10 Unbelievably Interesting Facts About Your Eyes

The chances are that if you’re reading this, you have a pair of eyes. But while you may take this fact for granted, your eyes are one of the most amazing things about your body that, were they a camera, would have over 500 megapixels.

In 2015, we’re caught in a world where technology never ceases to amaze us. We watch HD movies at the cinema, snap 22 megapixel photographs, Skype our friends on the other side of the world, and get excited about the potentials of man reaching Mars.

But all this fervour about excitement often distracts us from the miracle that is the human body. And one of the biggest miracles of our body is the human eye. And in fact, pretty much the only times we ever really stop to think about our eyes is when they start to itch and we want to scream.

Let’s take a look at 10 awe inspiring facts about your eyes.

Your Eyes Can Distinguish About 10 Million Colours

If we asked you to name every colour that existed off the top of your head, you’d probably name the usual: red, green, blue, yellow, orange, brown, white, black, purple, grey, pink … um?

There are of course other colours, such as lilac, cobalt, maroon, rose-grey, ochre, indigo, magnolia, umber and so on.

But these are still only colours that touch the surface. In reality, your eyes can distinguish up to a whopping 10 million colours, which essentially means that it can distinguish between a pair of colours that you never even knew existed.

Strangely enough, though, your eyes cannot detect red; your brain has to combine colours to give the impression that you are seeing red.

And while only a certain small percentage of the world’s population are colourblind, we are all born colour blind.

You Cannot Sneeze With Your Eyes Open

Every time you sneeze, the world goes dark. You bend over, close your eyes, and let out a volcanic eruption of mucus.

Everyone else sees you perform this ungainly action, but you never witness it for yourself because you’re too busy blocking it out by shutting your eyes.

There is no real explanation for this; perhaps it’s a habit! But if it is, you should try to sneeze with your eyes open and see what happens!

10% Of Your Waking Hours Are Spent Blinking

When we’re awake, we feel as though we’re not missing out on anything. We’re actively doing something, and we’re always seeing. We walk around with our eyes open!

Not exactly. Although we’d like to think that we don’t miss anything, the reality is that we spend 10% of our day with our eyes closed. In other words, we do too much blinking!

The good thing is that you don’t really miss anything when you blink. In fact, blinking is so rapid that the only time you notice yourself blinking is when you start to think about it. Which is what you will do after reading this. Sorry!

Your Eyes Can Get Sunburnt

Whenever you hit the beach on a scorching hot afternoon, your main concern is probably slapping some sun tan lotion onto the exposed parts of your body. They include your forehead, neck, chest, arms, legs and feet.

But have you ever considered that your eyes need some preventative treatment too? Although you definitely can’t apply suntan lotion on your eyes, the truth is that your eyes do get sunburnt. It sounds weird, and we can only imagine the kinds of excruciating pains you would suffer, but sunburnt eyes are a reality. So the next time you look up at the sun – be careful!

Human Corneas Are Very Similar To Shark Corneas

Weirdly enough, the human cornea is extremely similar to the shark cornea. So although man-eating sharks are actually kinda scary, they have come to the rescue for stricken humans in the past who need replacements during human eye surgery.

Yup, the next time you lose an eye, you might find that your cornea is replaced by old Sharky’s. Just try not to thank him for it!

Your Eyes Never Grow

If you’re born with small or large eyes, your eyes will stay that size forever. This is ace news for any parents who notice their child has unusually large eyes. At least they won’t get any bigger!

This is in stark contrast to everything else on your body, including nose and ears which actually never cease growing.

We’re now imagining eyes that continue to grow and expand. Are you? It’s actually kinda freaky.

Your Eyes See Around 24million Images Throughout Your Lifetime

Yup, throughout your life you will subject your eyes to a staggering 24million different images. That’s quite a feat.

Just imagine how many Facebook news feeds are included in that pool of images. Depressing.

Brown Eyes Are Ancient

Basically, our early ancestors all had brown eyes. Every last one of them. And then somewhere along the line, blue eyes began to appear as a mutation.

So if you’re sporting a set of brown eyes, it means that you’re old school. You’re keeping it real.

If you have a pair of blues, on the other hand, you share an ancestor with every other blue-eyed soul in the world who lived 10,000 years ago besides the Black Sea. You also have a higher tolerance for alcohol. Probably because of that ancestor.

Goldfish Can’t Close Their Eyes

Okay, so technically this isn’t about your eyes, but because goldfish are so cute, we had to slip this one in here. While it’s perfectly easy for us humans to close our eyes without giving it a second thought, goldfish can’t trap theirs shut because they have no eyelids. For shame.

Your Eyes Are Your Fastest Muscle

Yes, your feet and legs can help you to sprint and win races. But they don’t compare when it comes to your eyes, which are your fastest muscles. They’re so fast that people even use the phrase “in the blink of an eye.”

Do you know other interesting facts about the human eye?

Stay happy!

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