10 Fabulous makeup tips for redheads

If you have beautiful, flaming, red hair, then you’ll probably be finding it difficult to find makeup tips and ideas because, for some reason, they are few and far between. So if you’ve been looking for some redhead makeup tips, then look no further, here are our top ten makeup tips for you:

1. Avoid the pink lips

There are no real rules for makeup, but most people do agree that redheads should avoid pink lipstick. Instead, the usual choice is beige or nude. Experiment though; everyone has slightly different shades that will complement their own hair coloring and skin tone.

2. Don’t hide your freckles

If you have freckles, then don’t be ashamed of them and don’t cover them up, be proud! Freckles can look beautiful, so use just a light dusting of powder on your face or some mineral foundation and show off those gorgeous and unique freckles.

3. Keep mascara light

For natural redheads, heavy, black mascara can be too much against your complexion, so keep mascara on the lighter side. What can work really well are one or two coats of a light brown mascara.

4. Use earthy tones

The colors that will compliment your hair the best are generally the earthy tones, like browns, khaki and greens. There are thousands of different shades to choose from in this earthy range of colors and they are the perfect companion to your red hair.

5. Browns and peaches for eyeshadow

The exact shade of eyeshadow will depend on your own hair color, but as a general rule, peaches and browns will look great with beautiful red hair. Peach shades, especially, will bring out the red in your hair and even complement those freckles.

6. Light brown for eyeliner

Swapping black eyeliner for light brown is a good move too. It’s a not a hard and fast rule, but many redheads find light brown eyeliner, being a lot less heavy than black, and it compliments their gorgeous red hair much better.

7. Steer clear of bronzer

Go easy on bronzer, or don’t use it all, because it can be too close to the color of your hair, and part of the beauty of redheads is the contrast between their complexion and their hair.

8. Banish orange

If there is one single color that should not be in a redheads makeup bag, then that is orange. It’s just way too close to the color of your hair.

9. Coral Colors

When it comes to coral colors in makeup for redheads, then opinions are really divided. Some people say it’s a complete no-no, but we’ve seen some very effective uses of coral colors with red hair. Our answer is simple, try it and see what you think. A little coral on your cheeks or lips might brighten up your face beautifully.

10. Keep the lip gloss simpler

And finally, our last piece of makeup advice for those lucky enough to have red hair is to keep to the simple shades of lip-gloss. Just a single coat or a soft sheen of lipstick will do. Let your hair take center stage, it’s beautiful on its own.

What are your favorite makeup tips for redheads? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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