10 Makeup tips on how to look like you had a good night’s sleep (when you haven’t!)

When you’ve had a decent evening out, the a.m. afterward doesn’t always look so presentable. So, if you want to go to work and still look like you had a decent night-time’s slumber, then recite these vital 10 makeup tips and trickeries that can help you fake a decent night-time’s sleep.

1. Start with a splash of icy water

Overlook the cosmetic trickeries! Before you even start, a squelch of icy water on your face will stir you up, as well as your skin. It brings back some of the blush in your face naturally and it will make you look more awake, before you’ve even started on the makeup.

2. Hydrate

One more thing, before we really get into the makeup tips and tricks, drink a tall glass of water. If you’ve been awake all night, then it is probable that you have become parched. A good glass of water will make you look more wide-awake than any makeup will ever do. This is a supercharged nourishing solution for thirsty, tight and rough skin.

3. Hide the shadowy circles

Before you put on any concealer, lightly smear your under-eye zone with something cold, like an ice cube, or a cool tea bag. The cold will decrease any pomposity and help to eliminate the shadowy circles below your eyes. This is a breakthrough under-eye solution that intensely decreases the appearance of bags, puffiness, and shadowy circles for a more young and refreshed look. This is a fast and inventive solution for tired-looking eyes. Upon application, it has a shrinking effect and flattens the under-eye area to visually decrease the appearance of under-eye bags and shadowy circles for an instantly perkier and more well-rested appearance. It also works over time to help revive a childlike eye contour for a more smooth and youthful appearance.

4. Break out the concealer

Concealer is the weary lassie’s finest acquaintance. If you haven’t slumbered very well the evening before, then concealer will help to hide dark under eye circles, as well as rawness round the mouth and nose, which can be produced by a lack of slumber. Draw concealer straight under your eyes, around nose or on imperfections to cover up shadowy circles, discoloration, or rawness. Blend by lightly touching with a Beauty Blender or with fingertips. Repeat and coat on for buildable coverage.

5. Vivify up the eyes

It’s your eyes that are most probable to give the game away. Thus, vivify them up with some silver pencil applied to the internal angles of your eyes. It will make your eyes look fresher and wide awake. For an easy, smoky result, just line the top and bottom lash lines with black pencil and blend the edges with your fingertips. This will create an amazing soft aura of definition around the eye.

6. Don’t use dusky eyeshadow

Use a fresh, bright tone of eyeshadow, and not a dark shadow, especially if you want to look fresh after a sleepless night. You can then use a golden toned eyeshadow over that, to give your eyes more of a sparkle and shine. With a flat brush, pat some shimmery eyeshadow across the eyelid up to the crease. With a smudge brush, put on a slightly darker shade to the outside corner of the eye and blend inward, to some extent. Use a clean brush to blend the edges of the darker shade for a beautiful and smooth finish.

7. Curl your lashes

Even if you don’t have time to put on mascara, you must at least curl your eyelashes, it will open up your eyes and will instantaneously make you look wide-awake, renewed and more like you enjoyed a decent night-time’s slumber. Open up your eyes wide to curl your lashes. With a curler pad located at the base of your lash line, grip handles firmly and lightly squeeze. Hold for a few minutes, then open up the curler gradually and totally release your lashes. Repeat for an even more defined curl. Start curling close to the lash line and drive curler outward to get even broader and more harmonious curl. Change pads every three months and the eyelash curler itself – every nine months to avoid the development of germs.

8. Add some blush to your cheeks

Put on some rosy glow to the apples of your cheeks, by applying a blush or even a lipstick, it is the coolest way to put some blush and radiance back in your skin. Rosy- peachy colour is a necessity for the times when you need to make yourself look more awake and renewed. Use a blush brush and apply your rosy colour on to the apples of your cheeks. Arc the extra across the hairline, bridge of the nose and jaw. For additional dimension, apply a shimmery shade to the apples and a matte shade to the dips of the cheeks.

9. Make your lips the center of attention

You can lure people’s attention away from your weary eyes by vivifying up your lips. A cheerful, but natural looking red will work miracles. It looks so fresh and animated, folks won’t even notice that you can hardly keep your eyes open! Mix different shades of lipstick to create some more definition: lighter (and preferably shimmery) shade should go to the center of your lips and darker – to the outer edges of your mouth. Use lip liner as a finishing touch to make and blend your own exclusive lip colour.

10. Use a bronzer

When you are tired, your skin can look pale. The great way to remedy that fast is to use bronzer, it will help bring some colour and radiance to your skin. Bronzer, cheerful lips and rosiness on your cheeks – these alone can hide the fact you haven’t had sufficient slumber. Lightly pick up the powder with the powder brush. Starting at the brow, dust the bronzer along the hairline, cheeks, and jaw in the form of the number “3” for a naturally tanned radiance. This is every makeup artist’s top-secret weapon for contouring, carving and defining features. Continuously blow off extra powder to avoid applying too much colour.

What are your finest beauty tips and trickeries that help you fake a decent night-time’s slumber?

Stay lovely and be content!


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    Great tips


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    December 21, 2017 at 2:02 am

    Really nice tips… i have to follow some…
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