Here Is What Your Bag Says About Your Personality

The clothes might make the man, but do accessories define the woman?

Our personality is often reflected by the buying decisions that we make. A flutter of sequins on a dress is enough to tell us that a flamboyant personality is in the house, while a mini skirt that reveals more leg than a table says that here is a girl who has got it – and is ready to flaunt it.

Our fashion choices, then, are an extension of our personality, thoughts and ideas about life. Elton John got onstage dressed as Donald Duck because he loved to have fun and didn’t care what anyone thought about him.

But what can a handbag say about us? Does it say a lot about us? What does it mean if we prefer a small bag to a tote bag? Does it mean anything?

Well, actually, it does. Here is what your bag says about your personality:

Tote Bag

If you regularly walk around with a tote bag in tow, it says that you are a girl who is ready for anything that life and fate is going to throw at you. You are prepared, girl.

The tote bag is great for packing all your essentials, including band-aids, business cards and, of course, hand sanitisers.

But despite you ‘born ready’ attitude, carrying a tote bag around with you also suggests that you can be a tad too organised. You’re not ready to be caught off your guard, and aren’t really a fan of spontaneity. You don’t giggle when you’re caught in a situation where you really need a hand sanitiser but there aren’t any around. Instead, you totally freak out and call 911.

Planning ahead is one of your pillars to a successful life. You need to know where everything is. You’re the one who pipes up when someone says “yeah, but where are we going to find one of those at this house.”

“I got you,” you say.

You save days, and going anywhere without your essentials leaves you feeling naked and vulnerable.

“Someone please stop the train! I’ve forgotten something! OMG!”

The Backpack

If you often wear a backpack around your shoulders, I’m going to guess that you don’t give a fig your my assessment. What people say about you is like water off a duck’s back – it rolls right off.

You’re too free-spirited and in love with your life to wait for validation from others. You live for today and have made it your mission in life to soak up every second God has given you. You want to explore and have adventures every day, and you love to leave your comfort zone and take risks.

Your backpack is filled less with beauty essentials and more with everyday utilities, such as pens, bottles of water and your toothbrush. Your also carry postcards and mementoes from places you’ve visited and always keep your bag packed so that you can head off on a whim whenever the moment grabs you.


Jacqueline-Fernandez is well-known for being spotted with her clutch bag, as are many other celebrities, including Esha Gupta, Scarlett Johansson, and the gorgeous Christina Aguilera.

But what does a clutch bag say about this fabulous women and you?

Carrying a clutch bag with you says that you are a bit of a minimalist who dislikes too much of anything. You don’t like clutter, hassle – or too many items in your handbag. You enjoy the bearable lightness of being.

Sure, you have wants and desires just like all women do. Perhaps you have many and perhaps they are varied. But you’re very good at keeping your wants and your needs separate. And when you head out with your clutch bag, you take only what you need.

All your essentials are in your bag and nothing more. And you’re totally okay with that. Less is always more – and that’s classy.

Moreover, you don’t need to draw attention to yourself. You don’t attention. You just want to do what needs doing. Efficiency is key. It’s also astonishingly elegant and chic. Just like you.

Cross Body (Or Messenger) Bag

Cross body bags are really growing in popularity. But what does yours say about you?

If you regularly sling a cross body bag over your shoulder, it suggests that you’re first of all a girl who is in love with fashion. You keep up to date with all the very latest trends, and you can’t leave the house without your essentials.

You’re not a fan of the tote bag because it’s just a bit too big for your fashion sensibilities. You want something functional that is also chic. The cross body bag, then, fulfils two purposes: it’s functional, and offers plenty of room for your essentials, but it also helps you to look fabulous.

And it suits your personality. You’re practical and organised, but you’re also stylish. You’ve got the perfect blend of style and substance going on.

Arm Candy Bag

Perhaps the opposite to girls who prefer clutch bags, you, the proud owner of an arm candy bag that you hang loosely from your arm, are fiery, passionate, and emotional. You’re also in touch with your artistic side, and you love to be creative with everything you wear – and hold.

For you, nothing in life should merely serve a functional purpose. It should also serve an aesthetic purpose. And your bag does just that. You live for fashion and artistry, and you don’t leave the house looking anything less than at your most daring.

You’re often impractical and impulsive, but you enjoy the good things in life. You like colour, energy and good vibes. You’re confident but not arrogant, and you dare to flaunt your personality with the world.

Others might criticise you for your carefree, live for today personality, but you know they’re just jealous of your zest for life. They wish they had your confidence to dare to be different.

Stay beautiful!

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