20 Amazingly Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats are totally amazing. They do the weirdest things! But what are 20 amazingly interesting facts about cats that you didn’t know? In this article, Beauty and Tips find out!

Cats can either be the bane or the love of our lives (or sometimes both at the same time). We’ve wasted countless hours watching cat videos, laughing at cat memes and probably been fired for making a cat meme ourselves! And who can forget the time our cat scratched our boyfriend to death the first time he visited?

“He was only playing!” you explain.

“I’m literally bleeding to death!” he screams.

“So I guess we’re not dating anymore?”

“I’m never dating ever again!”

Cats are enigmas, too. What’s in their minds when they stare at us continuously as we watch Game of Thrones? Why do they always think they can jump through glass? And they’re so hilarious! Aww, we love cats. In celebration for all things cat, let’s take a look at 20 amazingly interesting facts about cats.

Cats or Dogs? America Decides

Cats have been fighting out a prolonged battle with dogs to see which ones are our preferred pets. Ask anyone who you meet if they’re a cat or a dog person, and they’re either one or the other.

Us? We’re cat people. We’ll probably eventually be crazy cat ladies. We love them! And so does America. Yep, there are around 88,000,000 registered pet cats in the USA and just 74,000,000 dogs. To reinforce how much more popular cats are, there are fourteen million more registered pet cats than dogs in America. Is that a lot? Considering there is only one of you, we’d say so, yes.

Cats Sleep A Lot

Cats either seem to be sleeping or eating. Occasionally they’ll pop outside for a look around. Now and then, they’ll scratch someone. Sometimes they’ll spit out a fur ball or take a walk around your house (they’ve no idea why. They’re probably just trying to prove they do do other things besides just sleep). Most of the time, they’re napping. How much do they nap for? Um, around seventy percent of their WHOLE LIVES. Gee, wouldn’t it be amazing to be a cat? They’re literally living the good life while we’ve gotta do all the hard work just so they can get fed! And how much do we sleep for? About 2% of our whole lives! (at least that’s what it feels like)

Cats Can Run For Mayor

We’ve seen some pretty bizarre things happen in our lifetime. But few can top the time a CAT ran for mayor in Mexico. Only in Mexico, huh? We presume this isn’t the reason Donald Trump wishes to build a wall. But it’s a pretty bizarre thing to happen in the modern day. Would the cat have got our vote? Yes. Yes, it would have.

Cats Can Drink Sea Water

Cats can drink sea water and you can’t. Jealous, much? In fact, there are a few things cat can do that you can’t. Unlike you and your puny one life, cats have nine. Unlike you and your: “I barely got any sleep last night woes,” cats sleep for 70% of their entire lives (see above). Cats also literally don’t need to do anything for you and everyone else to pamper them endlessly and smother them in kisses. But the sea water is a weird one, isn’t it? The reason humans can’t drink the stuff is that our kidneys can’t filter out the salt. If we drank sea water, we’d get sick. Cats, on the other hand, have kidneys that not only filter out the salt, but which also ensures they are able to use the water to re-hydrate.

Cats Love To Bite

Careful not to annoy your cat too much. In America, 400,000 people per year are bitten by them!

Disney Loves Cats

Disney loves cats so much that they made an entire movie about them – The Aristocats. In the movie, they even had a song called “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat.” It’s true – the entire Beauty and Tips team wants to be a cat (stop judging us). DisneyLand itself owns around two-hundred cats. The reason? It’s not the feint of heart. DisneyLand releases the cats into the park after dark when all the visitors have gone home for the night. It’s so they can hunt down the mini Mickeys and Minnies. If they didn’t, they’d be overran with them.

Feral Cats Love To Wander

Unsurprisingly, feral cats are more fearless than free-roaming house cats. They’ll wander further than a house cat, sense a bit less danger – and they’ll also sleep less. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that feral cats can ever be certain where their next meal is going to come from, and thus have to search far and wide. Either that or they’re looking for a new cat to bully!

Cats Save Their Meows For Us

Did you know that cats don’t really meow at other cats? They might hiss or scowl at them, but they don’t tend to meow. Instead, they save their meowing for us. If they’re hungry, they’ll meow. If they’re cold, they’ll meow. They just want our attention! So the next time your cat wakes you with its constant meowing at 5am, don’t insult it and tell it to be quiet. Feel special that it’s saving its meow for you and you only. Yay!

It Takes A Lot Of Cat Skin To Make A Coat

We would never suggest that anyone makes a coat out of cat skin. That would be so cruel. But just in case you’ve ever wandered about how many cats would have to be killed for a coat, the answer is 24.

