10 Makeup tips that will make you look like an A-list celebrity

They might have the money and the team of makeup artists following their every move, but you can still use some makeup tips that those celebrities on the red carpet know. Here we steal some of the tricks that the celebrities use and they’re not expensive or complicated, so read on, and find 10 makeup tips to help achieve that A-list celebrity look:

1. How the celebrities keep their makeup in place

You can’t go into a film premier looking great, and come out looking tired and smudged! To make makeup stay put for longer and look better, always use a primer. If you’re in a rush, then forget the foundation, just go for a tinted primer instead. And when you’ve finished applying all your makeup, don’t forget to also put fixing spray in use, for a ‘bulletproof’ long lasting makeup look.

2. Applying lipstick

To get the perfect A-list pout, apply a sheer, bright lipstick to the center part of your lips only. Then blend the lipstick outward with a lip balm or a nude color lipstick for a natural looking and beautiful color.

3. Neutral for day-wear

When the paparazzi catch an A-list celeb out on a shopping trip, they still look great, but they don’t have lots of makeup on. The general day-time look for celebrities is a natural face with a little foundation, a neutral eye shadow and only a touch of eyeliner and mascara.

4. Glammed up for the night

Night time is when the stars come out to play! This usually means red lips and light eyes, or Smokey eyes and natural lips. That’s the way they get prepared for any encounters with the photographers, wherever they may bump into them. You will notice though, that they rarely combine bold lips and bold eyes.

5. Never a hair out of place

You’ll never see an A-list star with unruly eyebrows. Your eyebrows are the frame for your eyes and even if you’ve spent hours on your eye makeup, if your brows are not right, then attention will be drawn to them and not your eyes, so keep them trimmed, brushed and conditioned.

6. Contour

Celebrities have someone to do it for them, but contouring is not as difficult, as you might think. Use highlighter on the areas of your face that would naturally catch the light and emphasize natural shadows of your face with a bronzer or contouring powder, and it will give you that well defined look to your face. Remember, the darker the area of your face is, the less prominent the contouring will appear.

7. Make the most of your eyes

Celebrities love to seduce the camera by looking straight into the lens, so they take good care to make sure that their eyes look great. Curl your lashes and apply a thick, double or even triple coating of mascara for that celebrity fluttering eyelid look.

8. Two tone lips

Use two different, complimentary shades for your lips to get that pouting kissable look. First apply a darker color all over your lips and then a lighter color in the centre and blend together. This works the same way as a highlighter and bronzer on your face, and this makeup trick will help contour and add dimension to your lips, to make them look fuller.

9. Get glowing skin

Before a big night, celebrities will use a scrub on their face to get the circulation going and give them a healthy glow. Then, on the day, they use highlighter, blush and bronzer to contour and to finish the healthy, youthful look.

10. Make your eyes pop

To emphasize your eyes, use a black eyeliner along the waterline, top and bottom and then, take a small brush and smudge it outward. Then apply a wash of eyeshadow, blending outwards. For brighter eyes, add a small amount of white eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes, near to the tear duct.

What are your favorite makeup tips and tricks?

Stay beautiful and happy!

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  1. Derek Mcdoogle
    July 21, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    My wife has been wanting to get some new makeup and a facial. You mentioned that “your eyebrows are the frame for your eyes and even if you spent hours on your eye makeup, if your brows are not right then attention will be drawn to them”. I had no idea that eyebrows were that important. I wonder if there are local salons that provide this treatment.

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