10 Interesting facts about Earth

It’s really easy to take our planet for granted. Despite the fact that we’re suspended in space, rotating around the Sun in a universe that stretches for billions of miles, many of us just get on with our daily lives without giving any of this a second thought.

We eat our hamburgers, fret over exams, scream at the dodgy printing machine in the office, get married, have kids, watch out favourite football team lose yet again and so on. We engage in everyday trivialities and constantly lose sight of the wondrous bigger picture.

But if you can disengage from your everyday troubles for one moment and avert your attention to our beautiful planet, there are so many facts about it that you probably aren’t aware of – even though you’ve called this place your home all your life.

If you’re curious to enhance your knowledge of our planet, here are 10 interesting facts about earth.

The Earth Was Once Thought To Be The Centre Of The Universe

In the olden days, many of the good folk actually thought that our planet was so important that it was the centre of the universe and everything else revolved around us. We were basically the top dog out of all the other stars and planets out there.

Not everyone believed this. Some very sharp Greeks sensed that we were not a the centre of the universe, but it became accepted by the authorities that we were. And if you disagreed with this theory, you were in big trouble.

Eventually, the Polish Copernicus risked his life to prove once and for all that the earth actually rotates around the Sun – and not the other way around. It was a bold claim in the 16th century, and he was accused of heresy. Fortunately, his beliefs came to be accepted and science has since backed him up.

We Are The Only Planet Not Named After A God

Back in the olden days, the Roman’s had a tendency to name the heavenly bodies (planets) after their gods and goddesses. This was how the planets got their names, and mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, uranus and neptune were all roman gods or goddesses.

Saturn was a particularly mean god who ate babies. I’m not going to saturn anytime soon, thank you very much.

Our Day Will Eventually Increase To 25 Hours

We often complain that there are not enough hours in a day to get through all our tasks. If only we had one extra hour to do things!

Just one more hour would mean we could write a 900 page novel, compose the world’s greatest piece of music or lose lots of weight.

Or so we say.

Believe it or not, though, an earth day will eventually increase to 25 hours. This is because our rotation speed is gradually losing pace.

Rather unfortunately, none of us will be alive to see this extended day because it probably won’t happen for another 140,000,000 years. Sorry.

The Hottest Ever Temperature Was …

Another one of interesting facts about earth is that the hottest ever temperature recored on earth was in Libya in 1922. It was 57.8 degrees C – or 136 degrees F.

The Coldest Ever Temperature Meanwhile Was …

The coldest ever temp recorded on earth was in Antarctica. It was a bone chilling minus 89.2 degrees C – or 128.6 degrees F.

Oh. My. Goodness. interesting facts about earth

More Bad News: An Earth Day Isn’t Even As Much As 24 Hours

Sure, everyone tells you that an earth day lasts 24 hours, but they’re just saying this to round things off so as not to appear banal and annoying.

See, an earth day technically lasts for 23 hours, 56 minutes and four seconds, because that is how long it takes our planet to rotate on its axis.

According to experts, this is know what is known as a “sidereal” day.

So, essentially, we’re missing 4 seconds each day. Which would eventually tot up, right?

Kinda. But at the same time, this is apparently offset by the fact that the Sun moves ever so slightly each day, which means we claw back those extra 4 seconds.

The Earth Is Not A Pure Sphere

When you were in school, your teacher had to explain to you that the earth is not a circle but a sphere, which is a three dimensional shape.

If you were smart enough, you could have shot back with the retort that, actually, the earth is a oblate spheroid.

It’s similar to a sphere but it has a bulging equator, thanks to the way it rotates.

So, the next time someone tells you that the earth is a sphere and not a circle, you tell them the truth.

Be prepared to be called a smart ass, though.

We’re Basically Covered In Water

One of interesting facts about earth is that, just like the human body is mostly composed of water, so is the earth’s surface.

Indeed, the surface of the earth is 70% water. That’s not all that astounding when you consider that H2O is basically our life force.

But it is still astonishing to look at when you’re in outer space. Indeed, it was when astronauts first went up into the reaches of space that they noticed just how gosh darn blue our planet is. Hence they christened it The Blue Planet.

Even though Neptune is even bluer.

The other 30%, by the way, is solid ground.

A Year On Earth Is Longer Than 365 Days

Most of us celebrate New Years Eve because the 365 days have elapsed and it’s time to party. Yay!

But we all party a little bit too prematurely because a year is actually 365.2564 days.

So, the next time you bear witness to a countdown on new years eve, tell everyone to be quiet, point to your watch and say “guys, I really hate to be a stick in the mud here,  but we still got a bit more time left.”

They’ll think you’re so cool. Seriously.

Okay, they probably won’t, but the fact that our year is longer than we all assume is the reason we have a leap year every 4 years. It helps us to get back on track in the grand scheme of things.

Most Of Our Ice Is In Antarctica

There is a fair amount of ice on earth, but an incredible 90% of it is in Antarctica.

The continent is also home to 70% of our freshest water.

Do you know other interesting facts about earth?

Stay happy!

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