Top 10 countries with highest life expectancy

What country has the highest life expectancy? Well, life expectancy in most countries has significantly increased in recent years, but there are still some countries that outrank most by many years. The contributing factors to higher life expectancy include diet, prosperity and, of course, the levels of violence and crime in the country. Here are ten of the countries with the highest life expectancy and some of the reasons why.

1. San Marino

San Marino is a tiny country, surrounded on all sides by Italy. Life expectancy there is, on average, 83.5 years and that is due to the Mediterranean diet that the population enjoys, as well as the fact that most of the population are employed in office work, rather than more dangerous outdoor labour.

2. Australia

The guys down under do pretty well too with an average life expectancy of around 83. This is thought to be due to the generally prosperous lifestyle and the healthy diet that Australians have. Recent research has suggested, though, that Australian lifespans might fall in the coming years, because of such factors as obesity and smoking.

3. Italy

Italy is actually one of the first in the list of the world’s countries with highest life expectancy. The Italians gain from the benefit of their super healthy diet, a great health care system, as well as their relatively relaxed lifestyle.

4. Singapore

Singapore has its prosperity to thank for its high life expectancy of around 84. The government of Singapore is very efficient and when they noticed that the population of the country was ageing, they put in place the necessary health care measure to provide for the elderly.

5. Guernsey

Guernsey rates highly in the list of countries with high life expectancy too. This is partly due to the island’s wealth and prosperity, but also the relaxed lifestyle there plays its part too.

6. Japan

The Japanese diet consists mainly of fish, rice and vegetables, so they have an obesity rate of just 3%. The Japanese also like walking and cycling, so all those healthy lifestyle choices add up to an average life expectancy of 87 years.

7. Loma Linda, California

While Americans, as a whole, have an expected average lifespan of 79.8, there are pockets of the population that do live for far longer. One such place is Loma Linda in California, where a community of Seventh-Day Adventists follow a vegetarian diet, healthy lifestyle and where drinking alcohol and smoking is discouraged.

8. Andorra

Andorra is another country that benefits from a healthy Mediterranean diet and the population there can expect an average lifespan of 84.2 years. The country is also very hilly, so the people who live there get exercise, whether they want it, or not!

9. Hong Kong

Rather surprisingly the bustling city of Hong Kong also rate on the top ten healthy countries to live in. Their well-balanced diet means that they have lower than average instances of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and obesity.

10. Monaco

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and it also has one of the highest life expectancy rates of all with the population living to an average of 89.5 years. This is due, primarily, to the wealth of the country and the incredibly high living standards. They also enjoy some of the best healthcare services in the world too.

Stay happy and healthy!

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