How to look good in photos? 10 Fabulous makeup hacks for ladies who think they are not photogenic

It’s happened to all of us: you look at a picture of yourself, remembering that when it was taken you looked your best, and then you shrink back in horror because the picture says otherwise. Photogeneity comes naturally for some but most of us need to work on it. Here are some tips you can use when you put on your makeup for a special occasion.

1. Use ice 

If you’re going somewhere, where there will be a lot of artificial lighting, you’d do well to start your makeup by rubbing ice on your face to cool off the skin. This will help the makeup last longer and will reduce the risk of you sweating at the wrong moment and smudging it.

2. Just a touch of foundation

Don’t overdo the foundation if you’re going out in bright daylight. Natural light makes everything stand out in its true form, and you don’t want to look like a painted doll, do you? For intensive indoor lighting, however, you might want to put a little bit more. The same goes for all the rest of your makeup.

3. Take good care of your brows 

Another tip on how to look good in photos is to take good care of your brows. Use eyebrow pencil or gel to create beautiful shape and then, highlight the area under your brows with a light pencil or powder, especially, if you know you’re going somewhere where there will be pictures taken. It will add a necessary balance to the rest of your makeup and will frame your whole face in a way that will make the camera’s eye much friendlier.

4. Prepare yourself two days in advance 

If you want to remove any unwanted hair from your face or treat yourself to a deeply moisturising mask, do it two days before the special occasion in case the treatment irritate your skin. Give it time to go back to normal. Basically the same as trying a new hair colour before a special event.

5. Eyes first

How to look good in photos? Some celeb makeup artists advise that you start your makeup with an eyeshadow, before putting on the foundation. This reduces the chance of powder from your eyelids smudging the foundation. Also, make sure you don’t overdo the eyeshadow, as it will add years to your age in front of the camera.

6. Blush is a must

Even if this is not part of your usual beauty routine, blush is an essential part of celeb makeup. The reason? Without it your face will look flat and two-dimensional in the pictures. Just a dab on your cheeks will do, you don’t need to heap it on.

7. Go for liquid

When it comes to foundation, whether or not you decide to use primer, opt for liquid instead of powder. Powder foundation tends to get caked after a while and highlight any wrinkles and bumps. Also, make sure you use a foundation with yellow, not pink, undertones to avoid the “mask effect”.

8. Don’t forget your ears

Next tip on how to look good in photos is: don’t forget to put foundation on your ears as well. Otherwise they may look detached from your face on a picture, especially, if you tend to blush with excitement. Your ears blush too, you know. Just add some of the foundation you put on your face on your ears, that’s all.

9. Easy on the eyeliner

When you do your makeup for a special occasion in the presence of cameras, only put eyeliner on the outer part of your eyes’ rims. In other words, don’t line the whole length, this will make your eyes look smaller than they are and that’s the last thing you want.

10. No shine 

Another tip on how to look good in photos is to take special care of the areas that tend to get oily the quickest: the T-zone and the sides of your nose. Simply add some powder foundation on top of the liquid one on these areas. If they tend to redden, put on some concealer too.

11. No bright colours

This applies to eyeshadows and blushes. Don’t experiment with bright hues if you’ll be facing a camera. Though they may look all right in the mirror, the bright colours could make you look like a clown in a picture. Stick to browns, grays and the like.

12. No bronze

You may love it and believe your makeup is incomplete without it but resist the temptation to go heavy on bronzer, especially, if you know that you will be photographed. It will make your cheeks look orange and that’s not something you want on a photo, right?

13. Mascara is a must

Of course, the mascara is a must when you’re doing special makeup. Use black and if you usually put just one coat, now put two. Even if you’re used to lighter shades, black is the colour to go with for the cameras.

14. Bright lips

Next beauty tip on how to look good in photos is to use bright colours for your lips and avoid ones that are too dark. First, dark lipstick shades make your mouth smaller. Second, a matte finish is not what you want for your perfect picture, because it makes you look older. So, your lips are the place to have the shine.

And remember: the more shots you get into, the higher the chance that in, at least, some of them you will look really good. Even the most beautiful models don’t look perfect in all their shots.

How to look good in photos? What are your best makeup tips and tricks?

Stay beautiful!

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