10 Must-know secrets of longevity from people who lived to over 100

Some say it is regular exercise that will help you live to a ripe old age, some say it is diet and others say it is a positive mental attitude that will ensure that you live to see your 100th birthday. In ancient Rome, you would be lucky if you saw it through to your 40’s, but now, with improved living standards and advances in modern medicine, in most developed countries people can generally expect to live into their 80’s, at least. However, the number of people now living to see their 100th birthday is increasing, so what are the secrets to a long life? Here are some tips from people who have lived for a century.

1. Olive oil

Jeanne Calment lived in France and she made it all the way to the age of 122. She put her longevity down to her use of olive oil, which she used in all her food, and she also used it as a moisturiser. Interestingly, she apparently wasn’t a particularly sporting type of person and she also smoked up until her 117th birthday, not that we would ever recommend smoking to anyone.

2. Do the things that you love

Leila Alice Denmark lived in the US and she was the world’s oldest practicing paediatrician until she retired at the age of 103. She advocated always doing the things you love and eating properly. She even used to refuse to eat her own birthday cakes, because of the sugar that they contained. In fact, she never ate a thing that had added sugar in it. Perhaps this is her main longevity tip?

3. Mind your own business!

This is one for all the gossips to bear in mind. Besse Cooper, who lived to the age of 116, said that her secrets to a long life were not eating any junk food, working hard and minding her own business! When Besse died in 2012, she had had 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

4. Eggs and sleep

At the age of 115, Emma Morano, who lives in Italy, is the oldest living person in Europe. Her secret to longevity is not as you might have thought, the Mediterranean diet, but, eating two eggs a day. She always eats one raw egg and one cooked egg every day and she also always makes sure that she gets at least eight hours of good sleep every night.

5. A good sense of humour

Emiliano Mercado Del Toro, who died aged 115, put his long life down to his good sense of humour and his eating of a dish made of boiled corn, codfish and milk every day. He must have shared his taste in food and his love of laughter with his wife, because she lived until she was 116.

6. Having a good wife

A good and stable relationship is another reason for longevity, which is quoted by many people who live over the age of 100. Samuel Ball said, when he reached 102, his long life could be attributed to his easy going attitude to life and his having a good wife. He was also said to have drunk two glasses of whiskey every night before bed too.

7. Eating well and getting plenty of relaxation

The oldest Japanese person ever was Misao Okawa who was born in 1898 and died in 2015, aged 117. When she was asked what her secret was, she said that she wondered how it had happened as well. She could only put down her longevity to her love of sushi and plenty of relaxation.

8. Working hard

Anthony Mancinelli was the oldest working barber at the age 102 and he had some basic rule to follow, if you want to match his longevity: don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat healthy food and don’t overdo things. He also said that working was what kept him going.

9. Good genetics

American writer and parapsychologist, Alexander Imich, lived until he was 111 and he put his long life down to exercise, good food and genetics. He also commented that not ever having had children had helped him to become a centenarian.

10. Staying calm

The longest living person ever in the United Sates was Sarah Knauss, who lived to be 119. Her daughter, Kathryn, who also lived to be 101, said that her mother’s longevity was due to her staying calm and never letting anything get her down.

Do you know other secrets of longevity from people who lived to over 100?

Stay happy!

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