20 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Are you a dog lover? Then join Beauty and Tips as we take a look at 20 interesting facts about dogs!

Dogs are awesome. Internet marketing guru and author Ryan Holiday said something along the line of, if you want to learn how to appreciate life and live in the moment, get a dog. He’s so right. Dogs are the most loving, loyal and fun-loving animals on earth. Indeed, many people prefer to hang out with their dogs than actual humans! Each year, we spend fortunes on dog food, spend so much time walking our dogs, caring for them, cleaning up their mess, playing with them and treating them when they’re sick. Why? Because they’re totally worth it. As the old saying goes, dogs are a man (and a woman’s) best friend. They are always there for you, ready to cheer you up after a long, hard day at work. Just few wags of their tail is enough to put a smile on your face, reminding you that life is not bad at all. Aww. We love dogs and can’t get enough of them. In celebration of weird, wonderful, and ever so cute canines, from big ones to lil ones, let’s take a look at 20 interesting facts about dogs.

Here Is Why Dogs Curl Up When They Sleep

Why do dogs curl up when they sleep? Why don’t they stretch out like us humans? Or, why don’t we curl up like them?! There is science behind this. A dog curls up when it’s time to snooze because of an aeons-old instinct to stay warm. Staying warm while they sleep means they protect their vital organs. It also means they don’t wake up cold. Aww. Dogs are so cute!

Here Is Why Dogs Love Gross Smells

Okay, as cute as dogs are, they do some pretty gross things. Has your dog ever eaten another animal’s excrement? Probably. Has it ever eaten its own excrement? Hm. Look, dogs like bad smells. It’s probably the reason why some dog food smells so repugnant. The thing is, it only smells bad to us. To a dog, these gross smells are heavenly. They’re like perfume! Weird, huh? It is. And it means you probably shouldn’t judge your dog too harshly the next time it does something gross.

Dogs Chase Their Tail For A Variety Of Reasons

Dogs seem to have a fascination with their tails. Sometimes, they hunt it down with such aggression that you get the impression that they don’t even realise it belongs to them! There are many reasons why a dog chases its tail, and predatory instinct is indeed one of them. If it suddenly catches its tail wagging in the corner of it eye for no good reason, it sure is going to hunt that monster down! A dog might also chase its tail because it’s anxious, it wants exercise (seriously, it’s good workout), or it’s just genuinely curious. They say that if your dog chases its tail constantly, you should take it to a vet.

Dogs Take Comfort In Your Smells

Speaking of smells, you have your own delectable scent. You can’t recognise it, of course. But your partner can, and your dog certainly can. Dogs have sensitive noses (theirs are always wet, which helps them absorb scent chemicals) and can identify certain smells. This is of great help whenever you’re away for a few days. See, your dog will miss you. Lots. It will get separation anxiety. How can you help it out? Let it sleep on your clothing. Make sure it smells of you. It will be a great comforter.

Dogs Can See In The Dark

This is another one of fascinating and interesting facts about dogs. While you would need to take a torch with you whenever you take your dog for a nighttime walk into the woods, your dog itself doesn’t need the torch. It can see perfectly in the dark! So while you go into a total panic if the battery inside your torch runs out of power and start screaming “DONT WORRY DOG I WILL SAVE US” your dog is rolling its eyes. This is because your dogs eyes have a membrane known as tapetum lucidum, and it’s this that allows them to see in the dark.

Adult Dogs Have More Teeth Than You

Teeth are weird things. We never seem to notice them until they start to ache or they fall out! But we know that if we don’t clean our molars at least twice a day, it could mean a trip to the dreaded dentist. And no one wants that! But what about your dog’s teeth? Dog’s seem to have issues with their teeth. Gum disease is an especial problem. It doesn’t help that they never seem to want to clean their teeth! And they really should, because they have more teeth than you – way more teeth. In fact, one of interesting facts about dogs is that they have an incredible forty-two teeth. Humans, on the other hand, average thirty-two. It just begs the question: What do dogs need all those extra teeth for? All they eat is dog food!

Dogs Have A Serious Amount Of Taste Buds

Cats might have more complex brains than dogs, and they might be able to make more noises. But dogs have a far sweeter tooth, and they have over one-thousand more taste buds. Of course, dogs don’t have as many tastebuds as us. We have around 9,000, while dogs have some 1,700. Cats meanwhile have just 473. That probably explains why cats are never interested in chocolates and cupcakes. And we always just assumed they were watching their figures. Huh.

Dogs Are Mentioned In The Bible

Dogs have been around for a long, long time. Some ancient cultures loved dogs so much, they even worshipped canine gods! We probably wouldn’t ever worship our pet dogs (don’t wanna give them a massive ego/get thrown into an insane asylum), but dogs are pretty famous. Not only have they been in lots of films – who remembers Homeward Bound? – but they also starred in The Bible. Yup, dogs are mentioned in the Bible 14 times! Wow.

