10 Shocking and astonishing secrets of fast food industry

We all know that it’s not the healthiest of food choices, but few of us can resist the occasional cheeseburger or bucket of fried chicken. But, it’s not just the lack of nutritional value in the average fast food meal that might make you want to think again, it’s some of the less savoury preparation methods and added ingredients. Stories of rats, cockroaches and other critters being found in fast food abound, and some of them are true! Here are ten shocking facts about the fast food industry that may make you want to cook at home:

1. Sparkling clean does not always mean healthy

The bigger fast food chains do tend to have higher hygiene standards than smaller, independent ones, but that comes at a cost. To clean the accumulated fat and grime from the grills and drinks nozzles, they use some pretty heavy duty cleaning products, residues of which are often left behind. In other words, don’t be the first in the line for the fast food breakfast!

2. Where does the pulled chicken come from?

That succulent, moist, pulled chicken in barbecue sauce may not look so appealing after you’ve read this. The chicken used in this recipe is the old, dry chicken, from the day before. They just soak it for a while in the barbecue sauce to give it some moisture.

3. How much chicken is there in your nuggets?

Those tasty little chicken treats actually contain very little chicken at all. Samples taken from two big fast food outlets found that their chicken nuggets contained more fat and sinew, than they did chicken meat. Not to mention, a whole lot of chemicals to keep the nuggets ‘fresh’.

4. Don’t upset the staff!

If your three pieces of original recipe chicken are taking a bit too long to arrive; just live with it! Several years ago, a fast food restaurant employee admitted to adding hairs to a customer’s food because the customer had offended her. There even worst tales of fast food employee revenge, but they involve bodily fluids and we figure you might be eating your breakfast, while you read this!

5. The healthy option isn’t always healthy

The plain grilled chicken breast is often listed as a healthy, low fat option. But, that was before the chef covered it in butter to stop it sticking to the grill.

6. Hash browns contain more fat than a burger

Pound for pound, a hash brown contains more fat and has a higher number of calories, than a cheeseburger. And, then you have to add some salt to give it some flavour!

7. Strawberry milk shakes contain more chemicals than fertilizer

A typical fast food strawberry shake has never even seen a real strawberry. Certain manufacturers use over fifty different chemicals to recreate that strawberry flavour and some of those chemicals are more usually found in perfume.

8. Cheese, what cheese?

Only just over half of the processed cheese used in a cheese burger is real cheese. The rest of it is made from milk products, coloured with cheese coloured chemicals. If it’s labelled ‘imitation cheese’ then it doesn’t have to contain any cheese whatsoever.

9. Recycled hotdogs

How old do you think your hotdog is? The hotdogs sold at sporting events, and those sold on the street, are grilled and then stored in water. If they are not used that day, they are put in a refrigerator and used the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next…

10. Don’t use the soda fountain

Don’t you just love the refillable soda fountains at some fast food joints? You might not, if you know that a recent study of soda fountains found that nearly 50% of them had traces of human faecal matter on them!

Do you often eat fast food?

Stay happy and healthy!

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