Do you lose weight when you sweat? 10 Cool facts about sweating

Does sweating make you lose weight? Well, the answer to that one is yes, and no! If you sit in a sauna or a steam room and sweat, you will lose some weight but that is only because you have lost water, so the weight loss will only be temporary. On the other hand, if you work out hard enough to work up a sweat, then you will be losing fat, as well as water, so that weight loss will be long term. So, sweating, on its own, will make you lose some weight and that’s just the first of our cool facts about sweating, here are ten more things about sweating that you probably didn’t know:

1. The fitter you are, the more you sweat

It’s a commonly held belief that unfit people sweat more, than fit people, but this is untrue. The research show that athletes sweat more, than the rest of us, because their bodies are more attuned to dealing with the extra heat caused by exertion.

2. You can produce around 4 gallons of sweat a day!

The amount that you sweat depends on a variety of factors including the temperature and the humidity, but a hard working adult can sweat as much as four gallons in a day. On average, you will sweat about one and a half gallons a day.

3. Men do sweat more than women

It is true that men do sweat more, than women. Both genders have approximately the same number of sweat glands, but because men have a larger surface area than women, and because of hormonal differences, men sweat around over 30 percent, more than women do.

4. Your armpits are not the sweatiest part of your body

Only 1% of your sweat comes out under your arms. The only reason that armpits feel sweatier than any other part of your body is because there is no ventilation there to evaporate the sweat.

5. Sweat doesn’t smell

It’s not the sweat that causes body odor, because sweat itself is odorless. The moisture in sweat though does make bacteria more active, which is what creates the odor. Odor can also be caused by what you eat. People, who eat a lot of spicy foods, can smell of those spices, when they sweat.

6. The best time to use antiperspirant is at night

Antiperspirants work by clogging the pores in the skin, when they come into contact with water. The best time to apply the antiperspirant is at night, when you sweat less. If you apply it when your skin is already wet with sweat, then the antiperspirant will react with the moisture on the surface of your skin, before it has a chance to get into the pores.

7. Pigs don’t sweat

Dogs and cats sweat, through the pads on their feet. Rabbits sweat through glands around their lips. But pigs don’t sweat at all. That’s why pigs love to roll in the mud so much, it cools them down when things get a little bit too hot for them.

8. What is sweat?

You sweat so that when the moisture evaporates, it cools down your body. Sweat is made up of 99% water and approximately 1% salt. The exact composition of sweat can vary, but it can also include electrolyte and metabolic waste.

9. What does it mean when you sweat a lot?

Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis Around 3% of the population suffer from the condition known as hyperhidrosis, which is where people sweat excessively, for no apparent reason. The precise cause of this condition is unknown, but it can be treated.

10. You have about 4 million sweat glands

The average human has around 4 million sweat glands. Most of them are on your feet, face, hands and armpits.

Stay happy and healthy!

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