Is it good to sleep naked? 10 Benefits of sleeping naked

Ditch the PJ’s! Even though less than 10% of the population of America sleep naked, it’s a scientifically proven fact that sleeping naked is good for you. Most of us only sleep naked for a bit of fun between the sheets, but here are ten reasons why you should be sleeping nude, every night:

1. You will sleep better

The first and simple answer to why you should sleep naked is that you will get a better night’s sleep. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, but how many times have you woken up, because you’re too hot or because your pyjamas got twisted around you? Sleep naked and those problems disappear.

2. It improves your self confidence

Another one of great benefits of sleeping naked is that it will improve your self confidence. Spending time with no clothes on will help you to become more comfortable with your own body. When you feel comfortable and relaxed about yourself, then you will be more confident and happy too, in general.

3. It will improve your skin

Benefits of sleeping naked also include better skin. Sleeping naked gives your skin a chance to breathe and you won’t sweat at night so much. Many people who have acne on their body have reported a marked improvement, when they have started to sleep without pyjamas.

4. It will slow down the aging process

Your body releases anti-aging and growth hormones at night, but only if you are not too hot. The body’s repair system works better in a cool environment, so while you feel all warm and cosy in your thick PJ’s, you’re not helping fight against the signs of aging!

5. It reduces the risk of vaginal infections

It might sound very gross, but bacterial and fungal infections thrive in warm places, so allowing more air get to your body will help stop vaginal infections. It’s also good for the guys to sleep naked, if you are trying for a baby, because it increases male fertility.

6. It improves the circulation

Better circulation is another one of benefits of sleeping naked. Tight, elasticated waist bands and tight T-shirts restrict the flow of blood around your body. Sleep naked and you will improve your circulation and feel far more comfortable.

7. It will help you lose weight

Benefits of sleeping naked even include weight loss. Because you will sleep better naked, your body will produce less of the stress hormone, cortisol, which causes you to pile on the pounds around your tummy.

8. You will bond better with your partner

More skin contact with your partner means more of the love hormone, oxytocin, being released into your body. Oxytocin is responsible drawing people closer together, as well as being good at helping you to feel relaxed and calm.

9. It reduces high blood pressure

The relaxed, deep sleep that you will experience when you are not wearing PJ’s will help reduce your blood pressure. Researchers have found that the blood pressure of people who suffer from hypertension can reduce by over 20 percent when they sleep well.

10. It will save you money!

Another one of benefits of sleeping naked is that it might save you some money. Well, a little a bit anyway, because you won’t have to buy pyjamas anymore.

Is it good to sleep naked? What do you think?

Stay happy!

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