10 Things that have more germs than you can imagine

Germs are everywhere and there are millions of them. Germs are on the things that you touch, what you eat, sometimes they can kill you, but some of them are actually good for you. When people mention germs, most people will think of toilets, but, actually, it’s not toilets and bathrooms that are the worst places for hidden germs, it’s the more everyday things that we touch, without even thinking about it. Here are ten surprising places that have even more germs than you would have ever imagined:

1. A restaurant menu

Don’t worry about hygiene in the restaurant kitchen; what about the menu?! The menu has been passed through hundreds of pairs of hands, many of them are greasy and covered in the remnants of somebody else’s meal. Restaurant menus are the perfect breeding place for germs and they are not often cleaned regularly.

2. Door handles

Not many people wash their own door handles very often and the ones on the doors of public places are constantly being grabbed by people’s hands. Just because you wash your hands, every time you’ve been to the bathroom, it doesn’t mean that the last person to open that door did.

3. Chopping boards

Chopping boards are another well-known health hazard that needs to be kept fastidiously clean. Research has shown that the averages chopping board has 200 times more faecal matter on them, than toilet seats do, which is left over from the cutting up of raw meat.

4. Computer keyboards

Computer keyboards have lots of little nooks and crannies that germs just love to hide in. All that sweat and dirt from your hands, along with the odd sneeze or two, soon builds up between the key. So, even if you do clean the keyboard, you won’t be getting rid of it all. It’s generally believed that more germs breed in a computer keyboard, than do in the toilet bowl.

5. Shopping carts

Touched by many, but cleaned by few! Not only do shopping carts get loads of hands on them every day, they also get drops of blood from poorly packaged raw meat, as well as the grubby, unwashed hands of kids helping mum push the cart.

7. Your car steering wheel

Here’s another surprising hotbed of germ activity – your car steering wheel. We all jump in and out of our cars, all day long, bringing germs on our hands and rubbing them off onto the steering wheels of cars. But who ever sanitizes their own steering wheel?! The average steering wheel is known to harbour around 700 bacteria per square inch.

8. Your cell phone

Your mobile telephone is possibly one of the worst offenders for germs. When it rings, you pick it up and you answer whether you are eating food at the time or, for some of us, even if we are in the bathroom! Then we pop it back into a nice dark, warm place, like an inside pocket, which is just the type of environment that germs love to breed in.

9. ATM machines

Who’d have thought that those little buttons on an ATM machine could be as bad for your health, as the actual bank balance. Each button is the home to approximately over 1000 germs, so remember that, the next time you get your PIN number wrong; because that’s nearly ten thousand germs that you’ve touched, before you’ve even handled the money.

10. Hotel remote controls

Remember the germs on computer keyboards? Well, hotel remotes are even worse! Think of hundreds of people, many of whom don’t wash their hands very often, flicking through channels and depositing germs, dirt and bodily fluids all over and in between those little keys.

Stay healthy!

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