20 Interesting Facts About The Human Body

The human body is an amazing thing. But what are some things you didn’t know about it?

It’s remarkable how much we look at our body during our life. How many times a week do you spend looking at yourself in the mirror? How many minutes do you spend checking out your eyes, your hair, your skin, and any new moles you’ve developed?

Yet despite this intensive studying, how much do you really know about your body?

What the human body is capable of is also remarkable. We can train it to allow us to win World Cups, claim Olympic gold medals, walk on hot coals or survive in harsh terrains.

We put our bodies through a lot during our lives. But how much do we really know about it?

We know that it gets old (boy do we know that!). We know that we find others beautiful. We know that boys and girls have different chromosomes. We know that disease can ravage the human body. We know that some people have freckles, others have birthmarks, while others have dimples.

But what about all the fascinating things about the human body that we haven’t yet taken the time to learn about? If you’re as intrigued as we are about the wonderful vessel we inhabit, let’s take a look at 20 interesting facts about the human body.

You’re As Hairy As A Chimpanzee

It’s undeniable but human body is very hairy. The key thing is that we just can’t see our hairs.

Thank God!

See, while a chimpanzees protective fur is still on show for all to see, ours is pretty much invisible. Which is just fantastic for when we’ve got a date.

You Were Once A Cell

The exact amount of cells in your body is unclear, but it’s estimated that there are around 37 trillion.

In other words, there are a LOT of cells swimming around your body right now.

But while at the moment you look absolutely fabulous with your hair, your eyes, your lips, your two arms, two legs et cetera, you were once just a single, solitary cell.

And you were this single, solitary cell for at least thirty minutes.

How cool is that?! Bet you pine for the days when life was as simple as the time you were a cell (we all miss those days).

We Lose A Lot Of Hair Each Day

Ever showered, washed your hair and been alarmed at the great mass of hair that’s now clogging up the plug hole? It makes sense for you to lose some hair while washing your mane.

But what about when you wake up in the morning to find loads of hair strands on your pillow?It’s scary stuff!

Losing hair each day is totally normal, though, and we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t shed a few strands on the daily. In fact, it’s totally normal to lose up to 100 strands each day.

That sounds like a lot, but remember – it’s normal. We’re sure even the lustrous Angelina Jolie loses that many each day, too. And if she still looks amazing, it means we don’t have to worry about going bald just yet!

A Strand Of Hair Is Stronger Than You Might Think

Okay, so losing around a hundred strands of hair each day is a bit alarming. And perhaps it’s even more alarming when you consider how strong a strand of hair actually is.

According to scientists, a single strand of hair can cope with the weight of a dangling apple.

Pretty strong, hair?

Scientists haven’t specified the exact dimensions of the apple, but it still suggests that your hair is stronger than you might have thought.

Coughing Is Explosive

Coughing is a funny thing. Okay, it’s not so much funny as it’s irritating. When you have a cough (especially the tickly kind), it can really ruin your day.

And waking up with a tickle in your chest and your throat dry as a desert? That’s just horrible!

Unfortunately, coughs are part of the human experience. But here’s a cool cough fact: Every time you cough, you release a charge of air that travels at up to 60mph.

60mph! That’s faster than a Kia Hatchback.

Darn, it’s almost as fast as a tornado.

So, the next time you cough, make sure you don’t cough in the direction of a hamster. You might just blow the little guy to kingdom come.

A Foetus Develops Fingerprints Pretty Quickly

Fingerprints are amazing things. Your fingerprints are wholly unique – there has never been a fingerprint like yours ever. When you consider that there have been trillions upon trillions of people who have inhabited this planet of yours, that’s an amazing fact in itself.

Fingerprints can get you caught if you commit a crime. After all, if you leave behind your fingerprints at a crime scene, you’ve basically left behind your identity.

You can’t get rid of your fingerprints. They are with you until you die.

And remarkably, a foetus develops its fingerprints after just three months of being inside its mommy’s womb. Aww.

Your Atoms Are Old

Your body is stuffed with atoms. But while you look to tell people how young and amazing you are, the truth is that your atoms are actually billions of years old.

You are essentially stardust – very old stardust.

Don’t worry – you still look great!

It’s Easier To Smile Than It Is To Frown

Why walk around with a frown all day long when it takes much more effort than it does to smile?

That’s right – it’s actually really easy to smile.

When we frown, we use up to forty three muscles.

When we smile, we use just seventeen muscles.

Smiling is easy and it instantly makes you happier and more positive. And now you’ve quite literally got no excuse for frowning anymore!

Don’t Look Too Closely At Your Eyelashes In The Mirror

Because if you look too closely you might see one of the many eyelash mites that your lashes are teeming with. Eew.

