10 Types of friends that we all have in our life

As we go through life, we meet hundreds, if not thousands, of people and some of those people will become close enough to be called friends. Those friends come in all kinds of different forms though. There will be the friends that you can trust and love like a sister and there will be friends that deceive you and let you down. There will be friends that are only out to use you and there will be friends who ask for nothing in return. Whatever type of friend they turn out to be, they all shape our lives and they we can learn something from each and every one of them. Here are ten types of friends that, if you haven’t already met, you probably will at some point in time in the future.

1. The ‘haven’t seen you for years’ friends

Some friends don’t need to be in your life, day in and day out, to be true friends. Perhaps they have moved away to another city, or they just move in different circles. The wonderful thing about friends like these, though, is that when you do bump into them, it’s like you have never been apart.

2. The friends of your youth

School friends seem to stick in most people’s lives forever. These are the friends that you swore you would be best friends forever on the last day of school, and then never saw again! The friends of your youth, though, will always have a special place in your heart, even if you never do get around to going to a school reunion.

3. The flash in a pan

Occasionally, you might meet someone who becomes a good friend very quickly and disappears from your life just as fast. You can bond with someone in just a few days, have a great time, and then they are gone. For whatever reasons the friendship didn’t last, these flash-in-the-pan friends can still leave an indelible mark on our memories.

4. The easy come, easy go, friend

Then there are the friends that are great fun to be with, but you never know when you will see them, from one day to the next. They are likely to cancel at the last minute, but equally as likely to turn up at your door unannounced. That’s just fine, though, because these friendships have no commitment or any pressure, and that can be nice sometimes too.

5. The friends that aren’t friends at all

Sadly, we shall all probably befriend a user at some point too. These are the people that are friends, so long as there is something in it for them. They will be quick to ask for your help, but very slow to come to your aid. Unfortunately, you usually don’t realise that a person is this type of friend, until you get hurt.

6. The overenthusiastic friend

Every now and then, you will also meet the friend who can be just too much. Sure, you like them, you enjoy going out with them, but they seem to think that you just go engaged to be married. These are the friends for whom a night out means a weekend away, or coming around for a few drinks becomes staying for few days. These friends are tricky to deal with, because you don’t want to hurt them; you just don’t want to be with them every single day.

7. The limelight grabber

Some friends are great when they are on their own, but get them in a crowd and you see an entirely different person. These are the friends that you can go with to a party and then find yourself left on your own, while they tell a bunch of strangers their entire life story. Give them an audience and they will put on a show and you will be left wondering why on earth you came out with them in the first place.

8. The leader of the gang

In most groups of friends, you will find a person who has assumed the responsibility of being the leader. You may not always agree with them, you may not even like them, but everyone still seems to follow their lead. You and your other friends probably even moan about the leader to each other, but every group needs a decision maker, so you put up with it.

9. The sound advisor

The sound advisor is the friend with a good head on their shoulders. You may not even be that close to them, but you know that you can trust them and they will give you good advice. They are also the people that will be prepared to tell you the things that you don’t really want to hear, and we all need friends like that sometimes.

10. The true friend

If you are lucky, you will have many true friends and different people will be important to you at different times of your life. These are the friends that are really special and that you really care for. They ask nothing in return for their friendship other than your own friendship in return. These are the friends that really matter and the ones you will never forget.

Stay happy!

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