18 Most Beautiful Women In The World

At Beauty and Tips, we love to celebrate beauty, and have been doing for a number of years now. And we’ve at last got round to compiling a list of the 18 most beautiful women in the world.

But before we unveil it, we have to ask what makes a woman beautiful. Is it her eyes? Her hair? Her legs? Her lips? And what about her personality? Does that help to make one woman more beautiful than another? Or maybe it’s a combination of everything that a woman has? We believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we also believe that there are at least 18 women on this planet right now who few – if any – would dispute are not beautiful. We’ve cast our eyes over the world of modelling and acting to find the standout women who are gracing our screens and magazine covers with their unparalleled beauty. If you just like to look at beautiful women as much as we do, let’s take a look at the 18 most beautiful women in the world.

Jennifer Aniston

Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston remains one of the world’s most recognisable women. Now in her forty-eighth year, she is just as gorgeous as she was when she first appeared on our screens, as the dozy but loveable Rachel in the mid-nineties. Everyone fell in love with Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, and the world is still loving this America princess today. But how on earth does she still look SO good? Her morning routine probably has a lot to do with things. Each day, Jennifer gets out of bed at 4.30am, and the first thing she does is add a pinch of lemon juice to a glass of water. She then cleans her face before meditating for 20-30 minutes. After she is finished, she drinks a protein shake rich in collagen before meeting up with her personal trainer. Well, I’ve got my new morning routine all sorted out…

Jennifer Lopez

Latino singer might be entering her sixth decade soon, but she is showing no signs of slowing down. Her stage show is still as dynamic as ever, and why not? She looks amazing in 2018.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman also deserves a place in our list of the most beautiful women in the world. Every guy remembers the first time they saw Natalie Portman. It was in Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Okay, so we saw her before then in Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace, while she actually got her big break way back in 1994 when when she played a young girl in Leon: The Professional to critical acclaim. But Attack of the Clones was her coming of age film when everyone sat up and took notice of her incredible beauty. Slender and beautiful, she played Luke Skywalker’s love interest. Since then, her career in Hollywood has gone from strength to strength.

Kristen Stewart

American actress Kristen Stewart’s star just keeps on rising. Ever since she appeared in the steamy vampire trilogy Twilight, she has been one of America’s most in-demand actresses. In Walter Salle’s film On The Road, she even bared more skin than usual in a love scene that confirmed her as one of the world’s most beautiful women. Dark-haired and statuesque, she has a look that is very 19th century Victorian. Known as much for her off-screen relationships as for her on-screen acting roles, she is now one of America’s most bankable actresses. In 2010, she earned almost $30,000,000. That’s just what happens when you’re gorgeous and talented.

Kate Moss

UK model Kate Moss probably has a face that mathematicians would call “perfect”, as she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her bone structure is incredible, and while we’re not experts on facial proportions, we don’t believe we have ever seen a pair of eyes that are so perfectly set apart. Just look at them! We can’t be that far wrong, because Ms Moss has modelled countless times for some of the world’s biggest fashion designers and publications.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci and Jennifer Aniston are doing a fine job at demonstrating that looks don’t have to fade as we get older. If anything, this Italian beauty has never looked better. Dark-haired, seductive and voluptuous, Bellucci has been appearing in lists of most beautiful women ever since she made her acting debut in the early nineties. At one point, she was name by Men’s Health magazine as the hottest woman of all-time. So it’s no surprise that, despite now being 52, Bellucci recently landed a role as a Bond girl. Indeed, when she played the role in 2015’s Spectre, she became the oldest Bond girl ever. As well as being divine to look at, Bellucci is also highly intelligent and can speak four languages. She was married to French actor Vincent Cassel, but the pair have now split.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is the quintessential English rose. Best known for her time in the eight Harry Potter movies, in which she played the cute-as-a-button Hermione Granger, Watson is a feminist and activist who plans to keep studying while she takes the acting world by storm. Watson’s talent was discovered at a young age, and she auditioned for the Harry Potter films back in 1999. Since then, she has blossomed into a confident and articulate young woman whose grace and good nature is matched by her beauty. Her looks have also landed her modelling roles, and in 2011 Elle magazine awarded her the coveted Style Icon.

