Here Are Things Guys Don’t Notice About Your Body

I watched a foreign film recently called Certified Copy in which Juliette Binoche was desperately trying to get her husband to notice her. In one scene, she went to the ladies room to apply red lipstick. But when she rejoined her husband at the table, it was as though he just wasn’t aware that she had made herself look nice for him.

This happens all the time. We apply lipstick, mascara and nail polish in order to look nice for our men. We don’t necessarily do it for ourselves – we do it for them. Sadly, it’s only rarely that they notice. While we obsess over picking the perfect conditioner or eye-liner, guys take it all for granted. Most of the time, they don’t even notice.

Sure, they’ll notice if we’ve used a different potato for dinner, but they’ll completely miss the fact we’ve just shaved our head!

But this also means that while we’re getting frustrated over a bad hair day, guys are blissfully unaware. They think our hair has always looked like that!

In celebration of unobservant (clueless) men, let’s take a look at the things guys never notice about your body.

Your Hair

I know what you’re thinking:


Hair is all we think about sometimes. We take our time and put in an insane amount of effort to get it just right.

And, yes, it’s sometimes so big that you think it’d be near impossible not to notice it.

But whatever you do with your hair, the chances are that guys will love it anyway. They really aren’t fussed.

Not until you shave it all off, of course.

You might not believe it, but you can get away with just rolling out of bed and meeting up with him. It doesn’t matter what you do with it because he won’t notice or remember. As long as you have hair, he’s totally cool with it!

Your Eyebrows

Brows are the bane of your life. I know that, you know that. Even the random followers on Instagram know that.

But does the boy know that?


Picture it: It’s Friday night. Tomorrow, you’re going out on a date with him. It’s going to be a special night!

But you can’t decide right now if you should do your eyebrows. It’s going to take a lot of time and it could go disastrously wrong. However, you convince yourself to go for it because it will impress him. He’ll love your new brows!

Date night rolls around and four hours into it you’re still waiting for him to mention your eyebrows. So far, he said he likes the length of your dress (what?), and moaned about his baseball team losing (who cares?).

But he hasn’t mentioned your brows.

And he never will.

Unless your eyebrows look like a bush or a spindly tree branch, a guy just won’t notice your eyebrows.

Your Eyeliner And Mascara

“I want a guy that ruins my lipstick and not my mascara.”

Girl, the truth is that if he did ruin your mascara, it’s the first time all night that he’d notice you were wearing it.

See, while you might spend hours, days or even weeks trying out numerous different brands in a quest to find the best one, he still won’t notice a thing. You can apply lots or very little, and he won’t say anything.

Okay, a guy might notice your eyes look a tad different this time around, but they won’t have a clue why.

“Maybe she’s had surgery,” he might dramatically muse.

The good news is that even though a guy won’t pay attention to your eyeliner and mascara, he will notice their effect.

But keep applying it because, even though he can’t put his finger on the reason, he knows that your eyes look good.

Your Acne

I always thought that acne was something only teenage girls struggled with. I certainly fought my own fair share of battles with acne. But I never thought that it could continue into adulthood.

Unfortunately, it can. The struggle is real. Very real.

But although we obsess over even minor breakouts and dramatically state that we might as well kill ourselves right now, guys actually don’t even notice a thing.


I know right?!

According to guys, they’re not fussed about skin blemishes. It just doesn’t alter the way they see us. It’s not something they focus on at all.

Praise the Lord!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take steps to eliminate and prevent acne breakouts. Acne is, of course, still something which can affect your self-esteem, even if guys don’t see it as a big deal.

Your Skin Tone

So many girls right now are obsessing over their skin tone. If they don’t look bronzed, they’re not going to leave the house.

But get this: Guys don’t care if you look pale. It doesn’t bother them. Really!

In fact, it’s only when you use too much fake tan that they start to notice your skin tone. And it’s at this point that it starts to bother them.

Don’t stress out about your natural skin tone. Guys are cool with pale skin. They’re not cool with try-hards. It just looks vain. And weird.

Stretch Marks

Many women (and even some guys) have stretch marks. They’re more common than you might think.

You probably have them!

Oh. You’re telling me you don’t have them. Because no man has ever told you that you have them.

Well, of course guys won’t tell you if you have them or not. But that’s because they don’t even notice them!

Split Ends

Girls worry about split ends. But could you even describe a split end if a man asked you? Probably not.

So it’s totally okay if you leave the house with split ends. He won’t notice!

Stay happy!

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