20 Interesting facts about the human body

Think you know your body? Think your face, hair, bum, abs and stomach are all there is to it?

Well, have we got some news for you. The human body is actually remarkably interesting, and there is so much more to it than what we see in the mirror. And there is especially so much more to it than what we see on a photograph of ourselves, even after we’ve spent a whole hour trying to work out why we just don’t seem to look all that great on photo’s. Boo.

So we’re going to take a look at 20 interesting facts about the human body in a bid to blow your mind and to get you thinking about much more than why your hair just won’t straighten, despite the fact that you’ve got a date tonight! Let’s take a look.

1. You Are At Least 1 cm Taller In The Morning Than At Any Other Point Of The Day

Did you know that you are at your tallest when you first wake up? This amazing but true fact is because during the day, the cartilage in our knees compress, therefore making us shorter.

But because we don’t do anything at night except sleep (unless you’ve got a hot date!), our cartilage reverts back to normal, making us taller. This is a pretty cool fact to bear in mind when you get up in the morning, because you can quite literally “stand tall” and feel as though you can take on the world.

Until you shrink again by noon. Hmm.

2. Your Fingers Are Incredibly Sensitive

Another one of interesting facts about the human body is that your fingers are incredibly sensitive. We are prone to thinking that our tastebuds are the most sensitive parts of our body, followed closely by our nipples. Whilst this may be true, our fingers are also so sensitive that if they were the size of our planet, we would be able to tell the difference between a car and a house.

Does this also mean that if our tongues were the size of the earth, we’d feel the power of a chilli much more acutely? Yikes, we don’t want to find out!

3. Your Eyes Are Also Super Sensitive

The human eye is amazing, yet it is so easy to get frustrated with your eyesight, particularly if you have to wear glasses. But it’s time to give the human eye a break, because the human eye is actually so sensitive that if the earth was as flat as it was in Chris Columbus’ day, you would be able to spot a tiny candle flickering at night from at least 40 miles away.

Unless you’ve got a cataract.

4. Sneezes Go Faster Than Your Hatchback

Another one of interesting facts about the human body is that our sneezes go faster than our hatchback. Yup, your car can be pretty nippy down the highway, but it probably can’t (legally), exceed the speed of a sneeze, which regularly tops 100mph.

Indeed, your hatchback can probably get from rest to 60mph in around 8 seconds, but a sneeze can get there in just about 3 seconds before maxing out at around 100mph. This is the kind of science that is mind-blowing, and it’s certainly something to think about the next time you sneeze.

5. You Share Half Of Your DNA With Bananas

Woah! What? Even this one has caught us by surprise!

Now, we all know that us humans share 98% of our genes with chimps, but few of us know that we also share 50% of our DNA with bananas. Moreover, we also share 60% of our genes with those pesky fruit flies, 80% of our genes with cows, and 75% of them with mice!

The reality is that us humans aren’t as different to other living things as we’d like to think. In fact, we have a lot in common.

And, no, this news doesn’t mean that one day a human could give birth to a banana. At least, we don’t think it does …

6. When You Lick A Stamp, You’d Better Watch Your Calorie Intake

Stamps actually contain 1/10th of a calorie. So each time you lick a stamp, you’re basically calorie counting from now on. Although 1/10th of a calorie doesn’t sound like much, they can certainly add up if you work in a post office, or if you’ve got a whole heap of invitations to send out.

Best to just stick to email from now on.

7. You Shed 18 Kilograms Of Skin During Your Entire Lifetime

Next one of interesting facts about the human body is that, on average, a human being sheds about 18 kg of skin during an entire lifetime. Think about that. 18 kilograms. That’s a lot. 18 kilograms of your own skin! Yikes. You’d think that you’d have no skin left!

The good news is that all your skin is replaced, and all of your outer skin is replaced each month. So the skin you’re wearing today is not the same skin you wore to the cinema last year. Hey, but it really suits you though, you should wear it more often!

8. Your Blood Travels Almost 20,000 Km Around Your Body In A Single Day

Anyone who is a little squeamish might prefer not to read this one, but the amazing thing about our blood is not simply that it keeps us alive, but that it’s also a remarkable traveler.

See, blood travels four times the distance from California to Florida in a single day, which is hugely remarkable. So the next time you spend a day pigging out in front of Netflix eating junk food, spare a thought to your poor old blood. Ah, well, no rest for the wicked!

9. Beards Grow Faster Than Anything Else

Another one of interesting facts about the human body is that beards are basically like Jack’s beanstalk that just grow rapidly and grow forever (unless the guy cuts them). They are the fastest growing hairs on a man’s body, and if the average Joe didn’t cut his beard even once, it would grow to over 9 meters during his lifetime.

That’s an incredible stat, and we would definitely like to see someone try this out. All in the name of science, research and comedy of course.

10. A Foetus Acquires Their Fingerprints After Just Three Months

Yup, it takes a foetus just three months to acquire their fingerprints. The clever little things! They’ll be walking and talking in no time!

