10 Tips on how to take good pictures

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to take great photos, but yours never come out the way you want? You’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t have to take night classes to learn how to take great pics. You just to need to know some basic techniques that will improve the quality of your pictures and to be aware some of the common mistakes that people make when they are taking pictures. If you want to start taking better pictures tomorrow, read these ten tips on how to take good pictures and start loving your photographs.

1. Move in closer

A common mistake that people make, especially when taking photos of friends and family, is that they stand too far away from the subject. You should aim to fill the majority of your picture with your subject and, in the case of a person, that will be their face. Full length photos of people are not very interesting, so get up as close to your subject as you can, but not so close that the picture goes out of focus.

2. Don’t always place your subject in the centre of a photo

The middle of a picture is not generally the best place for your subject to appear. You can bring a lot more life to your pictures if you place your subject lightly off-centre. If you have a camera that has auto-focus, then you will have to lock the focus, though, because it will automatically focus on whatever is in the centre of your photo.

3. Photograph people when they are not posing

Having people always pose for your photos can also make your pictures boring. You will get much more interesting pictures if you take them when your subject is doing something, like working, or playing a sport. So long as the subject doesn’t object, you could also try taking photos when they are not expecting it.

4. Make eye contact with your subjects

Eye contact works as well in pictures as it does in real life, so another tip on how to take good pictures, when you are taking photos of people, get your camera to their eye level and then you will get a far more engaging picture. This is particularly important when taking pictures of children. Get yourself down to their level and you will be able to capture their smile.

5. Always check what’s in the background

Unless you are deliberately trying to include something of interest in the background of a picture, it is better to try and place your subject before a plain backdrop. Before you take your snap, take a moment to look at what might be behind your subject so that you don’t get things like poles sticking out of people’s heads, or flowers sprouting out of their ears.

6. Try shooting from different angles

One way to easily improve the quality of your photos is to shoot your subjects from unusual angles. Most photos that you see are taken from the same angle because it’s easy to do, but, if you get down on your knees, for example, you can take a far more interesting picture of your subject. Shooting from a lower perspective will also put the sky in the picture, which will provide you with a great, clutter free, background.

7. Know the range of the flash

Another one of the common photo mistakes is taking pictures of subjects that are too far away for the flash to be effective. This has the effect of putting the subjects in the dark and lighting up the uninteresting foreground. Look up the range of the flash on your camera and make sure that subjects are always well within that range.

8. Be aware of the light

Lighting makes an enormous difference to how a photo will look, so another tip on how to take good pictures is to do a little experimenting with light, so that you can learn how it will affect your photos. Bright sunlight, for example, can highlight wrinkles in an older person’s skin, whereas a softer light will help to disguise them. You can also use light to create interesting shadows and photos in silhouette.

9. Use props

When you are taking pictures of people, you can easily add interest with props. Someone biting into an apple, holding a flower, or a kid with a toy, will look infinitely more interesting than a straight picture of them stood in a rigid pose.

10. Take a series of shots

Don’t take just one photo of a subject, take a whole series and decide on your favourite one later. With digital cameras, you don’t have to worry about wasting film anymore, so snap away from different angles and positions and you will have a better chance of capturing the perfect picture.

How to take good pictures? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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