What are the world’s biggest and most expensive cosmetic brands?

Everyone loves makeup and we all know how expensive it can be, but the price of some of the luxury brands of makeup have prices on them that mean only the rich and famous can afford to use them. Other brands of cosmetics have, literally, taken the world by storm and have become huge multinational corporations. These aren’t all the lipsticks you can grab on your way to work from your local store, these are makeup brands that use only the very best ingredients and who only produce the highest quality products, or are only sold through direct to customers via distributors. Here are ten of the world’s biggest and most expensive brands of cosmetics.

1. Chanel

The cosmetic brand that was founded by Coco Chanel still applies the same high standards to their products that their founder would have done. Coco Chanel insisted that only the very best ingredients were used in her Chanel No5 perfume and the cosmetics products of the brand are just as exclusive today.

2. Oriflame

Oriflame was founded by two brothers, Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick, in Sweden 40 years ago and the brand is one of the most expensive makeup brands in the world. They employ more than 100 scientists in a state of the art research and development lab to develop their ground-breaking products.

3. Smashbox

Smashbox specialise in producing makeup that will stay looking great under the harsh and hot lights of studio lighting, so their makeup is designed to deliver a flawless look that will last. The brand was founded by brothers Dean and Davis Factor Culver City, California and is now owned by the Estée Lauder Company.

4. Artistry

Artistry is a worldwide brand and its products are sold all around the globe, including countries like Korea, Italy, Japan, Finland and Australia. The company sells over 400 different, high quality products that are ranked alongside products from the top designer names. The brand was initially launched under the name of Nutrilite and their products are now sold exclusively through the distribution networks of Amway.

5. Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden products appeared in the stores in 1910 and then the brand was known as Red Door salon Elizabeth Arden. The company made Elizabeth Arden one of the wealthiest women in the world and the company now offer a full range of exclusive makeup and cosmetic products. Like many of these top-end brands, they spend a fortune on R&D developing makeup that will create a flawless look.

6. Estée Lauder

The Estée Lauder brand was founded by Estée Lauder and her husband Joseph Lauder in 1946 and it went on to become one the best-known names in cosmetics and perfumes. The company now owns many of the high street brands that you will find in the stores and, one of Estée Lauder’s many claims to fame is that it was the first cosmetic company to offer a range of skin care products for men in 1976.

7. MAC

The MAC range of cosmetic products was originally designed for professional makeup artists, but they are now available to consumers worldwide. The company was formed in 1984 by Toskan and Frank Angelo in Toronto, Canada and they opened their first store in New York in 1991. The brand, which is now also owned by Estée Lauder, still favours the makeup artist profession by offering discounts on their products to professional makeup artists and trainees.

8. L’Oreal 

L’Oreal was founded by a French Chemist in 1909 who had invented his own special formula for a hair dye. The company, based in Paris, France, is now the world’s largest cosmetics company and it sells products, both at the exclusive end of the market, and at the more affordable. L’Oréal has a huge research and development team and the company is top nanotechnology patent-holder in the United States.

9. Mary Kay

Founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963, Mary Kay Inc. is still a privately owned company and it distributes its range cosmetics products through a network of beauty consultants. The company, which is based in Texas, offers a wide range of skin care and cosmetic products and is the 9th largest direct sales company in the world.

10. Nu Skin

Nu skin is another cosmetics company that distributes its products through a network of distributors. Their range of anti-ageing products are said to be truly innovative and effective as well, though the company has faced some criticism over their advertising techniques to attract new distributors. They now sell their products all around the globe and their annual income is in the region of 222 million.

What is your favourite cosmetic brand?

Stay beautiful!

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