8 Fascinating Facts About Our Universe

It’s been described as the queerest thing imaginable, and we’ll never ever be able to venture into most of it. But what are spme fascinating facts about our Universe that you don’t know about yet? Beauty and Tips uncovers the mysteries of our Universe in this article.

There are many mysteries in life, but the two biggest are: Where did we come from? What is the Universe here for?

The Universe is a wondrous, devastatingly huge place, filled with light, colour, stars, planets, meteors, black holes, dark matter, galaxies and solar systems. No one yet knows if there is life anywhere else apart from here on earth, and there are still tonnes of other things we don’t yet know about the glorious dark space we live inside. But as perplexing as parts of Universe remain to us today, just think how utterly bamboozling it all was to the Ancients! Armed with centuries of observation by scientists, we know much more about the Universe now, than we ever have done. Let’s take a look at 8 fascinating facts about our universe.

The Light You See From The Stars Is Really Old

The light you are seeing from the stars at night isn’t “live” light. It’s actually really old. This is because the stars are SO far away from us that it takes their light hundreds – if not thousands of years – to reach us. So rather than seeing the light “live” in your own back garden, you could be seeing light from a star that is now dead. Either way, you’re seeing light from a star that was possibly first beamed out when the Romans were building the Coliseum. Similarly, if there exists life on another planet, they won’t be seeing the light we’re transmitting today from our humble planet. Instead, they’ll see ghosts of the past.

The Sun That Burns You Is Over 30,000 Years Old

Getting sunburnt is horrible. But did you know that you’re not even getting burnt by recent sunlight? Instead, you’re getting horribly burnt by sunlight that was first beamed out over 30,000 years ago. Wow.

The Hubble Telescope Peers Into The Past

Following on from the previous fact, if you want to peer into the past, you can do by looking through the Hubble telescope. This state-of-the-art telescope doesn’t just go back to the middle ages or Plato. It goes way beyond that. In fact, it goes all the way back to billions of years ago.

You’re Made From Some Pretty Old “Universe Stuff”

We’re all made up of atoms, and atoms live for a long time – like thousands of years. Moreover, atoms don’t die when we do. They carry on living. No fair. Not only that, but as atoms re-enter the atmosphere after we’ve died, they find new bodies to inhabit. It’s the same when you’re first conceived inside your mom. You’re made up of atoms that are possibly thousands of years old! For all you know, you’ve got some of Beethoven’s atoms.

You Won’t Be Alive To Witness Our Solar System Rotate Around The Milky Way

Does it make you kinda sad to know that you won’t ever be alive to witness our solar system mend its way around our galaxy, the milky way? Too bad – you’ll have to get used to it. And don’t go thinking that, if only you could live a bit longer you’d get to see the complete rotation, because of a few more years won’t help. And, no, your kids and grandchildren won’t get to see it happen either. Why not? Because our humble solar system is a whopping great big 28,000 light years away from the milky ways centre. This means it takes it 225,000,000 years to do a full circle. To put that into some perspective, the dinosaurs were still alive the last time the solar system was in this exact position. IKR.

Biggest Mountain In Our Solar System?

If you thought scaling Mount Everest was hard enough, try scaling Mars’ Olympus Mon, a mountain that is three times as big.

What Makes Up Most Of The Universe?

This is a vast question when you consider that ALL the stars, planets and galaxies put together make up just FOUR PERCENT of the entire universe. Incredible. Scientists and cosmologists reckon dark matter makes up most of the universe. But since we can’t really see dark matter, it means that most of the universe is closed off to us.

Cosmic Cannibalism Is A Thing

Usually, when scientists discover something new they give it a ridiculous name that no one can remember. Either that or they name it after themselves. So they must have been feeling particularly jovial when they named the act of one galaxy effectively eating another “cosmic cannibalism.” It seems incredible that a galaxy can swallow a whole other galaxy – and it also sounds a tad scary when you consider that we live in a galaxy and are thus vulnerable to being eaten by other galaxies.

And you thought taxes were the only thing you had to worry about.

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