10 Fabulous makeup tips for gorgeous ladies with glasses

Glasses used to be the antithesis of cool and attractive in the past but now people are actually wearing them as fashion accessories, even if they don’t have any trouble with their eyes. For some of us, however, glasses are a necessity, especially if we can’t wear contacts for one reason or another. You might think that wearing makeup behind the specs is a lost cause but that’s not the case. The good thing about glasses is that they automatically draw attention to your eyes, and the bad, if you’re short-sighted, is that they make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. This can be fixed with makeup, and makeup as a whole can complement your glasses. Here are some makeup tips about what you need to bear in mind in this respect.

1. Get the right makeup tools

Since you will be putting your makeup with your glasses off, you will need special, short-handled brushes (a kit of travel makeup brushes is perfect). Also, if you really can’t see well unless your nose is stuck against the mirror, consider equipping yourself with makeup glasses – this is a special type of glasses that has one lens, which you can move from eye to eye. Get a pair, have your dioptre fitted on the lens and you’re good to go.

2. Keep it light 

It’s usually better for glasses wearers to stick to light makeup, as in the opposite of heavy. However, that’s not a universal rule and it applies mostly to those who like thicker frames – thick frames will hide your perfectly blended eyeshadow. If your glasses have metal frames, on the other hand, you can blend in all the colours you want.

3. Use mascara wisely

If you have long lashes that even without mascara tend to touch and smudge your glasses, try a curling mascara to get those tips further away from the glasses. If you have no trouble with the length, choose volumising mascara, not lengthening, to avoid that smudging. Mascara is considered by many experts to be the bare minimum for eye makeup, so don’t shun it, because you wear specs, just use the right one.

4. Get a gel liner

Even with makeup glasses the endeavour is harder for those with problematic eyesight, so anything that makes it easier is welcome. One of these things is gel liner, which totally triumphs over any other form of this makeup. Gel liners are easy to apply, and they leave a deep, easy to see line, which is what you want, to make sure your eyes are enhanced behind the glasses.

5. Don’t forget the brows

No matter how thick your frames are, they won’t conceal your brows, so you will need to take special care of your brows too, especially once you’re aware that the glasses highlight the brows. Pluck errant hairs, fill in with a pencil that’s the same shade as your natural brow color, and comb, to make them look their best.

6. Diversify into more colours

To go back to eyeliners, you don’t have to necessarily use black there. In fact, if you’re very short-sighted, black eyeliner may not be the best choice at all, because it would make your eyes look even smaller than they already are, because of the glasses. Navy blue is a good choice, and so is burgundy red. Besides, these two shades match any eye colour and any complexion.

7. Neutralise the dark shades 

Your glasses frame may throw dark shades around, especially below your eyes. To combat this effect, which could make your eyes appear tired, use light (lighter than your skin tone) foundation under your lower lids and along the central section of your nose. Also, add some colour into your cheeks with a blush or bronzer.

8. Thick on thick, thin on thin 

One rule of thumb to follow is that the thicker your frames, the thicker the eyeliner. Thick frames create a certain impression and the thick line along your eyelids will complement this impression. The same seems to be what experts advice for thin frames: use thin lines on the eyes. Of course, you shouldn’t take this as an absolute rule – if you like yourself better with no liner at all, that’s fine, regardless of your frames, and vice versa.

9. Stop the slide 

Any glasses wearer knows that there’s nothing more annoying than glasses sliding down your nose when the weather’s hot. To avoid this, apply makeup primer on the bridge of your nose and voila, no more sliding down. To reinforce the effect, you can put some translucent powder on top of the primer or spray with some setting spray.

10. Reach for the brightest lipstick

With glasses, you can indulge in your wildest preferences in the lipstick area. Since the glasses already highlight your eyes, even without eye makeup, you can be as brave as you like with the second focus of attention on your face: your mouth. Just one word of caution: if you’re into coloured frames, make sure that the tone of your glasses’ frame goes in harmony with the colour of your lipstick.

Stay beautiful!

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