How to do makeup for blue eyes? 10 Amazing makeup tips for blue eyes

Choosing the right colors to compliment your blue eyes isn’t as easy, as people think. Brilliant blue eyes are beautiful, there is no question about that, but the wrong colors can make your gorgeous blue eyes look washed out, whereas the right ones will make the brilliance of your eyes shine out and have people stopping in their tracks to take a look. If you’re looking to make your baby blues pop, then here are some colors and tips for you to experiment with:

1. Keep the mascara simple

Keeping the mascara simple, usually opting for a basic black, is our first makeup tip for blue eyes, this will keep the attention on the beautiful color of your eyes. With blue eyes, the primary consideration is the color of eyeshadow and liner. If you want something different from black mascara, then best is to try a dark blue eyeshadow, mascara or eyeliner for a bolder look.

2. Selecting eyeliner

How to do makeup for blue eyes? The simple rule to remember with eyeliner and blue eyes is the darker the shade of liner, the brighter your eyes will appear. You can experiment with many colors: blues, grays, browns, greens or black, but stick to the darker shades, if you want your wonderful blue eyes to shine.

3. Warm browns and coral tones of eyeshadow

What is best eyeshadow color for blue eyes? Warm colors will bring out every shade of blue eyes and warm brown, coral and orange tones are a great example of this. If you follow color theory, then the colors opposite your eye color, on the color wheel, will bring out the best in your eyes, which is why warm browns and bronzy colors, coral and orange shades work so well with blue.

4. Copper shades of eyeshadow

Another makeup tip for blue eyes is a great example of how warm color can enhance the blue of your eyes, try to use copper eyeshadow tones. The metallic mix of orange and brown makes a beautiful contrast to the piercing blue of your eyes, and it is a fool proof way to make your eyes stand out.

5. Gold tones of eyeshadow

For a more dramatic way to make your blue eyes pop try a shimmering gold eyeshadow for a change. Gold and blue were just made for each other and they make a striking contrast that is sure to draw some admiring glances to your gorgeous blue eyes.

6. Avoid using the same blue as your eyes

You should always avoid using the same shade or a similar shade of blue for your eyeshadow or liner, as your eyes. If you do, you can make your eyes look pale and watery. What you are really looking for is a contrast in colors, to focus the attention on your beautiful blue eyes.

7. Know your shade of blue

There are many different shades of blue, from deep and dark to light blue, and your eyes may contain hints of other colors too. You have to think about these shades and colors, when deciding on the shades of eye makeup that will complement your own nuance and variation of blue, so don’t just assume that blue means blue.

8. Sparkly and metallic eyeshadow

Choose an eye shadow with a shimmer and a shine, and it will look fantastic with blue eyes. Silver, copper, gold or other metallic colors, add a bit of sparkle to your eyes, whether it’s for a night out or a day in the office, it will spice up your look and bring out the gorgeous blue in your eyes.

9. Try the smoky eye look

One of the greatest makeup tips for blue eyes is – try gorgeous smokey eye look. Great for the evening, the smoky eye look looks absolutely fantastic with blue eyes. Dark blue mascara combined and blended with smudged charcoal eyeliner will give you a beautiful and dramatic look for your evening out.

10. Winged or cat-eye eyeliner

Makeup tips for blue eyes can’t be complete without mentioning winged eyeliner. Cat eye eyeliner looks absolutely awesome with blue eyes. The winged eyeliner look places all the focus on the blue of your eyes and you can have many choices of shades to experiment with, when you go for this stunning look. You could try black, turquoise or violet and, if you want to go for a more subtle, slightly winged look, it will work well for daytime wear as well.

How to do makeup for blue eyes? Do you know some other makeup tips for blue eyes? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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