10 Interesting And Fun Beauty Facts You Need To Know About

We love beauty. But what are 10 interesting facts about beauty you need to know about? Beauty and Tips takes a look.

Beauty plays such an important role in our lives. Even if you consider yourself to be low maintenance, you’ll still have more than a passing interest in makeup and cosmetics. Maybe you also own a few products, and even if you barely apply makeup, we’d wager that every girl dolls themselves up for weddings and birthdays and the like.

Beauty regimes have been part of culture for centuries. There was a time when it was even normal for aristocratic men to powder their faces. In this article, we’ll also take a look at some quirky and fun facts from throughout history. But we’ve never been as interested (or, shall we say, obsessed) with beauty quite as much as we are today. So let’s take a look at 10 interesting facts about beauty you need to know about.

The Aztecs Applied Lipstick … But Not As We Know It

Lipstick today contains some rather bizarre ingredients, such as chilies. But at least these days, our lipsticks contain artificial dyes. Back in the days of the Aztecs, there was no such thing as artificial dye. It was all natural. They had to get a brilliant red colour the natural way somehow – and they turned to insects. More specifically they used beetles. Eew, right?

Well, actually, we didn’t want to break this to you. But the dye made from beetles is still used to make lipstick today! Check your list of ingredients for something called “Beetles”.

We’re kidding. It’s actually listed under “carmine.”

Beautiful People Have Higher IQ’s

Ever wondered why we fancy smart people?

Indeed, a lot of us equate smartness with attractiveness. The smarter someone is, the more attractive they are. In fact, people we didn’t think were all that attractive can suddenly become more attractive once we find out how smart they are. However, according to research, smart people are already beautiful – you just hadn’t realised it. The London School of Economics has found that beautiful women and men have higher IQ’s than average people.

Now, where is that IQ test …

Elizabeth Taylor Didn’t Like Other Women Wearing Lipstick

English actress Elizabeth Taylor achieved fame and fortune from starring in movies such as Cleopatra and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe? When she married fellow British actor Richard Burton, she became part of one of the original power couples.

No one would ever deny that the raven-haired Taylor was a beauty. She had darkly exotic features that made her perfect for roles such as the seductive Cleopatra. Allegedly, she also wanted to make sure that she was always the most beautiful woman in the room. The lengths she would go to? She – allegedly – asked that all other women didn’t wear red lipstick when on stage with her.

You go, girl!

Cleopatra Went To Extreme Lengths To Get Noticed

Speaking of Cleopatra …

You ever been frustrated when the perfume you’re wearing isn’t attracting any comments? Maybe you’ve become dispirited after no one mentioned your new lipstick.


So here is another one of interesting facts about beauty: Cleopatra also liked to be noticed but, because she owned an actual ship as opposed to just a few top, she could get noticed in more dramatic ways. According to legend, she would drench her ships sails in powerful perfume. When her ship docked, everyone in sight would be able to smell the perfume and know the Egyptian maiden had arrived.

… And Cleopatra Would Have Got Pretty Angry If You Couldn’t Paint Her Lips Properly

Make-up was taken seriously even way back in Egyptian times. In fact, it was taken so seriously that you needed as much skill and precision to paint lips as you did to engrave text or etch symbols onto a rock. Nowadays, of course, we require as much patience, concentration and skill to apply makeup as we do to write out a text message to our crush on our iPhone.

Ah, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Women Don’t Like It When Guys Smile

Ever found yourself asking your male friend to smile? Annoyed that he’s always brooding and serious-looking?

Actually, he’s doing the right thing by not smiling – if he wants to land more dates, that is. According to research, women are are actually turned off by guys when they smile. We prefer them to look brooding and serious and macho. It’s kinda hot.

Guys are the opposite. They prefer it when women smile.

The Japanese Used To Use Hair To Judge A Woman’s Beauty

During the Heian Period in Japan, when it came to beauty, it wasn’t what counted on the inside. It didn’t even seem to matter how much you weighed, how perfect your legs were, or if you were blessed with heavenly eyes. What mattered was how long your hair was. That’s right: If your hair was two feet shorter or longer than your waist, you weren’t considered to be an ideal beauty.

The Skin Is Your Largest Organ

Another one of interesting facts about beauty is that – your skin is your largest organ. No wonder it’s SO hard to maintain, right?

The Spaniards Used To Do Anything So They Wouldn’t Tan

You’d think it would be impossible not to tan in a country like Spain, where the sun seems to always be shining. And you’d be right. So spare a thought for the senorita’s living through Spain’s so-called “Golden Age,” a time when having a tan was considered to be a huge beauty mistake. So determined to stay pale and attractive to Spanish lotharios, women would eat clay.

For real.

Your Skin Can Change In Tone (And Colour) Depending On How Much Melanin You Have

Ever wondered why some people are darker than others? Ever wondered why sometimes your skin is lighter on some days and darker on others?

It’s all down to melanin and how much your body produces of it. We all have the same cells which produce it, but not all cells produce the same amount. The more your cells produce, the darker your skin is.

Do you have other interesting facts about beauty to share?

Stay happy!

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