10 Things women should know about men

There are so many articles about what men are really like, it’s no wonder that some people think they are a different species altogether. The truth is, you can’t pigeonhole a man with a list of attributes, because, just like women, each one of them is slightly different from the next. What you can do, however, is to look at some of the differences that do, in general terms, distinguish the men from the girls. Here are ten things that make guys different that every girl really needs to know about.

1. They are possessive

We don’t mean this is in a negative way at all; it’s actually kind of cute. Men are very possessive and protective over their girls and if they see another man looking at you or trying to flirt with you, they are not going to be pleased at all. All good modern men know full well that they can’t own a girl, but that still won’t stop them making sure that other guys know you are spoken for.

2. Men can look without flirting

Don’t get too upset when a man looks admiringly at another woman, he’s not flirting, he’s just admiring. “I only have eyes for you” made great song lyrics, but in real life, those eyes are going to wander sometimes. Don’t worry about it; it’s just a man being a man.

3. You should never, ever, criticise his mother

Seriously, whatever you may think of the woman, keep it to yourself because a man’s mother is untouchable as far as he is concerned. He’s allowed to do it, that’s OK, but even if he does criticise his own mother, don’t agree too readily, or that will be wrong too! No one criticises or makes fun of a man’s mother and gets away with it.

4. You are never going to change him

This is one of the main things women should know about men. If you think that you are the girl to rub those rough edges of your man, then you will probably end up as disappointed, as the last girl who tried. If there is one thing that you can generalise about men, it’s their stubbornness and, if he even gets an inkling that you are trying to change him, he’s going to do whatever it is you are trying to change ten times as often and ten times as bad. Unless he wants to change himself, nobody will be able to do it.

5. If you nag him, he will say yes, just to keep you quiet

If you have got a bee in your bonnet about something, then a man is going to give in to your nagging far quicker than you expect. That’s not because he is actually going to take any notice of what you want him to do, it’s just that he knows that if agrees, he will get at least an hour’s peace and quiet before you start off again. Basically, most guys just don’t want an argument, so they will say whatever it takes to avoid one.

6. He loves his favourite sports team with a passion you will envy

A man’s love affair with his favourite sports team is a thing of legend and unfathomably important to him. That team has let him down innumerable times, had him in tears and they have made him furious, but still he keeps going back for more! He has loved and supported that team since was a kid and he will love them when he’s an old man. That’s the kind of lifelong love and devotion that most of us can only dream of!

7. He doesn’t want to talk about it

You will all know this to be true anyway and it can be so annoying. You know when there’s something bothering him, it’s written all over his face, but will he talk about? No way! That would be a sign of weakness, so he’s going to keep it bottled up and try to face it all alone. There’s no point in worrying too much about this one either. He’ll come to you with his problem when he’s good and ready to.

8. He will notice it when you don’t wear that necklace he bought you

If he bought you jewellery or clothes and you don’t really like it, don’t say you love it and then put it to the back of a drawer, hoping that he won’t notice. He will be looking for that thing that he bought you and, if you never wear it, he’s going to be hurt. He would much rather prefer you were honest and you took it back to the store and changed it for something else.

9. He wants kids really

He may not admit it when he’s younger, but most men do want to have children when they get a bit older. They don’t get broody when they someone else’s baby, but it will be in the back of their mind that it would be great to be a dad someday.

10. He really wants you to like the things that he likes

For some odd reason, men always seem to want you to like the same things they do and they really don’t get it when you say you don’t like slasher horror movies or hard core thrash metal rock. What’s worse is that he’ll actually want you to sit with him and watch it and he’ll be disappointed if you don’t enjoy it. There’s no easy way out of this one, you’ll just have to find something else that urgently needs doing!

What other things women should know about men, in your opinion?

Stay happy!

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