10 Makeup tips for your best selfies ever

Love them, or hate them, selfies are here to stay. Ever since someone decided to put a camera in a phone, people have been taking photos of themselves to send to friends and to post on Facebook, Instagram and similar social networking websites. Those close-up shots can be tricky to get right, though, and we’ve all seen some of the disastrous selfies that do the rounds. It’s not just the pose, the lighting or the camera angle that can make or break a selfie; it’s also the makeup that you wear. A camera phone is so very unforgiving. It will highlight and exaggerate every little mistake that you have made with your makeup and the whole world will be able to see it, so before you create your next selfie disaster, read these ten makeup tips on how to get your makeup right for the best looking selfies you have ever taken.

1. Avoid using sunblock

It’s not often you will find us advising you to not wear sunblock, but sunblock can ruin a good selfie. The chemical SPF sunscreens are fine, but the physical sunblocks, which contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide, will show up on camera. Don’t go out in the sun with no protection at all just for the sake of a good selfie, wear a chemical sunscreen instead, or re-apply physical sunblock as soon as you have taken the photo.

2. Wear matte makeup

Matte makeup will always look better in a selfie, because it won’t reflect the light and cause glare. Because selfies are usually taken quite close up, glare can reflect back into the lenses of the camera and highlight the features of your face making them look bigger than they really are. Any kind of shimmer on your face may also look like you have an oily face, so stick to matte makeup, and you will get a much better picture.

3. Use primer

Using a primer will even out your skin and hide any imperfections that the camera will pick up. It will also help to make your foundation look a lot more smooth and natural and it will give you a natural glow to your skin.

4. Don’t overlook concealer

If you have dark circles under your eyes, be sure to use a concealer, because the camera will exaggerate dark patches on your skin. When you use a concealer, be sure to blend it in well, or it will show up in place of the dark circles and it can make the makeup look thick and cakey around the eyes.

5. Check your makeup in natural light

Another one of good makeup tips is to check how you look in natural light. Indoor lighting is very harsh, so when you apply makeup under artificial lighting, you might apply a lot more than you really need. If you know you are going out and you will be taking selfies outdoors, apply your makeup in natural light, or go to a window to check it before you leave home.

6. Use yellow tinted face powder to finish your makeup

Many finishing powders have shimmer in them and will cause the light to be reflected from your face, and this can make you look washed out in a photo. The best type of powder to use, when you know you will be taking selfies, is one that has a yellow tint.

7. Emphasise the beauty of your eyes

You want to make your eyes the focal point of the photo, so curl your lashes and use a mascara to thicken and lengthen them. This will open up your eyes and draw people to look at them. Add a light shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes and right under your brow bone, and it will help open them up, and it will also let more of the light get into your eyes and that will add that sparkle to them that everyone wants in a selfie. When you take the selfie, close your eyes and, just before you press the button, open them again. This will make sure that you don’t blink at just the wrong moment.

8. Check your brows

Your eyebrows can make a big difference to how good you look in a photo too. So our next makeup tip for making perfect selfies is to make sure that your eyebrows are well trimmed and fill in any sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil. The camera tends to lighten the features on your face, so using a slightly darker shade of eyebrow pencil, than you would usually use, can be a good idea too.

9. Avoid using pastel colours

Pastel colours are too tame for a selfie; they will just look washed out in a photo. To make your eyes pop, use bold, darker colours on your eyes. Eye makeup can dramatically change the way you look, so make sure that you are 100% comfortable with whatever you do with your eyes, so that you are not disappointed with the finished result.

10. Use blush, bronzer and highlighter to define your face

Because cameras wash out the face, you lose some of the definition of your features. Use bronzer, blush and highlighter to emphasise the contours of your face, and this will help to define the shape of your face. The best makeup for a selfie is natural looking makeup, so be light handed when applying blush and bronzer, use a little product at a time, checking the results between each application. Too much blush or bronzer will look just as bad as not enough.

What are your favourite makeup tips for perfect selfies?

Stay beautiful!

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