10 Great makeup application tips for fabulous brunettes 

With the right makeup, dark hair can make a girl look mysterious and elegantly beautiful, and with dark hair you can pull off most styles of makeup! Most people, though think that warm hues of makeup suite dark hair the best, with a splash of bold color on the lips. The choices of color and style will vary, depending on the exact shade of your hair, but here are ten ideas of what gorgeous dark haired ladies can match with their glossy dark locks:

1. Your eyebrows should be one shade lighter than your hair

To match your eyebrows with your hair, you will need dark brows, so if your hair is not naturally dark, you will need to fill your eyebrows in. For natural looking brows you should look for a color that is one shade lighter, than your hair; too dark and it will make your brows appear heavy and it can give you an angry bird look.

2. Have fun with lip colors!

Dark haired girls can really have some fun with lip colors. Bright red will make a stunning contrast to your hair color, but you can also use brownish pinks and plums. The one color to avoid though is the too light nude; this can clash with the skin tone of some dark haired ladies.

3.  Find your ideal foundation match

An uneven complexion is even more noticeable, when combined with dark hair, so even things out with a good foundation that is perfectly suited for you. To find your ideal tone, apply a stripe of foundation to your jaw line and blend it in; if the color ‘disappears’, then you’ve found the ONE!  You can also mix your foundation with skin moisturizer or with a drop of liquid highlighter to add beautiful glow to your skin. An even, well blended application of foundation will avoid the mask look, and a foundation with a slight pink tinge can look fantastic on fabulous dark haired girls.

4. The dangerous look for your eyes

For the dark and dangerous look, smokey eye makeup is just perfect! It looks particularly wonderful with dark hair! The shades of eyeshadow might vary to match your outfit but that dark-black, sultry look will never go out of fashion. And make sure to apply loads of mascara, if you are going for that seductive smokey eye effect.

5. The seductive temptress look for your eyes

Dark haired girls are gorgeous and, with the right eye makeup, they will make heads turn, when they walk in a room. Another eye makeup style that brilliantly compliments dark hair is the cat eye makeup. It can take a bit of practice to perfect, but with a little experimenting with different products, you will soon find the perfect cat eye look for you. Here are some tips on how you can achieve the perfect cat eye look: first, imagine that you are extending your lower lash-line and  then, follow this imaginative guideline to line up you upper lash-line and to create that perfectly harmonious eyeliner flick. If you want to make sure that you get the ideal eyeliner symmetry for your cat eye look, then, before lining up your eyes, make dots where the tips of your lines would end; and then, connect these dots to the outer corners of your upper lash-line.

6. Play with eyeshadow colors 

The deciding factor with eyeshadow will be the color of your eyes, but browns and grays always look great with dark hair. If your eyes are blue, then you could try hues of purple or blue to make your eye color stand out; for green eyes, try beige, brown or mossy green, and for eyes that are grayer in color, khaki and light blue can look good.

7. Fresh look, instead of tired and washed out

If your dark hair falls down around your face, then you need to be careful that your skin has a fresh look or you will look tired and washed out. In order to create a contrast with your dark hair, use such makeup tools as bronzers, blushes and highlighters to give your skin a bit more of a glow, if it needs it.

8. Bring warm glow and freshness to your face with a blusher

To add to the glowing and healthy look of your skin, apply some blusher to the apples of your cheeks. You don’t need a lot, just enough to bring a warm glow and freshness to your face. Avoid going too dark with the blusher shade though, and make sure that it looks natural with your own skin tone.

9. Use bronzer for the dark haired Mediterranean goddess look

Dark hair can make a naturally pale complexion look even paler, so use a bronzer to add some color and glow to your face. The bronzed, sun kissed complexion will give you a Mediterranean look and complement your dark hair perfectly. If you want to achieve a very natural bronzed complexion, then try to use powder or foundation of just a couple of shades darker than your skin tone, instead of using a bronzer, and apply it to the perimeter of your face; take time for blending the colors very well, and then, make sure to look at yourself in the mirror, from all sides, in front of a window to find out how you look in natural day light.

10. Try a bit of Navy

A color that goes especially well with brunette hair is Navy. Navy eyeliner or eyeshadow brings out the brown in dark hair and goes with practically any eye color. If you have hazel or green eyes with your brunette hair, then brown eyeliner looks fantastic too!

What are your favorite makeup application tips for brunette ladies?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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