10 Weird and gross beauty facts you need to know about

The lengths that some girls will go to achieve beauty knows no bounds, so, as long as you’ve already eaten, read on to find out some more about the weirdest and grossest beauty treatments, both past and present:

1. What about a bird poop facial to start with?

For fresh and glowing skin, some ladies massage bird excrement into their skin. This treatment, which comes from Japan, involves smearing yourself with bird poop and leaving it dry. It’s probably now available in a beauty salon near you!

2. How about a placenta face cream?

Madonna is rumored to be a big fan of a face cream that is made from sheep placenta. Apparently, the concoction improves the metabolic rate, improves complexion and accelerates tissue regeneration.

3. Fish pedicure

Garra Rufa fish pedicures are actually very effective and are popular in many countries around the world. It’s the fish we feel sorry for with this treatment. How would you like to nibble away the dead skin on someone’s feet?

4. Leech blood suckers 

Let some slimy little blood suckers gorge themselves on your blood and, according to Demi Moore, it will detoxify your blood. Leech therapy has been around for centuries, but most people gave up on the idea, sometime around the middle ages!

5. Roadkill lipstick and soap

Don’t think you’re safe with off the shelf products either! Many cosmetic products, such as lipsticks and soaps include an ingredient called Tallow, and Tallow is made by boiling up animal carcasses or, in other words, Tallow is fat from cattle. Where do the manufacturers get these carcasses? Why not from laboratories, zoos and, yes, roadkill, of course. Why do they use this ingredient in cosmetic products? Because such ingredients are cheap, not because they are better than plant-based products. So now you are aware what you might be putting on your body!

6. Bull semen men hair conditioner 

No bull…there is a hairdresser in London that offers men the opportunity to have fresh bull’s semen, mixed with a protein rich plant extract, massaged into their hair.

7. Watch out for rats in the hair

Here’s a weird beauty fact from the past. In the 1800s, it was fashionable for the ladies of the court to have really big hair, like Marie Antoinette. The problem was that they had no hairspray back then, so they used lard to keep things in place. When they went to bed at night, some women wore cages around their hair because, otherwise, all that lard would attract the rats, for a late night nibble.

8. Snail slime skin lotion

Some beauty products contain the slime, harvested from live snails. The snail secretion is said to have powerful properties including reducing the signs of ageing and fighting acne.

9. Royal red hair colouring

Here’s another beauty treatment from the past to avoid. Among other things, Queen Elizabeth the first was famous for her red hair. Her ginger locks weren’t natural though, they were created by a home-made mixture of lead, quicklime, sulphur and water, a mixture that also caused nausea, headaches and nosebleeds.

10. Eat pig’s trotters for youthful looking skin

This is another anti-ageing treatment that began in Japan, but has now spread further around the world. It is believed by some that eating, collagen rich, pig’s trotters will banish wrinkles and bring a shine to your hair. Bon appétit!

Do you know some other weird and gross beauty facts?

Stay happy!

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