10 Unusual and interesting ways you can use tea  

Most people love a nice cup of tea and the British virtually live off the stuff! Tea is far more than just a refreshing drink through, it contains valuable antioxidants that help protect your body from free radicals and it can help relax you too. You probably already knew that though, so here are ten unusual and interesting uses for tea that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Staining and polishing wood

Tea can bring out the shine and the colour in wood beautifully and it will help hide and small scratches too. Just dip a cloth into some tea and rub it into a wooden floor or a piece of furniture and it will bring out the natural beauty in the wood.

2. Cleaning mirrors and tiles

Tea is a great solution to the problem of sticky, stubborn fingerprints on glass and ceramic tiles. Wipe over mirrors, windows and tiles, with a cloth dampened in some tea and it will quickly remove the finger prints and leave things sparkling and clean.

3. Freshen up carpets.

Save up your old, used tea leaves and let them dry. When they are completely dry, sprinkle them over carpets and leave on for ten minutes and then vacuum them up again. You will find the tea leaves do a wonderful job of freshening up musty carpets and rugs.

4. Conditions hair

Tea can also put the life back into your hair. Rinse your hair in some brewed, cooled tea and leave it on for about half an hour before rinsing again, and it will condition and nourish your hair and leave it feeling beautifully silky and soft.

5. Removes odours from refrigerators

Pop a couple of used tea bags in your refrigerator and they will soak up any bad smells in there. Tea bags deodorise refrigerators just as well, as baking soda does, give it try and you will be amazed!

6. Remove stains from toilets

People also say that tea bags can remove unsightly stains from the bottom of the toilet bowl too. Put two tea bags into the toilet and leave them in the water for about two hours, and any stains in there will magically disappear.

7. Use as a car air freshener

Here’s a great alternative to the chemical laden air fresheners that you can buy for your car. Just put a lavender tea bag under the seat and your car will smell fresh and clean for weeks to come.

8. Heal warts fast

Instead of using the painful process of freezing a wart away, just place a wet teabag onto a wart and hold it there for about twenty minutes. Repeat this daily and the wart will soon go away on its own and there’s no pain!

9. Prevents fleas in pets

Sprinkle a few dried, used tea leaves in your pet’s bedding and it is said that this will keep the fleas away. A much better solution than spraying your poor pooch with a chemical pesticide!

10. Soothe burns

Wet tea bags are also great for soothing sunburns and other minor burns. Just hold a wet, cool teabag over the affected area and it will reduce inflammation and soothe the pain.

Do you know other unusual and interesting ways to use tea?

Stay happy!

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