10 Surprising Benefits Of Kissing You Never Knew About

We don’t think we need to go into detail about how awesome kissing is. You know how fabulous it is, and we know how amazing it is. And because it’s so awesome, we just love to kiss.

But did you know that kissing also comes with lots of health benefits too? As well as the intimacy and the love, smooching with your partner has a whole range of amazing benefits that you probably didn’t even know about. So take a read of our 10 surprising benefits of kissing you never knew about, before grabbing hold of your partner and telling him to pucker up for a more healthier you.

1. Kissing Eases Pain

We all hate pain. Pain sucks.

But kissing? Yes, we all love kissing! Kissing is fabulous.

The great thing is that, because kissing releases adrenaline in your body, it can actually ease any pain you’re feeling. For example, if you’ve got a headache, a long smooch with your man can actually help to quell the pain. So rather than see a doctor, lock lips with your partner instead.

2. Kissing Can Prevent Cavities

Cavities can be tremendously off-putting when we’re kissing someone who’s got a mouth full of them. Ew. But did you know that kissing can actually prevent the development of cavities? Although kissing can pass on some really nasty germs – such as the flu – it also passes on heaps of saliva that helps to get rid of bacteria. So if you’ve forgotten to clean your teeth today, ask your man to give you a kiss.

3. Kissing Promotes Togetherness

“A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time,” – Levende Waters.

Benefits of kissing go further than just pleasure. Kissing is fabulous when it comes to strengthening our relationships. Couples who stay together longer, tend to kiss more often. If you and your partner are going through a tough time, we can’t think of a more perfect antidote than sharing a few more moments on one another’s lips. It’s amazing how together kissing can make you both feel.

4. Kissing Makes You Happy

Feeling blue? Then pucker up! Nothing makes us feel happier than a moment of intimacy with the man we treasure, and a long smooch releases enough endorphins (happy hormones) to keep us happy for the rest of the day. Just the tingle down your spine that you feel when kissing is often enough to make you feel happier, and if you’ve had a hard day at work, treat yourself to a kiss to lift your spirits.

5. Kissing Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Another one of fabulous benefits of kissing is that kissing can make you feel super confident. Indeed, a good morning kiss from your loved one is enough to make you feel attractive and assertive for the rest of the day. Anyone who wakes up to a kiss in the morning is impelled to go to work with a ‘get-go’ attitude that sees them perform better. After all, if you feel wanted by the hottest guy in the world (your guy!), you feel as though you can take on the world. You feel comfortable with who you are, and your esteem levels go through the roof.

6. Kissing Reduces Stress

As mentioned above, kissing can make you feel happier. And when you feel happy, you feel less stressed. In this way, kissing helps to reduce stress. Yay for mathematical deductions!

Research has indeed shown that when we kiss, we have greater levels of oxytocin in our body. In case you don’t know what oxytocin is (who does?), it’s a chemical that helps us to relax. So if you’re having the kind of day that makes you want to tear your partner’s head off, you can both calm yourselves down by puckering up in front of the fire. You’ll be less stressed, and telling each other you love one another will also help reduce stress in no time at all.

7. Kissing Enhances Your Immune System

Next one of great health benefits of kissing is that it boosts your immune system. Our immune systems are so incredibly important for our overall health; they help our bodies to fight off viruses and diseases, and without a strong immune system, we’re more prone to falling ill with greater frequency. Kissing can actually bolster our immune system by passing on germs from his mouth to yours. This sounds really gross, but these germs help your immune system toughen up.

8. Kissing Can Get Your Face In Shape

Worried that your facial muscles are not quite as toned as you’d like them to be? Then pucker up! Studies have shown that vigorous make-out sessions help to shape our jawline and neck, because when we kiss we’re working our facial muscles. The great thing is that, unlike a normal workout session, we don’t even feel exhausted! Instead, we feel as though we could carry on kissing forever.

So, to get a sculpted jawline like Angeline Jolie’s, kiss your man more often!

9. Kissing Burns Calories

Okay, kissing doesn’t burn as many calories as jogging on the treadmill does, but it can destroy up to 6 calories in a single minute. We like the sound of that, and we’re sure you do too. So if you feel as though you had a bit too much wine the night before, celebrate by kissing first thing in the morning! All those wine-induced calories will be gone in no time at all.

10. Kissing Can Make You Look Younger

Another one of fabulous health benefits of kissing is that it can make you look younger. This one is actually a coming together of many of the ones we have already discussed. See, when you burn calories, you can end up looking younger. Likewise, if you have a strong and healthy immune system, your body can fight off potentially debilitating illnesses that can make you age quicker.

And when you kiss, you’re working your facial muscles, which in turn means you’re tightening up your face. The benefit here is that you’re warding off any nasty lines and wrinkles, keeping your face toned and in shape. In this way, you’ll stay looking younger, and in turn you will feel happier.

So I guess the key to staying young, healthy and happy is by kissing more often. Does life advice really get any better than that?

Do you know other health benefits of kissing?

Stay happy!

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