10 Interesting makeup facts you need to know about

If you love makeup, but had enough makeup tips and advice for one day, then, take a break, and read these ten random and interesting facts, all about makeup.

1. Cleopatra’s sails

Our first fact about makeup has nothing to do with makeup at all; we just stumbled on this one and found it interesting! Cleopatra ordered that the sails of her ship should be soaked in perfume, so that the scent would drift on the breeze and announce her arrival in Rome.

2. Coco Chanel set the trend for tanning

Having a tanned complexion didn’t become popular until 1920. The trend started by accident when Coco Chanel caught the sun, while on a cruise on the French Riviera. Fake tanning caught on shortly after.

3. In mediaeval times it was white skin that was the trend

Long before Coco Chanel came ashore with her accidental tan, the ladies of medieval times went to great lengths to make their skin as white, as possible. One of their makeup tricks was to use leeches to bleed the colour out of their skin.

4. Neon nail polish is illegal in the USA

Although many brands of nail polish might be called neon, in the US, they have no real neon in them at all. The FDA banned the use of neon in nail polish, though it is legal in some other countries.

5. Nail polish was invented in China

The very first nail polish is believed to have been invented in China as far back as 3000BC. The original formula contained egg whites, gum, beeswax and coloured powder.

6. Shimmer comes from fish scales

The shimmer and shine that you get with some nail polish and lipstick comes from adding fish scales into the mix. The cosmetic manufacturers still haven’t found any better ingredient that does the job as well.

7. You can buy organic makeup

Though you don’t see it often in the stores, you can buy completely organic, natural, makeup products. Just like organic food, they only contain natural ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives.

8. Rimmel is mascara

The very first mascara was invented in the 19th century by Eugene Rimmel and, today, the word Rimmel translates into mascara in many different languages around the world.

9. You need a permit to wear makeup in Pennsylvania

Here’s one of those weird laws that has never actually been repealed. In the town of Morrisville, Pennsylvania, although no one actually upholds the law, officially a woman must have a permit before she is allowed to wear makeup.

10. A teeth whitener that would leave a bad taste in your mouth

Teeth whitening toothpaste is no big deal these days, but, back in the days of the Romans, the girls had a rather unusual solution to the problem of stained teeth. They brushed and gargled with urine to get their teeth sparkling and clean!

Do you know other interesting or weird makeup facts?

Stay happy!

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