Dogs Have A Sense Of Time

This is another one of fun and interesting facts about dogs. Okay, dogs can’t tell the time. But they do have a sense of time. They know when it’s time to go for a walk, and they definitely know when it’s food time! They pick up on your habits and routines and get to remember them. They also know when it’s time for bed.

Girls Love Guys With Dogs

Any single guys here? If so, here is our top dating tip for the day: If you’re looking for a new girl, take yours or your neighbours’ dog for a walk. You’re three times more likely to get someone’s number. Dogs just make great ice-breakers: “Aww, he’s so cute! What’s his name?” Naturally, you’ve gotta make sure the dog is a cutie-pie that isn’t going to jump on the poor girl and bite her…

Dogs Don’t Sweat As Much As Us

Why is it when we take our dog to the park and play “Fetch!”, we’re always somehow more sweaty than our dog, despite it doing all the running?! This is because dogs sweat differently to us humans. While we’re totally embarrassed and left without our dignity by sweat literally pouring out of our entire body, from our forehead to our armpits and bums, dogs sweat out of their feet pads. And that’s it! They don’t sweat anywhere else. Oh, to be a dog for those moments a hot guy has seen us just after a workout, drenched in sweat :/

They Do Pant A Lot, Though

While you may sweat a lot after a workout, just thank your lucky stars that you don’t pant! See, dogs might not sweat much – but they pant loads in order to cool down. Can you imagine if you had to pant each time you worked out? You would look so strange and that cute boy at the gym would definitely not be into you! In fact, dogs pant so much that they end taking as many breaths with hardly any effort at all.

Dogs Are Not Colour Blind

Why do people assume that dogs are colour blind? We’re not sure. But ask most people, and they’ll either confirm that dogs are indeed colour blind, or worse still they’ll claim that dogs see in black and white. Oh. My. Goodness. This is doing dogs and their sight an incredible disservice. It’s also not true. At all. Actually, dogs can see and distinguish colours just like us humans. The difference is that they can’t see colours quite as vividly as us. But that’s all.

Your Puppy Is As Physically Mature As Your Teenager

Got a one-year-old pup and a 15-year-old teenager? Bizarrely, they’re as physically mature as each other!

Dogs’ Number One Health Problem?

Us humans are suffering from a few health problems as a collective. Diabetes is increasingly prevalent in the western world, as is heart disease. So is obesity. And so is obesity in dogs. Yup, the number one health concern for dogs is obesity. Strangely, this isn’t even their fault. It’s the owners responsibility not to overfeed them. But dogs are just so sweet and adorable and they look at us with those sad puppy eyes and…OKAY, FINE HERE IS A DONUT.

Dogs Are Naturally Submissive

We all know that cats are not submissive at all. They don’t recognise you as their master. In fact, they think they own YOU! You definitely can’t boss a cat around, and it won’t be submitting to you anytime soon. It doesn’t matter how you treat it, the cat will always be number one. Dogs are different. They’re naturally submissive animals. If there is someone – be it a dog or a human – who they think is higher up in the pack than themselves, they’ll have no problem submitting to them. That’s what we love about them!

Your Dog Probably Wants To Sleep In Your Bed

Each to their own. Some owners leave their dogs outside in a warm kennel, while others let their dogs sleep in a dog bed in the living room. Some allow their pets to curl up on the sofa. But 45% of us? 45% of us let our dogs get into bed with us! Do you? If you don’t, your dog – who has some dog friends whose owners allow them to sleep in their bed – are probably really jealous! Aww. Be careful, though – we reckon dogs are totally the kind of animal who would hog the blanket.

You’ll Probably Get A Christmas Card From A Dog This Year

Know a few people who have pet dogs? Chances are, you’ll get a Christmas card from the family and the dog. That’s because 70% of us add our dogs name to our greeting cards. Cute. Merry Christmas to you, too, Pup.

Dogs Have A Very Strong Sense Of Smell

You’ve always known that dogs have a strong sense of smell, right? But how strong? Get this – a dog’s sense of smell is one-thousand times stronger than yours. Wow. This is the reason whenever you open a new chocolate bar – no matter what room you are in, no matter how quietly you do it, and no matter how heavily your dog was snoring – your pet will be at your feet in seconds. Their smell is insanely strong, which is why they will always be driven insane whenever you cook up a storm. They can’t take it!

Most Popular Breed In America

And the winner for most popular breed in America goes to…Nope, not the humble sausage dog. And surprisingly not the westie (we love the westie). Instead, as America’s most popular dog is the strong, big, brave and handsome labrador.

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