10 Makeup secrets on how to make your eyes brighter

If you don’t have the big, bright eyes that you think everyone loves, don’t worry. There are plenty of makeup tips and tricks that you can use to brighten up those peepers and here are ten of the best of them:

1. Conceal dark circles like a pro

Dark circles under your eyes will darken the appearance of your eyes themselves and even will make them look smaller. Always use a proper concealer, especially designed for the under eye area, to cancel any dark patches, and make sure it doesn’t crease during the day; apply a small amount of concealer under your eyes and blend seamlessly; treat the circles with slices of cucumber or potatoes to lighten the area.

2. Lighten up the inner corners of your eye

Lighten up the inner corners of your eyes and it will give them a brighter, more open look. Apply white eyeshadow to the inner third of your eye and apply a shimmery, cream coloured eyeshadow straight to the inner corners.

3. Curl your lashes

Another good tip on how to make your eyes brighter is to curl your lashes. Don’t hide your eyes behind your lashes, get the eyelash curler out and make your eyes pop. Curing your lashes will open up your eyes and it will let more natural light get into your eyes, making the appear brighter.

4. Lengthen your lashes

Use a lengthening mascara to bring even more definition to your eyes. Apply mascara to the top and the bottom lashes and it will give you that wide eyed, ‘baby doll’ look and draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

5. Don’t forget your eyebrows

Bushy untamed eyebrows will also darken your eyes, so keep your brows well-trimmed and under control. You will be surprised at just how much neatly trimmed eyebrows can open up your eyes.

6. Keep the rest of your make-up neutral

Next beauty tip on how to make your eyes brighter is to do the rest of your makeup the right way. If you want to draw all the attention to your eyes, then it is important to keep the rest of your makeup looking as natural looking, as possible. This will make your eyes the centre of attention and make them the thing that people remember.

7. Contour your eyes with eyeshadow

When you are applying eyeshadow to your crease, be sure to extend that eyeshadow to just above the crease and blend very well. This subtile shadow in your crease creates the effect of a bigger, brighter eye. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with different eyeshadow colours.

8. Don’t use eyeliner on the bottom lash line

Use eyeliner only on the top lash line. If you use it all the way around, it has the effect of closing your eyes in and making them look like they are darker and smaller. Instead, use a tiny bit of neutral brown eyeshadow on the bottom lash line, which will create a contrast with the brightness of your eyes and will make your eyes look more defined.

9. Try blue eyeliner

Another tip on how to make your eyes brighter is to experiment with different eyeliner colours. Instead of using brown or black eyeliner, try a blue one. Blue contrasts beautifully with the whites of your eyes and can make your eyes look much brighter.

10. Add shimmer

A touch of shimmer will bring a sparkle to your eyes. Choose a shade that is close to your own skin colour and apply it to the upper lid and outline the inner corners of your eye; it will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

How to make your eyes brighter? What are your favorite beauty tips and tricks?

Stay beautiful!

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