Three months is a super-quick time, and it basically means that you have less than 3 months of your life in which to commit a crime and not get caught.

A foetus robbing a general store, anyone? No, we don’t think the cops will fall that either. Unless …

11. Your Fingernails and Toenails Are Slow Movers

Some of us love long fingernails, and some of us prefer shorter fingernails. But we all detest long toenails. There is just something about long toenails that are hideous and just plain eew.

The good news is that it takes a toenail a good six months to grow from base to tip, and it also takes a fingernail the same amount of time to sprout up. So, the next time you lose a fingernail, just remember that it will be back in its rightful place looking all pretty in no time.

12. Your Stomach Acid Could Basically Burn You To Death

Next one of interesting facts about the human body is that your stomach acid is incredibly strong. Okay, here’s a thing. The acid found in your stomach is so strong that it could dissolve razorblades. Now, no one has actually tested this out, but scientists have found that our stomach acid is unbelievably strong and that if it ever leaks, we could actually have a major situation on our hands! (Don’t ever try to swallow a razor-blade though).

13. Your Body Is Made Up Of Atoms That Are Over 13 Billion Years Old

Incredibly, the 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms that comprise your body are the same atoms that were around during the formation of our Universe 13.8 billion years ago (according to one theory). This might be hard to swallow, and it certainly discredits the idea of the “Fountain of Youth.”

So, even when you’re young you’re not really young. You’re basically ancient. The difference between you and your 78 year-old grandma is nothing compared to 13.8 billion years. Sobering thought, huh?

14. Nerve Impulses Travel Quicker Than A Formula 1 Car

Here is another one of unbelievable and interesting facts about the human body: your nerve impulses travel quicker than a Formula 1 car. Seriously, Lewis Hamilton has nothing on your nerve impulses. These nifty little things can actually travel to and from your brain at 250mph. That’s an incredible speed which just edges out an F1 car, and totally obliterates your hatchback.

 15. A Full Bladder Is The Size of a Tennis Ball

Ever had a full bladder? Of course you have. We all have, and we all know how excruciatingly painful it can feel. Things can get so bad that we expect we’re going to burst at any moment, and a full bladder can particularly be a horrific problem if we’re stuck in traffic and just can’t go!

But have you ever wondered just how big a full bladder is? Well, it’s the size of a tennis ball, and we’re no scientists but we reckon having a tennis ball inside us is not cool! So the next time you have to pee, just make sure you get to the toilet before you swell up.

16. Your Nose Can Remember Up To 50,000 Scents

Next one of interesting facts about the human body is that your nose can remember thousands of different scents. You might not have assumed that there are even 50,000 scents out there, but there are and your nose can remember all of ‘em. From individual flowers to different pies and pastries, your nose is able to distinguish one smell from another.

17. Each Time You Gain A Pound of Fat, Your Gain New Blood Vessels

But you don’t just gain one or two new blood vessels. Nope, you gain seven miles’ worth of new blood vessels. So if blood vessels are your thing and you want more and more of them, keep on ingesting the fats. Before you know it, you’ll have zillions of blood vessels!

18. You’re The Best Runner On The Planet

Okay, you’re clearly not. But you could be, and you are in theory.

See, humans are actually the most physically capable long-distance runners on earth. Our forefathers thousands of years ago use to outrun their prey until dying of exhaustion. Sadly, times have changed and we haven’t gone the way evolution would have preferred. We’ve resorted to gaming, television and a few light morning jogs now and then.

Still, it’s pretty neat to think you could be a more accomplished runner than a cheetah, right?

19. There Are 100,000 Hairs On Your Scalp

Ever washed your hair and looked at the sink only to find oodles and oodles of hair strands? It’s a pretty worrying time, and it’s easy to assume that you’re losing your hair and that you’ll be bald in no time at all.

But there’s really no need to worry, because here is another one of interesting facts about the human body: your scalp has 100,000 hairs on it to keep things ticking over nicely. Moreover, what generally happens when you lose a hair is that it’s replaced by a new one anyway. Yay for scalps!

20. Your Body Is A Gold Mine

If you’re a bit short of cash, you could always mine your own body for some gold. See, inside each and every one of us is 0.2 milligrams of gold. Most of this is stored in our blood.

The downside? Well, you’d need roughly 40,000 folk to mine enough gold to even make a single 8g coin. So while our bodies do contain gold, there certainly isn’t enough to herald a gold rush.

And there we were thinking we could get rich quick. Drat.

So there you have it. The human body is a remarkable thing that has the potential to be even greater than it is right now. The problem is that we simply don’t exploit it enough. Rather than be the best long-distance runner on the planet, we prefer to get the train to work. Rather than grow their beards to 9 meters, guys prefer to trim it in a bid to “look nice.”

And rather than mine our bodies for gold, we’d rather just play the lotto. Still, we can console ourselves with the fact that our noses can remember 50,000 scents, right? Ah, but can you even name more than a hundred scents? Go on, give it a go!

Do you know other interesting facts about the human body?

Stay happy!

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