Your Mouth Is A Reservoir Of Bacteria

You probably already knew that your mouth is full of bacteria. After all, it’s where you chew your food.

Moreover, you breathe in through your mouth, which means you’re essentially inhaling toxins.

And when you kiss someone, you’re sharing their saliva.

But did you really think that the amount of bacteria in your mouth is equal to the amount of people living on the planet right now?


And maybe a tad disgusting.

It’s Easy To Grow A Beard

Beards are very much in-vogue at the moment, and there doesn’t seem to be a guy alive who hasn’t grown one.

And it seems that the longer the beard is, the more credibility a guy has.

But if you were under the impression that beards take ages to grow, think again because beard hair is the quickest growing hair on a man’s body.

That’s right, a man can grow a beard quicker than he can grow the hair on his head.

And if a man decide that he was never going to trim his beard ever again, it could grow up to 30 feet in length.

Toe Nails Are Slow Coaches

If your fingernails and your toe nails had a race to see who could grow the fastest, your fingernails would win all the time.

Yup, not only do toenails look a bit gross and smell weird, they’re also really slow at developing.

It makes life easier for women who love to decorate their fingernails and grow them long.

Your Blood Does A Lot of Running

Your blood is constantly being pumped around your body. Like, constantly.

You already knew this. But did you ever stop to consider how much distance blood would have to travel if it’s constantly being pumped around your body all day long?

The answer is somewhere in the region of 19,000 kilometres. It’s a tireless runner that puts us to shame when we’ve spent the entire day just curled up on the sofa.

You’re Constantly Shedding Skin

Worried by the amount of hair you’re losing each day?

While shedding up to a hundred strands of hair each day is a bit alarming, it seems like nothing when compared to the staggering six-hundred-thousand particles of skin we shed … EVERY HOUR.

Yup, that’s right. The average human being doesn’t shed six-hundred-thousand particles of skin every day or every week. We shed all that in just an hour.

To put that into perspective, it means that you lose 600,000 skin particles while watching an episode of Twin Peaks.

By the time you reach seventy, you’ll have shed one-hundred and five pounds of skin.

Sneezes Are Mega Fast

Sneezes are funny things. Allergies often trigger an attack of the sneezes, while it’s common to sneeze when you’ve got the flu. But sometimes a sneeze is entirely random – and it can be quite embarrassing!

A little earlier, we mentioned that a cough has all the force of a hurricane. But it turns out that a sneeze is even faster.

While a cough can trigger a burst of air that travels at up to 60mph, a sneeze can actually move as fast as 100mph.

So the next time someone looks like they’re about to sneeze nearby, we suggest that you get out of the way. You don’t want to get swept up by their tornado!

You Breathe A Lot

You breathe a lot. Of course, you already know this. If you didn’t breathe, you wouldn’t be alive anymore.

But how much is a lot? Um, try 20,000 breaths each and every day.

It’s probably about right too, when you consider that we breathe through both our noses and our mouths.

Your Stomach Acid Is Insane

Stomach acid is a necessary part of the digestive process. It helps to absorb nutrients from food, as well as protect you from nasty bacteria.

But have you ever stopped to think that stomach acid is basically, well, acid?

And isn’t acid, well, hot?

Like, can’t acid melt things?


So although you certainly wouldn’t want to dip your hand into a vat of acid (because it would burn your fingers off), you actually have hot, burning acid churning around in your stomach at all times.

And, yes, it IS hot and burning.

In fact, it’s so hot and burning that it can actually dissolve razor blades.

Your Heart Beats Lots And Lots

Back in the days of primitive man when humans didn’t know a thing about the inside of the human body, the beating heart must have been a pretty amazing and scary thing. Indeed, they’d be forgiven for assuming that there was something alive inside of them. Wow.

These days, we know pretty much everything there is to know about the human heart, including how many times it beats each year – 35,000,000 times.

Your Brain Is A Bit Greedy

Your bloodstream needs oxygen to help transport blood more efficiently around the body, while your whole body needs calories for energy.

But your brain wants most of your body’s supply of oxygen and calories all for itself. And it wants them so much that it greedily devours 20% of their sum total.

It kinda figures. After all, your brain IS a really important organ.

Though, if it’s true that we only use about 5% of our brain, you have to wonder what it does with all that oxygen and calories.

We All Smell Differently

Ever noticed how someone you know has a really strong, unique smell? Usually, they smell of their home.

You probably don’t feel this way about everyone. It’s not as though you can close your eyes and distinguish everyone by the way they smell (and let’s face it, most of us are drenched in perfume anyway).

The fact is, however, that we ALL smell differently. It’s just that your nose isn’t an expert at identifying every single persons individual smell.

Actually, the above isn’t entirely true – identical twins smell the same.

Stay happy!

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