10 Things That Only Morning People Understand

Are you a morning, an afternoon or perhaps an evening person? If you’re a morning person, there’ll be a few things you absolutely love about the crack of dawn.

I’m a morning person more than ever. I wake up at 6.30am each day, and make a smoothie while listening to some music on the radio as the sun begins to peep out beyond the horizon.

It just feel so GOOD to be up so bright and early, ready to seize the day while everyone else is still snoozing.

I can’t remember exactly when I became a morning person, but now that I am one I can’t imagine myself ever waking up past 9am. I would just feel over-tired and lazy. Worse still, I’d be playing catch-up with all my chores.

If you’re like me and enjoy being the early bird that catches the worm, let’s take a look at the 10 things that only morning people can possibly understand.

Mornings Don’t Make You Angry 

You can always tell a non-morning person just by looking at them. Red-faced, hair standing on end, and eyes bulging, they look as though they want to kill someone.

“No one speak to me,” they grumble as they march to the coffee machine.

Mornings aren’t for everyone – but they’re for you. Unlike your best friend who just wants to stab everyone before noon has finally arrived, you actually feel blessed that another morning has arrived. You feel happy!

You Really Understand That Silence Is Golden

Some people just don’t understand the beauty of silence. It isn’t their fault – we’re all wired differently.

But for you, there is nothing uneasy about silence. Instead of needing something to distract you from the emptiness, you’re ready to embrace it.

The silence is one of the best things about the morning. With no traffic, no kids screaming and basically no chaos, you’re free to relax and think about your plans for the day.

Pleasant Conversations Are So Easy In The Morning

It’s hard to have a pleasant conversation with a friend early in the morning.

“I can’t believe you got me up so early,” they say sharply.

It’s difficult to converse with non-morning people in the wee hours. They’re cantankerous and need perking up a bit before they greet you with a look that doesn’t say “I SO WANT TO KILL YOU RIGHT NOW.”

You, however, find conversations a joy in the morning. Your spirits are high, and you’re excited to talk to people about your plans for the day.

You Know How Great It Is To Get Ahead

People who don’t understand the beauty of mornings are probably stuck in jobs they hate. They get up because they have to get up, whereas you get up because you want to get up.

Why? Because you know that morning is a great time to get ahead of the competition. While they’re still turning over in bed, complaining that “URGH! I have to get up soon!” you’re already way ahead of them, breezing through tasks and boosting your productivity.

You Don’t Need Coffee

Non-coffee people follow a very familiar pattern in the morning. Wherever they arrive, they HAVE to immediately head for the coffee machine or, failing that, the nearest Starbucks. They literally cannot open their eyes and function until they’ve had their coffee fix.

But you don’t don’t need a coffee fix because you know that caffeine is actually for chumps.

Sure, it gives people energy in the morning, but you’ve already got plenty of that on tap. As well as your natural energy, you’ve probably also got a smoothie too.

You Get To Enjoy Breakfast!

“Oh, I don’t eat breakfast,” a friend says to you. “I hate it.”

Uh-oh. This is a classic sign of a non-morning person.

Non-morning people tend to talk down breakfast precisely because it comes at their least favourite time of the day. They haven’t got the time to enjoy a few slices of smoky bacon or some scrambled eggs with salmon because they haven’t got out of bed in time.

You and I, however, know how fulfilling it is to enjoy a hearty breakfast, all washed down with our favourite drink. Mmm!

You Don’t Need To Go To Bed Early

“Shouldn’t you be in bed by now?” asks a sceptical friend as they see you’re still wide awake at 1am. “After all, you get up each day at 8am right?”

Of course you do. But you know that it is (sometimes) possible to stay up late and still get up early.

Non-morning people can’t get their heads around this. They believe that to get up early, you have to go to bed early.

But you know that as long as you’re still getting the right amount of energy from somewhere, it doesn’t really matter how late you go to bed.

You’re still up for a party, too!

Mornings Set The Tone

You know that by waking up earlier, you get a chance to properly plan your day without rushing through your morning. You can take your time, play your favourite tunes, cook up an ace breakfast, and have a warm shower.

As such, you feel good. And you know this mood is going to last for the rest of the day.

You’re Always On Time

The thing about morning people is that we tend to be very punctual.

Hey, if we’re gonna make the effort to get up ridiculously early each morning, we’re going to also make the effort to be on time to a meet up.

Nobody has to wait on morning people. We’re the first out of bed and the first out of the house. We get up early so that we have enough time to compensate for anything that may go wrong.

Sleeping In Is Just So Boring

Why on earth would you want to sleep in when you could be up and doing stuff?!

You know that sleeping in isn’t one of life’s pleasures, but that it’s actually a way of making us get less stuff done.

Stay happy!

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