What Narcissists Are Really Thinking In Their Heads And Why?

Ever wanted to understand the mindset of a narcissist? In this article, Beauty and Tips explores what narcissists are really thinking – and why.

We’ve always been taught that narcism is bad – that it’s harmful and even a bit dangerous. Most of us aren’t narcissistic ourselves, but when we come across someone who has been labelled a narcissist or who has labelled themselves as a narcissist, it’s normal for us to be on our guard. After all, aren’t these exactly the people we should be avoiding? It’s pretty impossible to empathise with a narcissist, simply because they think so differently to the rest of us. That said, isn’t the first step to being able to empathise with someone making an attempt to work out the reasoning behind their thought process, as well as what they are thinking? If you’re at all curious to know more about narcissists, let’s take a look at what they’re thinking.

Narcissists Have A Bloated Sense Of Self Importance

It’s one thing to be arrogant – but it’s quite another thing to have such a remorseless sense of self-importance that we never stop reminding others about our achievements. A bit of arrogance is not a sign of narcism. Rather, narcissists feel the need to constantly blow their own trumpets in public. On Facebook, you’ll see them all the time: “I did this today.” “Look at me and what I did!” It never ends. And a lot the time, a narcissist hasn’t got the achievements to back up their claims. They just want to give themselves an ego boost and be made to feel more powerful and more superior to the rest of us. A lot of the time, a narcissist carries on with themselves like this in order to protect their own sense of fragility. They want to be made to feel more important than they are so as to cover up their cracks and not leave their vulnerabilities and weaknesses on display.

They Are Always Number One

Sure, a narcissist might get you onboard to help them. They might team up with you, at work or in a relationship. But they just using you to get what they want. A narcissist is usually always obsessed with achieving an enormous amount of power. They want unlimited success in all areas of their lives. They know they need people to help them to this end, but that doesn’t mean they’ll give you credit or admit that you played a key role – you’re just a pawn to help them in their quest. This all comes down to a sense of power, control and ego. Narcissists don’t feel comfortable unless they’re in control. When they’re not in control, they’re subservient to someone else. And this can be very damaging on their ego.

A Narcissist Doesn’t Think They Should Apologise

Narcissists can be pretty darn brutal. They don’t think they should apologise? Ever? Not even when they spill wine over us or flush the toilet chain while we’re in the shower, thus literally burning us to death? It’s true. Narcissists have such a sense of possessing godlike powers that they don’t feel the need to apologise. In their eyes, apologising is for people who are weak, flawed and prone to making mistakes – something a narcissist, who is absolutely perfect, would never do. See, not only will a narcissist refuse to apologise to you for something they’ve done, they’ll also have a perfectly clear conscience. They certainly won’t be losing any sleep over this, and they won’t spend their day brooding, dwelling on how they’ve hurt you. They’re infallible and above error or question. Once they start saying Sorry to people, they’re accepting that they’re human just like us. And they can’t have that!

They Know They’re Arrogant – But They’re Okay With That

If you think it’s impossible to be as arrogant as a narcissist is and still be okay with that, you’d be wrong. Maybe you’re naive enough to assume that a narcissist is arrogant without realising it: “Sure, she’s a bit arrogant but it’s okay because she just doesn’t realise how arrogant she is.” Oh, she – and they – do. They know exactly how arrogant they’re coming across. Sometimes, they might even accept that they’re being a little too arrogant, but it doesn’t matter. They would much rather come across as arrogant and conceited than put themselves on our level. They are better than us (according to them) and will not tolerate any behaviour that challenges this axiom.

Narcissists Expect Interest From Others – But Don’t Expect Interest From Them!

A narcissist will very rarely take an interest in what someone else is up to, including their achievements, unless it benefits them in some way. At the same time, they expect us all to be interested in what they’ve been getting up to. Why? Because they are far more interesting than us, of course! They are capable of better things. While us mere mortals lead unbearably dull lives and create only mediocre things, narcissists live the most incredibly interesting lives possible. As such, it’s entirely to be expected that we’d take an interest.

Narcissists Think They Are The Best

Narcissists don’t necessarily have to do anything to justify their incredible sense of self belief – they just automatically think they’re the best, and that everyone should bow down and kiss their feet. This seems like pretty standard positive mental attitude. After all, shouldn’t we all believe in ourselves like this? Surely it’s the best way to building up our confidence and achieving success? True. But while the rest of us build up our confidence and then go out and achieve something, narcissists don’t have to actually achieve anything. They’re still the best and always will be. Why? Narcissists know how powerful it is when we think like this. If you constantly imagine yourself as being the greatest, you will start to act like the greatest at all times. Eventually, you will act, think and become a winner.

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