give yourself plenty of time to apply your makeup, especially, if you are going out somewhere special. If you try and rush it, you may well make mistakes and might even have to start over again. Anyway, makeup and getting ready for a night out is all part of the fun, so allow plenty of time to enjoy it, and to get it right first time.

10. Experiment

Definitely don’t leave it until the last minute to try about a new look with your eye makeup, or any other makeup for that matter. Eye makeup in particular does need to practice to perfect, so when you do get a spare hour or two, take the time to try new looks and experiment with new shades. It’s great fun experimenting, and you never know, you might find a new look that you absolutely love.

What are your favourite eye makeup tips and tricks?

Stay beautiful!

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