10 Makeup tips to make your eyes look more beautiful

Your eyes can make so much difference to how you look. They can be dramatic, alluring or sultry, and it’s all in how you do your makeup! Everyone has beautiful eyes, but makeup can either enhance that beauty or hide it, so read these ten simple tips on how to make your eyes even more beautiful:

1. Even out the skin around your eyes

Dark circles under the eyes or blemishes around them will detract from the beauty of the eyes themselves. Apply concealer to any blemishes or dark circles and blend it in well. That way, you can be sure that it is your eyes that will be taking centre stage.

2. Don’t ignore the frame of your eyes

If your eyes are a window, then your brows are the frame! Keep your brows well-trimmed, but keep them looking natural. Stray hairs and unruly brows will only draw people’s attention away from your eyes.

3. Reduce puffiness under the eyes

Makeup won’t hide puffy eyes, so you will need to deal with them through other means. The simplest and cheapest way to reduce puffiness under the eyes is simply use some ice cubes, wrapped in a towel.

4. Make use of white

Don’t underestimate the power of a touch of white makeup on your eyes. You’ve no doubt heard this one before, but if you’ve never tried it, you really should! Just to apply a touch of white or nude eye pencil in the inner corners of your eyes, will really make them look wide awake and much bigger.

5. Contrast your colours

Making a contrast, between the colour of your eyes and the colour of your makeup, can really make your eyes stand out. If you have blue eyes, for example, try shades of copper or brown, and if you have green eyes, pinks and purples will make them pop.

6. Try a bit of shimmer

Matte shades are fine, but they don’t have the same impact as a shimmer. Shades that sparkle and shimmer are really eye catching and it will draw people’s attention to your face, as well as to your eyes.

7. Lighten your brow bone

To lighten your eyes and make them look bigger, lighten the area just under the eyebrows, on the brow bone. Using a light shade there will frame your eyes beautifully and draw them up.

8. Curl your lashes

Curling your lashes opens up your eyes and lets everybody see their natural beauty. Curl your lashes, before applying mascara and remember, if you slightly warm the curlers first, the curl will be more pronounced and it will last longer.

9. Double up on mascara colours

Don’t overdo mascara by applying too many coats, but try using two different shades, for a change. Black on the top and brown on the bottom lashes creates a fantastic contrast that will make your lashes look fuller.

10. Blend colours well

As with all makeup, the different shades and colours shouldn’t appear too stark or it will look like a child has been playing with mommy’s makeup! If you have used more than one shade of eye shadow, always make sure that the different shades blend gradually into each other.

What are your favorite makeup tips to make your eyes look more beautiful?

Stay pretty!

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