Helen Mirren

Shout out to Helen Mirren who proves that beauty and class don’t have to fade as you age. Helen might be in her seventies, but this proud, languid English beauty still looks fantastic.

Selena Gomez

Sometimes, you just need to pop over to Instagram to find out who other people think is the most beautiful women on the planet right now. And the fact that American actress Selena Gomez has over 130M followers on Instagram suggests that people are very much in love with her. Short, sweet and clean-cut, Gomez achieved fame when she starred in Disney TV series Wizards of Waverley Palace. Since then, she has successfully appeared in a variety of films, including Hotel Transylvania and, more recently, The Big Short. She has also dated Justin Bieber.

Pixie Lott

British singer Pixie Lott is very much know just as much for her legs as for her music. Often seeing wearing hot pants that accentuate her nubile pins, she is a blonde beauty who is confident in her talent and her looks. And why shouldn’t she be? Blessed with an amazing voice and a wonderful body, Pixie has got it all. And you know what they say: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Lott has been releasing music since 2009, and has appeared on Most Beautiful Women In The World lists on numerous occasions. She also appeared on UK TV dance show Strictly Come Dancing.

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp is a man who likes his women beautiful. So we’re willing to trust his judgement here! Heard and Depp met a few years back when they appeared together in the movie The Rum Diary. Clearly smitten by her friendly, girl-next-door image, it wasn’t long before he asked her to marry him. It didn’t last for long, but still…

As well as being utterly gorgeous, Amber is also a deeply caring and empathetic person. She promotes LBGT rights, and also supports Amnesty International and Habitat for Humanity.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is an American actress who rose to prominence during her time on hit TV series House, in which she played Hadley. To everyone’s success, the show was a runaway success, and Wilde is now very much a household name who many men would dearly love to marry. Sporting lustrous, glamorous curls and piercing blue eyes, Wilde has one of those alluring faces that you don’t forget.

Jennifer Lawrence

The amazing thing about Jennifer Lawrence is that she looks more glamorous and beautiful than her tender years would suggest. She is probably going to get even more stunning as the years pass by.

Damaris Lewis

Statuesque Damaris Lewis is a rising star in the modelling world. Spotted at the age of just 18 by talent scouts, American Lewis has modelled for the likes of Sports Illustrated, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Yves Saint Laurent and L’Oreal. In 2012, she was invited to join Prince on his tour of Australia, as one of his backup dancers, and later danced onstage at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Lewis also has a big heart, and engages frequently in voluntary work.

Claudia Lynx

Persian stunner Claudia Lynx might now be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but her path in life has been anything but simple. Faced with tragedy when her mother died mere minutes after she was born, she fled with her family from Iran to Europe just three months later. However, Europe proved to be the making of Claudia. Se was spotted from a young age by talent scouts who recognised her beauty. By the time she was three, she was appearing in a clutch of TV commercials, ads and shows. Claudia is also remarkably gifted, and wrote and directed Tamasha TV, a Persian-Canadian TV series, when she was just thirteen years-old. She has released music, and has been awarded modelling awards.

Megan Fox

The Transformers star may have disappeared off the radar somewhat, but no one can deny that she remains one of the best looking women in the world.

Scarlett Johansson

It’s hard to believe that American actress Scarlett Johansson is still so young, as it seems like forever and a day ago that she first appeared on the big screen in the likes of Home Alone 3 and Ghost World. It was really 2003’s Lost In Translation that made her. Giving a mature performance well beyond her years, she played a young girl who makes an older man (Bill Murray) fall in love with her, while on vacation with her husband in Japan. And it’s really not that hard to fall in love with Scarlett. She is a stunner.

Angelina Jolie

You can’t really have a list of the most beautiful women in the world and not include Angelina. Indeed, you can’t have a list of the 5 most beautiful women in the world and not include her! The daughter of handsome American actor Jon Voigt, Angelina is one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. Fiercely independent, she is known for her roles in high octane movies, such as The Tourist, Wanted and Salt. She fulfilled the dream of many women when she married Brad Pitt, even though they separated years after.

Who is one of you favourite most beautiful women in the world?

Stay happy!

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