However! Cats Don’t Have A Sweet Tooth

Cats – as smug as they are – aren’t always winning. In fact, there are a few times when they’re totally losing. For example, dogs vs cats, anyone? Dogs always win. Secondly, isn’t it kinda funny when a cat gets too curious and falls off a table. HAHA. We’re laughing at you, cats, not with you.

Also, God decided not to give cats a sweet tooth. HAHA. This means they’ll never get to truly appreciate a donut like us. (It means they also won’t get diabetes – editor). Oh! Why do cats always win?!

Cats Love Routine

You’ve probably noticed by now that cats love routine. They literally do the same things all the time, each day. But what happens when you break their routine? They begin to show signs of being sick!

Cats Love Affection

Why do cats purr when we stroke them? Some say it’s because they’re enjoying it, while others say that it’s a sign they’re feeling anxious. The truth? It means they’re happy and content! Don’t let the naysayers tell you that stroking your cat makes them feel anxious and ready to attack you. Cats love to be stroked, petted and comforted! Of course, if you’ve got a cat that lashes out when you stroke it, refrain from doing so. Some cats don’t like being touched, and usually it’s because of bad past experiences.

Cats Get Alzheimer’s Disease

The older a cat gets, the more senile it becomes. And while they don’t get the exact same type of dementia as we do, they start to become dazed and confused – usually by the time they’ve reached ten. What are the signs? A cat will typically just wander around the house without a proper purpose, and it will literally meow all the time. What can you do? Not much. The best thing is to just keep cuddling and comforting it. Provide it a second blanket if you think it looks cold. Whenever it starts to show signs of panic, stroke its head to calm it down. Aww. We’re tearing up!

Cats Can Have Thumbs

The human thumb is like SO weird. They’re probably the ugliest “finger” of all, the odd one out that sits on the end by itself. Kinda like the unpopular kid who always ate dinner by himself at school. Some people hate thumbs so much (Thumb-Haters) that they claim thumbs aren’t fingers at all! IKR. But perhaps the strangest thing about thumbs is that cats can have them. Yup. Some people try to claim that a cat’s thumb is actually just another toe. But that would be weird, too. Moreover, cats are definitely plotting something and therefore want us to believe that their thumbs are just extra toes.

Cats Are Pretty Musical

Dogs only have abut ten different sounds they can make. Cats, though? Cats have as many as one-hundred different ways to annoy you!

Cats Are Good At Falling From Heights

Admit it. If you fell from a height, you’d be pretty rubbish. You’d scream, flail your arms and hands all over the place, and land pretty badly. You’d break a few bones, lose all your dignity – and you might even die! Cats, though? Why does it seem as though cats are the masters of falling from a height without doing any damage? Is it because they really do have nine lives? Cats are just better than we are at falling and adjusting themselves in time before they hit the ground. Rather than panic, scream and pathetically flail our arm all over the place like we would, cats really think about how they’re going to resolve this grave situation. And so they brace themselves for the fall by getting into the right position. So clever.

Your Cat Might Be Allergic – To You

Does your cat cough? It could be allergic. And YOU could be the problem. Cats can develop asthma, especially if they’re indoor cats and you have bad habits. For example, cigarette smoke can cause asthma, as can a dusty house. Even dandruff of all things can cause cat asthma. Also, as bizarre as it sounds, your cat can even catch your illness. Weird, huh? So the next time you see your cat coughing, take a look at your lifestyle and question, “is there something I can change for the better?”

Cat Have An Equivalent Of Our Fingerprint

Your fingerprint is unique and exclusive to you. If you steal an expensive painting, and said painting is located, you’ll be found guilty because your fingerprints will be all over it! Unless you wear gloves. No other human being has the same fingerprint as yours. They’re totally unique.

Cats don’t have fingerprints (that would be so weird). But they do have a ridged pattern on their noses which are as original as your fingerprint. So the next time a cat of your presses its nose against your window and leaves a mark, you’ll be able to identify which one it is by examining their noses. Get to it, detective!

Cats Are Old

Cats go back a long way, right into the depths of history. In fact, one study has concluded that the domesticated cat can be traced all the way back to wild African cats from 8,000 BC. To put that into perspective, Jesus was living and breathing in 1AD. Wow. The Ancient Egyptians even had them as pets (we wonder if cats gave the Pharaoh as hard a time as they give us! Can you imagine the Pharaoh being woken at 5am by a meowing cat who wants feeding?)

Not All Cats Love Catnips

We seem to be under the impression that all felines love catnip. In fact, when we purchase catnip and take it home, we’re often more excited than the cat! The truth is, not all cats like the stuff. While it sends some cats positively wild with pleasure, others can take it or leave it. The rest just leave it. This is because sensitivity to catnip is inherited. If a cats parent didn’t give a fig about the stuff, the chances are that they won’t either.


What are your favourite interesting facts about cats?

Stay happy!

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