10 Important things you need to know about successful blogging

Starting your own blog is easy; you can set one up for free on sites like Blogger, and you really don’t need any technical knowledge at all. The other great thing about blogging is that you could make some money from it too. Once you have set up your blog and you have published some posts, you could sell products on it, or place advertisements. If you have a passion, a hobby, or a story to tell, then read on, and we will give ten great tips about what you will need to know to become a successful blogger.

1. Decide on your niche

The first thing you need to do is to decide what your blog is going to be about. The most successful blogs are those that stick to a particular niche such as fashion, crafts, or travel. The more useful information you publish about your chosen niche, the more people will come to trust your blog as a reliable source of information and the more the search engines will show your blog when people search for that topic.

2. Publish posts regular

You don’t need to publish a post every single day, but publishing posts regularly will encourage your readers to check back with your blog on a regular basis. Remember, though, quality is more important than quantity. You’d be better off posting one exceptional blog post than lots of hastily written, low quality ones.

3. Be sure to tell all your friends about your blog

There is little point in putting your heart and soul into a blog if you don’t have anyone reading it, so don’t be shy, tell all your friends about your blog and share your posts on social media. One of the fastest ways to build up loyal following is via sites like Twitter and Facebook, so ask your friends to share your posts too.

4. Make your blog useful

Most people turn to the internet to find answers to questions, like “how to make the best apple pie in the world”, or “travel tips for the first time visitor to Europe”. If your blog can provide the answer to common questions, then you will have more visitors to it. If you like to make your own homemade soaps, for example, then explain how you make your favourite soap and provide the recipe for it.

5. Comment on other people’s blogs

Another good way to gain more visitors is to make comments on other people’s blogs within your own niche. It will show that you are an authority in your field, encourage people to take a look at your blog, and it will introduce your name to the blogging community.

6. Use images and videos in your posts

A picture paints a thousand words and a video does even more! Pictures and videos are very important in blog posts, because people don’t like to see rows and rows of text on their own. You can find high quality, royalty free images on websites like Pixabay, and you can use YouTube videos in your posts too. Even better, make your own pictures and videos and you might just become a YouTube star!

7. Write about what you love

Some people spend hours researching topics and keywords that they think will get them to the top of the page Google, but, unless you are thinking of writing a blog for a living, you will better off writing about what you are passionate about or what you love doing. Your enthusiasm for your topic will make your blog much more entertaining to read and you’ll have more fun writing it too.

8. Don’t worry too much if your work gets copied

Your own blog post should always be unique and never copied, but sadly, there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who do just copy and paste other people’s work. If your writing is plagiarised, there are things that you can do to have it removed from the internet, but unless it is a really big website that has stolen your work, it’s probably not worth spending the time worrying about it. Take it as a compliment that someone thought your work was good enough to make it worth copying.

9. Join forums

Internet forums are a great way to publicise your blog for free and to learn and share information about your niche. Most forums allow you to include a link back to your blog and you will be able to make lots of new friends who share an interest with you as well.

10. Don’t quit!

There must million and millions of blogs on the internet that have only one or two posts and then the owner got disillusioned and gave up. Unless you are extremely lucky, you are not going to go viral on your first ever post and it will take time to build up a reputation. The real trick to successful blogging is perseverance. Keep on writing high quality and engaging posts and you will gradually build up a loyal following.

Stay happy!

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