10 Latest Makeup Trends for This Year

As 2016 dawned upon us, we had just experienced a year of exciting and fast-moving makeup trends: the bold cat-eye liner, the overdrawn full lips, the wonders of the modern contour, and the infamous ‘on fleek’ Instagram brows. This year, in contrast, has toned down some of the eye-catching flash to make way for more natural looks, and more abstract looks. As the year goes on, these trends keep changing too. Fall is always an exciting time for fashion; the September issue of Vogue sits sleekly on our coffee tables and the latest runway styles are cued up on our browser tabs. Autumn is a time to accessorize, make bolder choices, and experiment, so we’ve complied the top 10 latest makeup trends of the year to ensure that your makeup look is on trend and perfectly chic.

1. Strobing

Contouring roared onto the makeup scene last year leaving fashionistas, makeup artists, and celebrities (and, well, all of us) ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the wizardry of this technique. This love has continued into 2016, but has morphed and evolved into something new (with appeal both on-camera and off) – the strobe. Strobing is one of the most popular latest makeup trends, it replaces contours (which can appear harsh in natural light) with glowy highlight in all the right places. Instead of creating visual recessions in the face, the idea is to instead create high-points with reflective creams and powders. It’s a great technique for when you want to look fresh, glowing, and effortless. The options for products are endless, but Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector and Benefit’s High Beam are an excellent place to start.

2. Big lashes

Now that the hype for Kylie’s voluminous lips has faded a little, we naturally need to focus on a new part of face: those fantastic doe-lashes. This year, long and separated eyelashes as a focal point – plus, they look great on everyone! Heavy-duty cult favorite mascaras such as Benefit’s They’re Real and Guerlain’s Noir will ensure lash drama. False lashes are a non-permanent and inexpensive way to ramp things up. You can take things further and really perfect the look, though, by choosing professional eyelash extensions. Be warned: you’ll have to be ready to drop a little extra cash.

3. Vivid mascara colours

This is another one of popular latest makeup trends. With the launch of Yves Saint Laurent’s new coloured mascara collection spearheaded by Cara Delevigne, 2016 comes a rainbow of bold, statement lashes. Coloured mascara is a great way to contrast and enhance your eye colour, as well as inject a little (a lot) of personality into your makeup routine. If you want to watch some double takes, pair a purple mascara with a bold lip and hit the busy city streets.

4. Warm metallic eye shadows

Whether your eyes are blue, green, hazel, brown, or rainbow, autumnal eye shadows are going to make them look fabulous. Consequently, it’s no surprise that the matte neutrals which dominated makeup trends last year have evolved into this year’s oranges, ambers, chocolates, and deep coppers. Metallics are a staple on many trending palettes, and add flare to the warmth of the tones. Use warm autumnal shadows this season to tastefully inject some energy and depth to your eyes.

5. Neon and geometrics

What is the best way to complement electric blue mascara? A bold neon eyeliner, obviously. Before you start experiencing 80’s PTSD, let us assure you that this look is fresh and modern. Instead of blending, models are strutting down the runways with strong geometric shapes, colorful winged liner, and creative patterns. Paired with natural brows and lips, this makeup trend is totally wearable – and guaranteed to turn heads.

6. Coloured eye brows

This is one of bold, attention grabbing, and not for the faint of heart, latest makeup trends…but the payoff is worth it! When done properly, coloured brows can have a surreal and fantastical effect. Here, the colour palette is your oyster – choose from blue, purple, pink, green, and all the colours in between. The color can be faded in a gradient across the brow, or continuously thick and dark. This trend is all over the runways, and difficult to perfect as a mere fashion fan – but certainly deserves an honorable mention as one of the most forward-thinking new makeup looks of the year.

7. Bold lips

From deep oxblood to jet-black, bold, dark lips are everything right now. They’re elegant, mysterious, and chic, and are worn best with dewy skin, natural brows, and a few swipes of mascara. If you’re feeling intimidated, give bold lips a try after the sun has gone down (but avoid large sushi rolls, for obvious reasons).

8. Lip Stains

Lip stains stay strong in the list of latest makeup trends. Originating as a make-up trend in Korea, ‘bitten lips’ or lip stains have made their way across the world as our obsession with all things Korean beauty has flourished. And with good reason. From BB creams, to sheet masks, to sponge foundations – Korea is the unequivocal queen of beauty and skincare. Lip stains are both innocent and sexy – they’re natural looking, kiss-proof, casual, and chic.

9. Natural brows

Gone is the season of the dip-browed-to-absurd-perfection eyebrow, and in is the natural, untouched one. For those of us who are lucky enough to have natural brow volume, no maintenance is needed. Simply toss the tweezers, and invest in a brow gel. For others, soft brow pencils can be used to achieve the effortless Lily Collins brow that is far from the pencil-thin atrocities of our distant 90’s memories.

10. Unconventional lip colours

You heard us – not only can you dye your hair violet and pencil your eyebrows green, now you can wear any lip colour you want, 365 days a year, with endless combinations of hue, and sheen. Matte navy blue and forest green are personal favorites, because they so gracefully toe the line between avant-garde and elegant.

What are your favorite latest makeup trends?

Stay beautiful!

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