What’s Your Favourite Colour? 10 Colours And What They Say About You

Why do we like what we like?

Why do we like the movies we like?

Why do we like the people we like?

Why do we like the clothes we like?

Why do we like the colours we like?

Why do we like the boys we like?

There is a psychology behind everything we do in life, as well as everything we like. You don’t just randomly like an old colour – you like it for a particular reason.

Favourite colour is an interesting and important question, and should really be asked more when two people are getting to know each other romantically. Why? Because your favourite colour tells the other person a LOT about you – more than you perhaps realised.

And although your personality might not match up with your favourite colour exactly, you’ll surely find traces of yourself in its characteristics. As a fun but also utterly compelling exercise, let’s take a look at what your favourite colour says about you.


Blue has for a long time been associated with boys. If we give birth to girls, we buy them pink clothing. If we give birth to boys, we dress them in blue clothing. It’s a gender role thing.

But apart from being synonymous with baby boys, blue has many other meanings.

If blue is your favourite colour, it suggests that you’re a calm, reliable, trustworthy and deep person who other people warm too and can talk to.

On the surface, you might look confident and strong, and perhaps you take everything in your stride. But underneath, you know that you’re vulnerable and just trying your best to take things in your side.


Brown is an unusual one, because it’s rare for someone to admit that their favourite colour is brown.

However, if brown is your favourite colour it suggests that you’re the epitome of a cool cat – you’re cool, calm and very collected. Few things get your back up, and you’re not prepared to enter into an argument with someone unless you really have to.

Other personality traits you might have include humbleness, modest, and loyalty. You’re also dependable, hard working and perhaps even own your own small business (or at least have had an entrepreneurial idea bubbling inside your head for quite some time now).


Red is the colour of blood and danger. Its connotations are rife with passions, storms and energy.

As such, if red is your favourite colour, it suggests that you are full of energy. You’re loud, extravagant, fearless and bold.

You’re filled with wanderlust and the spirit of an adventurer. You crave spontaneity, and like to take risks. You’re passionate and fiercely competitive, and want to live your life at a million miles an hour, taking on new challenges and accomplishing new feats.

There is a bit of the devil in you and you like to be the centre of attention. But more than anything, you have a lust for life that’s infectious.


People who like the colour yellow tend to really enjoy learning about things. They are curious about the world around them, and have a thirst for knowledge.

They’re generally smart people who are always learning, but despite an outwardly positive nature, they’re not always so positive about themselves. To all intents and purposes, they know that their life could be better.


If you love the colour purple, it suggests an artistic temperament. You live by instinct, take a great interest in spirituality, and are very independent.


Everyone loves green people. Why? Because greenies are the true friends. They’re consistent in their thoughts, actions and behaviour, and they’re loyal to a tee. They won’t let you down or do unpredictable things out of character that makes them hard to deal with.

They’re also practical too, and can help out when we need a problem solving. They’re generous and very stable people who have steady jobs and savings.

If your favourite colour is green, it’s likely that your chief aim in life is to start a family and settle down. You want to raise your own children while still caring for others, and anything you do in life you do with a tremendous sense of duty. You feel secure and content in life.


Anyone who loves the colour pink more than any others tends to be very loving, soft-hearted, compassionate and sensitive. They are the mother geese who looks after people.

If your favourite colour is pink, it suggests that you prefer to give than to receive. Your mission in life is to make other people feel good. You’re sweet, charming and can talk to anyone. And everyone loves you!


Black is a colour rarely seen in paintings before the late 19th century. Even today, we continue to associate it with the darker, more extreme side of life. Rockers love it.

If your favourite colour is black, it suggests a determined, gritty, strong-willed personality. You want to get to the top, to have power, and you’re ruthless in your ambitions and means.

Others might be more talented than you, but your conviction and dedication will see you rise to the top. You know you have it in you to achieve your goals;.

People who love the colour black tend to be elusive but charming. They have secrets but their charismatic personality is compelling and bewitching.

Their ambitions are so lofty and their goals in life so seemingly extravagant that they can seem intimidating to their friends.


If you love the colour gold, it can only mean one thing – you like to be the star of the show who is noticed. You wear eye-catching clothes and make it your job to the number one. Being second best pains you. You’re confident, charismatic and ever so bold with all your choices in life – especially your fashion choices.


Like the greenies, people who love the colour white more than any other tend to be liked and appreciated by everyone.

If your favourite colour is white, it suggests that you are a neat and tidy person who is peaceful and enjoys the simple things in life. You don’t like complications, and you’re generally positive about life. Perhaps you prefer to live somewhere more rural than city-based, owing to the fact that you’re very self-sufficient. You can easily survive on your own, and you’re determined that you’ll never sacrifice your independence.

Stay happy!

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