Wonder if people can tell what you’re thinking? Don’t want them to second guess you? In this article, we take a look at how your body language signs secretly tell other people what you are thinking.

You’ve surely heard of the term body language before. It’s defined by the dictionary thus: “The conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated.” In other words, while some people – such as leaders – know exactly what message they are sending out with their body language, others have no idea. They’re acting unconsciously, while being very expressive and revealing to the trained reader of body language. Maybe you’ve read about it before. But while you might have tried to grasp other peoples’ body language, have you ever stopped to think that your actions, gestures and poses are telling people what YOU are thinking? It’s kind of a weird feeling! Without realising it, you could be telling your first date that you’re uncomfortable or not keen – without saying a single word! Body language experts are always watching. Recently, Donald Trump’s wife Melania had her body language analysed by an expert who reckoned they knew she gave away via a series of tells exactly what she really thinks of his daughter, Ivanka. If you’re really curious, let’s take a look at these body language signs that secretly tell other people what you’re really thinking.

The Toes That Point To Love

This is a really funny one, but it demonstrates how we do so many things instinctively. It’s the way we evolved.

Let’s say you’re hanging out with a boy/girl you really like. In fact, you’re crushing on them. You haven’t told them yet and don’t want them to know. You’re nervous and scared of rejection. So what do you do? You keep it to yourself, of course. Only … why are they blushing? Why are they smiling? Do they know something you don’t know? Has someone told them that you love them? Actually, your toes have given you away. How? When we’re standing next to someone we like, our toes do this weird thing – they point directly at our crush. Weird – but also kinda cute and romantic. Aww.

Your Smile Is The Window To Your Soul

They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul. But it all starts with a smile. When your whole face lights up and even your eyes smile, it means your smile is genuine. The giveaway is always when the corner of your eyes crinkle. If they do, it’s a sign that you’re experiencing genuine delight and pleasure. You feel good! If the corner of your eyes don’t crinkle, it’s a sign that the “smile” you’re smiling right now isn’t genuine. You’re hiding something! And people who know about body language signs can spot your displeasure really easily. They know when you’re not really enjoying the moment, but just pretending to.

Your Posture Of Power

Leaders lead from the front. They stand erect, poised, their legs wide apart. Why? Because as humans, we’ve come to equate the amount of power a person has with the amount of space they’re taking up. If you’re shying away, you will take up little space. You don’t want to be noticed. And this is easy to detect. You’ll be stooped over a little, your hands will be close to your body, and your form will be on the verge of total collapse! If you’ve got the power and know it? You’ll take great strides. You’ll open up your body, with your shoulders straight and your legs far apart. You’ll be expressive with your arms, too. You don’t have to be a leader to have good posture. You can be anybody!

A Sudden Change Can Catch You Out

Don’t want people to know that you’ve suddenly changed your mind about something? Then stay perfectly still!

Picture the scene. You’re in a board meeting, trying to come to an agreement over something. So far, so good. You agree. Everything is going smoothly. Your posture is good, too. You’re relaxed, attentive and sitting forward. Then, a board member declares something you really disagree with. However, you don’t want to voice your concerns, at least not yet. You’re not one for confrontations like this. Then, someone says to you: “You disagree?”


They know because your body language just changed. You went from sitting comfortably to fidgeting. You crossed your legs. You leaned back. You’re clearly now uncomfortable. Your body language can easily catch you out like this. If you make a sudden and swift alteration, people are going to notice. This is one of those body language signs that tells them that something has excited, interested or irritated you.

Your Revealing Hands

Your hands are one of your “tells”. If you’re lying? They’ll give you away. If you’re being honest, people who know about body language signs can take a look at your hands to confirm. How? We typically associate open palms with truth, honesty and justice – all the good virtues! If you’re sat having a conversation with your partner and your palms are open, it tells them that you’re being truthful. If your palms are closed, on the other hand, it’s a sign that you’re hiding something.

Your Worry Is Etched In Your Eyebrows

Your brows might be on-fleek right now, but they could also be telling people that you’re worried about something. Ever watched a cartoon and noticed how the animators always raise a characters eyebrows to denote worry, alarm and concern? Animators didn’t invent this expression. They’re simply copying what real humans do.

For example, let’s imagine you and your friends are in the queue for a crazy, white-knuckle roller coaster. You’re absolutely terrified! However, not wanting to look like a loser, you tell your friends that you literally cannot wait for this ride to get started. They know you’re lying, of course, because they just took a look at your eyebrows, which are raised all the way to heaven!

Do you want to share some other body language signs that can tell people what we are really thinking?

Stay happy!

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