10 Useful Facebook Features And Tricks You Need To Know About

Think you know Facebook? Think again! In this article, Beauty and Tips take a look at 10 useful Facebook features and tricks you need to know about.

For better or for worse, Facebook has become a massive part of our lives. Whether we hate ourselves for wasting several hours a week scrolling up and down our newsfeed, or whether stalking other people brings us great joy (just us?), Facebook is a place where everyone is at. And as much as we try to stay away from it, we just can’t – Facebook has become too big a part of our lives! Even our grandma is on there! (…and it’s always funny when she makes a status by mistake…)

However, even after all these years you might not be getting the most out of Facebook. If you’re still just liking, commenting and sharing stuff, you’re just a beginner! Impress your friends with these 10 useful Facebook features and tricks you need to know about.

Tidy Up Your News Feed

Tired of seeing so many updates from the same people all the time? Wanna stay friends with them but are getting a bit annoyed with that one friend who has suddenly embraced politics and can’t stop posting about it? Fortunately, there is an easier way to get them out of your newsfeed that doesn’t involve deleting them or screaming at them to stop posting. Instead, you can simply tidy up your news feed. How? Easy. Pop over to the column on the left of your screen and tap “News Feed Preferences.” Then, just pick and choose the friends you want to prioritise, as well as the people you want to follow or re-follow. Facebook’s algorithms are complicated, and you’re probably getting peoples’ news in your feed who you interact with the most. If you want to stop seeing their statuses, just unfollow or de-prioritise them.

Check Your “Other” Inbox

Imagine if you had a second inbox on Facebook, full of unread messages?! Well, actually, you probably do. It’s known as the “Message Requests” folder and it contains all the requested messages from people who want to get in touch with you, but who aren’t on your list of friends. This means you could have messages asking for a hot date waiting for you, as well as the promise of untold wealth from a Nigerian prince! Either way, to find out what awaits you, select your Message icon, before looking to the right. Here, you’ll see a “Message Requests” tab.

Send Cash

Yup, all you need to send cash to your stricken best friend who got trapped in Peru (what was she thinking?) is Facebook messenger and your debit card these days. What a technology, hey?

Change Your Ad Preferences

Facebook’s algorithms are usually pretty good at showing us ads we’re probably interested in. But if Facebook is constantly missing the target and displaying ads for machine guns or something equally bizarre, it’s time to change your ad preferences. Indeed, Facebook lets you do this. All you need to do is launch your Settings, before tapping Advert Preferences. Of course, you’ll still get ads. But from now on, you should start seeing more ads for stuff you’d actually be interested in.

Relive Your Romance

In a relationship? Just imagine if you could reminisce on your fondest moments by looking over all your old photos and past statuses that involved your partner! You can. Yup, Facebook lets you go over all the old posts and photos that involve you and your partner. It’s like a memoir! All you need to do is type www.facebook.com/us into your address bar to relive some sweet Facebook (and real life) memories.

Manage Your Notifications

Aren’t Facebook notifications irritating? All you did was make one single comment on someones status, and your notification bar has been going off ALL day. It’s surprising how many notifications we get in a single day, most of them for stuff we don’t act on. Fortunately, if you are miss popular who is constantly inundated with notifications, it’s possible to manage them so that you’re not as stressed! Simply pop over to your Settings menu and select Notifications. From here you can adjust what you’re notified about.

Facebook Video Calls

A lot of people don’t know about Facebook video calls until a friend calls them for the first time. And then they’re like “WOAH.” It’s easy to video call a friend. Get into a chat with them, and click the video icon.

Save A Post For Later

Ever got to writing a really long Facebook post but ran out of time to publish it? Or maybe you were struggling to find the right words when it was time to go to work. You decide to publish the post later. Only, later doesn’t come. You totally forget about it! Facebook doesn’t want you to rush. If you want to take your time over a post and return later, you can do. All you need to do is write out a draft post, and then bring up the pull-dow. Tap “Save Link.” Your draft will go into your saved folder, which will show itself as a ribbon in your favourites bar.

Make Plans For Your Death

See, when you die, your Facebook account is still going to be there. You can’t change anything at this point (because you’re dead), which means your last status could be something about you falling down the stairs or something. However, Facebook now lets you add a legacy contact – in other words, someone close to you who can pin a post to your wall that lets everyone know you’ve passed away. Open Settings, then head to General. Click Manage Account followed by Legacy Contact.

Create An Interest List

Wanna see more of what you really want to see and a lot less of what you don’t? Then create an interest list! You can do it here: https://www.facebook.com/addlist.

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